Parichay 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 1st February 2013 Written Update

Veena says to Kunal that she can’t meet Siddhi as she’s kept a fast for their good. Kunal objects but Veena says its for your good. Veena is adamant and says that she’s kept it so that nothing goes wrong now between them till Siddhi doesn’t get well. Veena leaves and Kunal in self talk that what can be good in this. He tries to sneal out but Veena outsmarts him and emotionally blackmails him to stay away from her saying for Siddhi’s good he should oblige. Kunal gives in. Veena is worried.
The hospital staff at the counter gives Gaurav a bill of 20 lakhs saying earlier there was a mistake. Gaurav is stunned and asks how is it possible but the guy at the counter says its only the fact. Gaurav thinks of consulting Kunal and then thinks that he can return this money to his company and get a cleanchit. He speaks to Kunal but doesn’t tell him the hospital issue but clears his doubt. And Gaurav pays the money to the hospital.

Seema comes to give coffee to Kunal and they have a nice convo where Seema says that he has changed for good and everyone is happy coz he’s happy. She says that she’s very happy that Kunal let them read his personal diary. Kunal says she’s special and makes her feel good. Seema thanks Kunal for helping Gaurav. Kunal asks Seema about the fast Veena has kept to keep Kunal away from Siddhi. Seema says she doesn’t know about it. Kunal has his doubts.

Siddhi is lost in thoughts and feels a little giddy. Nurse says that she’ll help her but Siddhi says that she want to go out and walk for a while. When they come out, in the adjacent room, Siddhi spots a husband taking care of his wife and imagines it to be her and Kunal. The doctor comes and asks about her wellbeing. And then informs her about Kunal taking care of her without caing for himself. He also informs that her bill is cleared.

Siddhi borrows nurse’s cell and calls Kunal and rebukes him for not taking care of himself. She asks if he bandaged his finger, he smiles and says no. He says that he’ll come there and she herself should bandage him but Siddhi declines. But Siddhi refuses for him to come to the hospital and says that she has kept a fast for him and can’t meet her till she gets fine. Kunal is confused and smells something fishy.

Both the Anands and Ishani are enacting a scene pretending to be Siddhi and Kunal. Kunal reads out a script and asks if they think that they always only fight. Raj comes and gets the revised script. He checks if Kunal is around not knowing, Kunal is behind the door. He hides and his jaws fell open when he realizes its Raj whose scripting the drama on him and Siddhi.

Raj reads out the script, enacting the scene and when he gets stuck Kunal completes the lines. He taunts Raj that he’s writing a drama on him and Siddhi and with the help of his grandsons. Raj laughs and complains that he’s trying to get the kids ready but they are not learning anything. They all complain that he keeps changing the script. Raj says there’s no respect for writer-director. Kunal is watching it all. Raj starts narrating his college days when he played Salim and kids roll their eyes and Kunal stops him after one line. Kunal drags him out. Raj insists he played hero and Kunal says but he’s boring kids as the times have changed. Kunal praises him and says he wants his help. Raj willingly agrees.

Gaurav returns home and Kunal calls him to talk. Kunal says that he’s doubting that Veena is hiding something. Kunal says that everyone is conspiring so that he can’t meet Siddhi and he asks Raj to get Veena to talk about what’s happening.

Veena tells Raj that Siddhi doesn’t want Kunal to meet her or even see her face. Kunal is listening.

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