Parichay 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 17th January 2013 Written Update

Kunal wears his coat n shows some attitude… Kunal asks raj why is he upset/shocked ?? and tells him now there is no place for problems in there house..

Kunal says everything is gonna change… He will bring back andy n siddhi He will get gaurav relieved frm fraud case

Happiness will come back in this house -says kunal… Now everything will happen according to them.. No outsider will tell what should we do… They cant decide there future

Kunal says to raj he must be thinking till now he(kunal) have said these things so many times bt what he did ???

He asks for one last chance to prove himself…

What eva he will do will be in favor of him family

Kunal tells his plan to raj n family

Kunal asks raj how did he liked his plan ?? Raj smiles n nods his head

Kunal takes blessings of raj

He tells to anand andy will be back home soon n that too wid siddhi


Abhay gives a glass of juice to andy n tells him he knew this will happen n tells him not to worry his dad is wid him

Abhay tells him they will go frm there … They will shift to London

Bt andy tells him mom(siddhi) will also go wid them as he can’t live widout her Andy asks him they will take siddhi wid them ?? Abhay tells him she will also come wid them

Andy asks him where is mom(siddhi) ?? They dnt even knw where is she ?? Andy asks abhay does he knows where is she ??

Abhay says YES! He knw where SIDDHI is!

Kunal enters diwan’s place wid police

*andy smiles*

*Abhay takes andy closer to him*

Kunal asks abhay to tell to police regarding siddhi… Where is she ??

*Andy leaves abhay n goes n hugs kunal*

Andy gives his cell phone to kunal

Kunal plays the voice recording of abhay n andy’s convo

Kunal tells abhay it was a full proof plan by him n andy to trap him… And asks where is siddhi ??

Kunal tells him he doubted him when he came to police station n even after knowing that siddhi is missing he gave wrong statement against him(kunal) and told them that he kidnapped siddhi and then he(kunal) went to hospital to search siddhi n there he saw his car n driver and when andy told him what he did wid siddhi n him(andy) he doubts got clear bt to knw the truth he made this plan to trap him


Abhay tells kunal he told a good story bt court needs proof n what proof does he have which proves that siddhi is wid him

Kunal tells him now he needs to learn laws frm him

Kunal tells him he asked the right question… Where is the proof n tells him for that he is there

Kunal shows the search warrant

He knws this thing very well “proof is not very far frm the criminal”

Constables searches for siddhi

A constable shouts there is a girl in the room

*Kunal n andy rushes to the room*

Kunal & andy enters into the room &sees siddhi bt her face is completely covered wid bandage

(BG: Saans mein teri)

*Kunal & andy sad*

SiNal FB:

Siddhi tells him she told lie n left him n this she did just for him n there kids

She tells him she loves him alot & dnt want to go away frm him n she cant live widout him n hugs him

Siddhi tells him to believe her that abhay kept a knife on andy’s neck bt kunal doesnt trust on her

*kunal weeps*

Kunal takes her hand in his hand n cries n says “SORRY”

Kunal says to her now he will neva doubt on her

He now knows the truth of abhay n richa n now no one can separate them

No one can take away “HIS SIDDHI”


Kunal gets siddhi in the ambulance n police takes abhay away

Kunal tells abhay not to even look at his wife n kids… Else he will break his bones

Abhaty tells him not to be so happy on his victory… Today he is taking away his(kunal) wife n kids bt tomorrow when anand will grow up then he will understand his dad(kunal) can only say big big things n can’t do anything

*Kunal & andy in ambulance wid siddhi*

*siddhi’s condition worsen*

Kunal happily tells to raj that he found siddhi… Raj asks him andy is also der wid him… Kunal says yes!
Raj asks him to bring both of them to home bt kunal tells he can’t come as he is in sanjeevani hospital…
Raj shocked
Kunal tells siddhi is not in a good condition… She is in ICU
Raj n family shocked

Update Credit to: Nidz

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