Parichay 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 19th February 2013 Written Update

All Chopras except Kunal,kids n their friends start enjoying n dancing.CA says that they should play passing the parcel.All sit down to play the game.Raj gets out of the game first.Seema tells him to praise Veena,he teases Veena by saying that he can talk about Veena but cant praise her .Raj holds Veena’s hands n says that his Veena was always there with him through thick n thin,she always scolds him,she fulfills the dreams of all family members n at the same time keeps crying always,All these kids n this house is her world,She’s there in every heartbeat of the family,God should always bless her n the family like this.

Kunal comes in,seeing him,kids run towards him n hug him.They thank him for giving permission for the trip.Kunal gives them books n gifts he brought.When they ask about

trolley bags,he says that he ordered for them n they’ll get in 2 days.All force Kunal to join them in the game.Kunal sits with them sadly,Siddhi notices it.

Gaurav’s turn comes n Raj says that he never talks about them,so atleast now he should say something about them.Gaurav says to Raj that he’s like a book n they get lot of things to learn from him,n Mom is like a mandir before whom they bow down n all their wishes are fulfilled.Seema is like LIC policy who’s there to support him throughout his life.Kids are like plants who give more n more happiness as they grow.Kunal n Siddhi are like angels who are always there for him to save him from troubles.

Next is Kunal’s turn,kids give him task that he should go to room n talk to Siddhi for 3min n write a play on whole family.SiNal go to their room,Siddhi asks as why he is disappointed,he should tell her the truth as he promised her that he wont hide anything from her.Kunal tells her that he couldnt arrange money for Singapore trip.He explains how he couldnt hear the client as there was disturbance while attending his call n thought he agreed for 5lacs deal but in actual client accepted for deal of 1lac/yr.He says that it was all his fault,he’s not upset about money but kids were so excited about trip that he cant see them upset.

Siddhi says that its not his fault but just a mis-communication n tells him not to be upset as they’ll find some way out.Kunal says that there’s no way to solve this problem.Siddhi says that there’s one way,that is telling truth to kids.

Kunal asks if he should tell them that their dad is useless n cant fulfill their dreams,he couldnt even arrange money for their trip though they worked very hard for this competition.He says that he lost,his kids treat him as their hero n are proud of him n how can he face them now.Siddhi says that they wont think like that,he gave them everything,good studies,morals ,infront of those things he has given them this trip doesnt mean anything to them.

Kunal doesnt agree n says that they are kids n everything is a competition for them which they want to win always n if they cant go to this competition they’ll loose confidence.Siddhi says that their kids will understand them n he should talk to them n convince them to which Kunal says he doesnt want to as he only wants that his kids should win every race of life.Kunal says that he lost it,he couldnt do anything in life,whatever he did,only the opposite happens to him.

All worried as SiNal didnt come out yet n wonder if they are fighting .

Siddhi says that the person who inspired his brother to lead a good life,who gave confidence to his kids to win,who gave reason for his wife to live cant loose.His family knows him very well,understands him n trusts him n takes him outside saying that both of them will tell truth to everyone.When they go outside they see BA saying that his dad is his Super hero,who loves him a lot n fulfills every wish of his n never breaks his promise,his dad is the best in the world.Kunal gets even more disappointed hearing this n tries to go inside but Siddhi stops him.Kunal says that he cant say it.Siddhi tells kids that they are not going to Singapore as their dad couldnt arrange 5lacs which is required for the trip.Gaurav asks Siddhi as why she gave him those 5lacs when they required that money.

Seema tells kids to enjoy the party,one of the kids say that the party is over,all other kids pass comments on BA,CA as why they invited them for party when they arent going to Singapore n why they lied that their dad fulfills all their wishes n never breaks his promise.One kid says that his dad is super hero as he promised him to take disney land n did fulfil it unlike Kunal,They say that their dad is not super hero as they always say n leave.BA,CA too leave from there crying.

Veena tells Kunal not to be disappointed.Kunal says that how can he console kids as he’s the one who gave them permission to go n now he’s the one who’s responsible for cancelling it.Veena says that even they didnt fulfill all wishes of Kunal n Gaurav when they were kids.Its parents duty to console the kids,cheer them up n make them understand the situation.Raj says how he took Gaurav to Khandala saying it as Switzerland when Gaurav asked him to take on foreign trip like his friends.

Kunal says that kids arent going for some sight seeing or for enjoying foreign locales,they are going to participate in competition n they achieved this opportunity with so much hardwork.He says that his kids made him proud n he disappointed them n leaves from there angrily.

Gaurav feels bad as he was the reason for this,if he didnt need those 5lacs they would have used that money for this trip.Siddhi tells him not to think like that.Raj too says that its not the time to discuss all these as they should go n console the kids.

All go to kids room n Raj tells Siddhi to talk to them.Siddhi says to kids that she can understand how one feels when promise is broken but Kunal must be feeling more disappointed than the kids as he was the one who was more excited about their trip.He even arranged for party,bought so many gifts for them n they very well know that their dad never breaks his promise,Even now he didnt want to but he’s facing such a situation where he had to do it.Kids doesnt stop crying.Siddhi says that she just want to tell them both that their dad loves them more than anyone in the world.

Veena tells SeeRav n Raj not to tell Kunal that she threw the bottle n requests them to say that they dont know anything.They dont understand what Veena is talking about.Raj asks her to tell it clearly.She says that she doesnt want Kunal to get back to drinking,thats why she threw the bottle which Kunal has stored

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