Parichay 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 21st January 2013 Written Update

Out Side of the Court:
Episode starts with Kunal-Mukherji babu’s conversation. Kunal says he is certain that that someone will give him some work today and all will be fine then. Mukherji Babu leaves and Kunal overhears someone’s phone conversations and asks him why is he troubled. The man says he needs 11 affidavits before the court closes today or else he will incur big loss. Kunal says court will close in 15 minutes and he complete his affidavits today itself. Kunal Demands 6,000 rupees but the man offers him double of it if Kunal gets his job done before the court closes. Kunal assures him he will complete his work on time.

Kunal borrows someone’s typing machine and starts to type the documents while his fingers bleed furiously. Despite of being in pain, he keeps typing recalling the entire hospital scene that he needs to deposit money urgently with saiyon Ve song playing in the background. He then goes to get the documents stamped and after some struggle, he gets them stamped.

Then he goes to get Magistrate’s signature on the documents, but the magistrate had left for the day. Kunal sees Magistrate driving away in his cars and runs after the car. The magistrate stops his car seeing Kunal running behind his car. Magistrate recognizes Kunal and asks him if he has started his law practice again. Kunal says yes and says he needs magistrates signature on his clients documents urgently. Kunal begs the magistrate to sign the papers. Magistrate first refuses to do so saying this isn’t the right place or time for him to do office work, but seeing Kunal’s dedication he will sign it. Magistrate says more than the work, he sees the good intent in Kunal and signs the papers for him.

Client thanks Kunal for keeping his promise to get his work done on time and pays Kunal his fees. Kunal takes the money and runs away to the hospital.

At the Hospital:
All the Chopras are worried and ask the doctor about Siddhi’s condition. The doctor tells them that they can’t say anything for sure now, but will notify them if they have any updates. Seema calls Gaurav to ask about Siddhi’s condition. Gaurav tells her it’s the same and then asks her if the kids have eaten. Seema assure that Anand and Andy ate dinner and are asleep now.

Kunal arrives the hospital and doctor tells him that Siddhi’s condition is critical and he needs to get the medicine for her urgently. Chopras are worried that how would Kunal manage it all alone financially. Gaurav assure them that Kunal and he will take care of everything.

On the Road:
Kunal is standing on the roadside with the medicine in his hand and a thief comes and snatches the meds and runs away with it. Kunal follows the thief and manages to catch him, but in the process his meds get thrown away on the road and are run over by a car. However, luckily the meds weren’t damaged and Kunal gets relieved to see that. Kunal helps the wounded thief to get up and leave there with the meds.

At the Hospital:
The nurse asks for Siddhi’s husband. She tells Raj that the doctor wants to meet Siddhi’s Husband. Kunal arrives there with the meds and nurse instructs him to meet with the doctor. The doctor tells Kunal that Siddhi’s is not responding to any of the treatments. Kunal gets furious and says that he provided them everything they asked from him, meds, injections and the advance money, then why aren’t they making Siddhi better. He further says that if they are not capable of taking care of her then they should call the specialist and he will pay for it.

The doctor asks if Kunal and Siddhi had any kind of fight or disagreement before the Accident? The doctor asks Kunal to get his bleeding fingers bandaged several times but Kunal refuses saying he doesn’t care for his wound and only wants Siddhi to get better. The doctor says similarly Siddhi also doesn’t want to get better because she has lost the will to live. He advises Kunal to bring back Siddhi’s willingness to live by making her happy with all the things she likes. He advises Kunal to recreate all the pleasant moments in Siddhi’s life and make her spend time with the ones she loves and only then she will be fine.

Veena is crying hearing this and Raj also advises Kunal to tell Siddhi that he wants her back not only in his house, but also in his life because she loves him very much. Veena is again crying hysterically. Kunal assures her that nothing will happen to Siddhi because he will make sure that Siddhi gets better. He assures that he will bring Siddhi back to his house. Veena says that Siddhi needs Kunal very much and they all need Siddhi very much so Kunal has to bring her back.

Chopra House:
Veena is regretting that it’s only because of them that Siddhi is in this condition. She says that Siddhi was searching her mother in her, but she always hated her. Raj also regrets that Siddhi went to the jail for Kunal and they misunderstood her. He regrets that Siddhi had to spend 9 years without her husband and her children and they never trusted her that’s why she must have lost the will to live. Raj says that they will make Siddhi realize that they all love and care her and want her back to life. Veena says since Siddhi is unconscious, she won’t be able to hear it. Seema says that she will hear it because she loves this house and wants to come back to her house and family. Raj says that the doctor has told them to do all the things that Siddhi likes and they will do exactly that. They all agree and hug and cry. Episode ends.

Precap: Kunal is talking to an unconscious Siddhi. He tells her to come back to them especially to her kids. He says they all deserve that she doesn’t talk to them, but why is she punishing her children.

Update Credit to: -Rani

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