Parichay 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 18th February 2013 Written Update

Kunal gets call from his client,who tells him that he’s okay with the deal but he cant give 5lacs in one go,instead he’ll give 5lacs for 5yrs.Due to noise from a bike Kunal doesnt hear him properly n thinks that client agreed to pay 5lacs to him.He tells dada to collect money from client n goes to meet Siddhi.

At home Raj sees Valentines day celebrations on tv n says that why only one day to express love,they should express love whenever they feel like irrespective of days/occassions.Seema comes to know about V-day from Raj n becomes upset as she forgot to wish Gaurav.Gaurav comes in saying that he didnt forget n wishes her giving roses bouquet.He says that he can forget his b’day but not V-day.Raj tells Veena that Gauav brought roses for Seema but Kunal doesnt even remember that

its V-day.Veena says that Raj knows its V-day but he too didnt give any gift to her.She tells Raj to call Kunal n remind him of V-day so that he’ll get some gift to Siddhi.

Siddhi is about to leave somewhere,Chopras come to know from her that Kunal is planning something for kids n he called her to meet at coffee shop.They think that Kunal called her to celebrate V-day.

While waiting for Kunal at the coffee shop Siddhi sees some friends singing Chura liya hai dil ne jo tumne.They dont get the lyrics properly.Siddhi starts singing ‘bahar banke aau kabhi tumhare duniya mein” n Kunal comes in n smiles seeing her singing song.Seeing Kunal she stops singing.Kunal asks her to continue singing to which she says that she’s just humming.Kunal complains that she was singing but stopped seeing him coming in.Siddhi asks if he called her there to sing songs.

Kunal tells her that he called her to discuss party plans as he decided to throw a party for kids as they are going to Singapore.Siddhi says that how can they give party without arranging for 5lacs.Kunal says he arranged for 5lacs n he’ll tell the details at the time of party as its a surprise.Kunal says that foreign trips in middle class families is a big thing n their kids made them proud by achieving this.Siddhi says that she’s happy that Kunal fulfilled the promise he has given to kids. Kunal is proud that they are his kids but she’s proud that Kunal is their father.Kunal holds Siddhi’s hand n both smile looking at each other.They see a guy proposing to a girl.Kunal adoringly looks at Siddhi who’s happily n anxiously seeing the couple.

Siddhi returns back home.Veena asks why she came alone n where’s Kunal.Siddhi says that Kunal is arranging party for kids n called her to discuss the same.After discussing he left on some work.Seema asks Siddhi if Kunal said anything other than party plan.On hearing no from Siddhi,Seema says that neither Siddhi nor Kunal remembered the day.Siddhi asks what’s she talking about.Seema is about to tell but Kunal signs her from behind not to tell.

Kunal comes her a box n wishes her Happy Valentines Day.He says that its nothing special but he’s sure that she’ll like it.Siddhi opens it n happy to see mangoes.Kunal says that he would have brought nice gift if he has more money n asks if she likes it.Siddhi says that he brought her mangoes in this season n no gift can be as good as this.Kunal happy.Seema says that if they eat together it’ll be even more nice.Siddhi says that Kunal brought it for her n she’ll not share it with anyone.All agree.

Siddhi brings mango slices to everyone.When she goes back to kitchen Kunal who’s hiding behind wall grabs her pulls her towards him,feeds her mango slice n eats the same slice n says that its very sweet.Both smile.Siddhi says that he should go to shop for kids,Kunal says he’s about to leave n says not to tell kids about party now itself,hugs her n leaves.

Kunal goes to do shopping for kids.Chopras decide to do arrangements for party.

Kids sadly discussing that Siddhi must have told Kunal about their Singapore trip,they fear that Kunal may not agree.Siddhi comes there n says that their Singapore trip is confirmed.They ask her if she convinced their dad to send them.She says that its possible b’coz of their dad only.She also tells them that Kunal arranged party for them n they should invite all their friends.Kids become excited n thank her,she tells them to thank their dad n quickly get ready for party n leaves from there.Kids say to each other that now they’ll show it to all their friends that their mom dad are the best in the world as their friends always used to make fun of them at school.

Kunal goes to buy books,clothes for kids,He’s so excited that he starts telling everyone,shopkeeper,security guard,fellow customers about kids being selected for olympiad at Singapore.They feel irritated as he goes on n on about kids n their achievement.He feels that they are jealous as their kids didnt get such opportunity.While returning he decides to take new switchboard also.

All Chopras doing arrangements for party.As usual Raj-Veena start their fights.Kids start inviting their friends.Seeing them so excited Seema tells Siddhi that they’ll be on top of world when they go to Singapore.Siddhi says that more than kids, Kunal is excited about their trip n he even went to do shopping for them.

Gaurav searches some old suitcase for kids,They say that its so dirty n they are going to Singapore n not some village.Veena tells Gaurav to borrow suitcase from their neighbour who goes on world tours frequently.Kids say that they dont want borrowed things n they want new bags as this is their 1st foreign trip.Siddhi calls Kunal n tells him to get travel suitcases for kids.He agrees.Kids happy hearing that Kunal is going to get them new bags.

Kunal gets call from dada,he excitedly tells dada that they arranged party for kids n invites him.Dada tells him that client gave him only 1lac.Kunal says that client agreed to give 5lacs,dada says that he agreed for 5lacs for 5yrs.He says that client even said that Kunal agreed for this deal of 5lacs/5yrs.Kunal recollects his convo with client n realizes that he couldnt hear the client properly b’coz of noise.Kunal gets disappointed n asks Dada what to do as he agreed for Singapore trip n even arranged party on the same but where’ll he get the money now,but sametime dada’s call gets disconnected.

Kunal sadly recollects how excitedly Siddhi told him to get travel bags for kids,n his convo with Siddhi at restaurent about how kids made them proud with their achievement,Siddhi telling him that she’s proud of Kunal as he’s fulfilling kids dream.

Siddhi telling Kunal that he thought client is going to give him 5lacs when in real he’s going to give 1lac only,She tells him not to worry as they’ll find out some way.Kunal says that he cant find any way now.Siddhi says that there’s one way,Kunal looks at her.

Update Credit to: sahasra

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