Parichay 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 16th January 2013 Written Update

At the Police Station:
Abhay taunts Kunal that he has filed the missing person complaint for Siddhi’s disappearance only to prove himself innocent and goes to police to have a talk with him. Abhay is talking to the police which is muted for us. Then Abhay says to the cop to search for Siddhi. Kunal comes and asks the cop to hear him out too.

Chopra House:
Veena is very tensed that all her children Gaurav with money issues and Kunal with Siddhi’s problems are in trouble at the same time and she doesn’t know how to handle it all. Raj tells her to have patience and take care of one issue at a time. Raj says he has solutions to one of their problems and tells Veena something which is again muted for us and not revealed the content of their conversation.

At the Police Station:
Police says to Kunal that they need to interrogate him in regards to his wife’s disappearance. Kunal is surprised to hear this. Police says that they need to first determine if Siddhi’s disappearance is an accident or a kidnapping and based on what Abhay has told them, Kunal is their prime suspect in Siddhi’s disappearance.
Abhay tells Kunal that he has told police everything about him and Siddhi’s relationship that how much he hates Siddhi and wants her out of his life. Also, that they have a pending divorce case and Siddhi wanted to keep both the kids away from Kunal that’s why Kunal had Siddhi disappeared so he could have sole custody of his children. Abhay tells Kunal not to be surprised and that he is only doing his job by helping the police. He also tells Kunal to cooperate with Police by telling the truth.
Just as Police is taking Kunal for further interrogation, Richa arrives there and defends Kunal that even SiNal have divorce case going on at current, Kunal can never do anything illegal. Richa tells the cop that if they still want to go ahead with the interrogation then she will do his anticipatory bail in advance. Kunal tells Richa that he doesn’t need her help and tells the police to ask him questions.

Police asks Kunal how long he has been married and how many children he has, Kunal says they have been married for 10 years and have 2 children. He then asks Kunal when did he file the divorce case? Police asks Kunal many more question, but they are muted again. Police lets Kunal go with the warning that he can only leave town with police permission. On his way out, Kunal gives a daggering look to Abhay and leaves. A troubled Richa looks on.
Abhay goes after Kunal and tells him to tell the cops the truth If he has already killed Siddhi or else he would have to go to prison for life. Kunal tells Abhay that he will beat Abhay back and blue after he finds Siddhi. Abhay says he also wants to find Siddhi and when he does, he will not allow Kunal to meet Siddhi or AC2. Kunal also challenges him that he will keep both Siddhi and AC2 with him. While their heated argument is continued, Richa butts in and tells them to stop fighting and search for Siddhi together. Abhay again taunts Kunal but Richa stops him. She also tells Kunal not to be angry.

At the Hospital:
Kunal goes from hospital to hospital asking around for Siddhi. The receptionist at the hospital tells Kunal that many of the bomb blast victims have already been discharged and Siddhi might also have been taken home b y someone. As Kunal is leaving the hospital building, he spots Abhay’s driver outside of the hospital and wonders what he is doing there.

Chopra House:
Raj is talking to Kapil on the phone and assures him that he will inform him he Siddhi is found. Abhay arrives Chopra house and tells Raj that he is there to take his son (AC2) with him. Abhay asks AC2 to come with him. Raj tells Abhay that he isn’t AC2 father hence can’t take him with him. Abhay says they are not capable of taking care of AC2 as they couldn’t even take care of Siddhi. Abhay says he is certain that Siddhi has been made disappeared by them and asks AC2 come with him. Gaurav says AC2 won’t go with him. AC2 also says that he won’t go with Abhay either. Abhay tries to brainwash AC2 that just like his mother has been made disappeared, same will happen to him. Gaurav warns Abhay not to brainwash AC2 and to leave from there.
Abhay keeps asking AC2 to come with him, but AC2 keeps refusing to go with him. Abhay warns Chopras that soon he will take his son away from them and leaves.

Kunal arrives home and Veena asks him if he has found Siddhi. Kunal says he searched all the hospitals, but was unable to find her. He adds that he was told that many of the patients have been taken home by their relatives and someone might have taken Siddhi as well. Then wonders who might have taken her. AC2 tells Kunal to somehow find Siddhi because he doesn’t want to go back to Diwan house. Kunal asks Raj why Ac2 is talking about not going back to Diwan House? Raj tells Kunal about Abhay’s visit and the details of what he said to them. Hearing this Kunal recalls Abhay’s challenge that he will keep Siddhi and AC2 away from Kunal.

Kunal’s Bedroom:
Kids are crying holding their mother’s picture and Kunal come into the room. AC2 breaks down in Kunal’s embrace and tells him that h doesn’t want to go back to Abhay’s house because when Abhay is angry he even hits people. First Kunal tells AC2 that he is his father and no one can take him away from him and AC2 will always live with him, then he asks him why he said that. AC2 then tells Kunal the whole truth about Abhay which is again muted to us. (lot of conversation happened in mute today LOL). Hearing this Kunal has flash back of Siddhi telling him that she married Abhay only because Abhay threatened to kill AC2 if she didn’t do as he said.

AC1 tells Kunal that AC2 wanted to tell him the truth about Abhay long time ago, but he couldn’t, but today when Abhay came to take him away, he got very scared and told you the truth. First Kunal consoles AC2 then he tells him to pack his bags because he can’t live with him. Both the kids get baffled and ask Kunal why is he sending AC2 away? Kunal says he has already taken the decision that AC2 will not stay in this house. AC2 pleads to Kunal that he doesn’t want to go anywhere. Raj asks where is Kunal sending AC2? Kunal says, AC2 is going to live with Abhay. All are shocked to hear this. AC2 pleads Veena and everyone else that he doesn’t want to go to Abhay’s house, but Kunal says he is determined to send Ac2 to Abhay’s house and drags him out of the house.

Diwan House:
Abhay is surprised and happy to see AC2 in his house. He hugs him and asks him how come he is there? AC2 tells him that just like he said, they did the same thing to him what they did to Siddhi and threw him out of the house. Abhay hugs and consoles him.

Chopra House:
All Chopra family members are angry at Kunal for sending AC2 to Abhay’s house and tell him that what he did is unacceptable and by doing this he has proved Abhay right that they couldn’t take care of AC2. Kunal says he knows what others will say about him that he is very irresponsible, hot headed and manner less father, and rightly so because old Kunal was just like this, but not anymore, now people will see a changed Kunal. He goes to his room, dusts off his black coat and wears it. The episode ends on Kunal’s face with firm determination and confident smile.

Precap: AC2 asks Abhay If he knows where his mother is. Abhay says he knows it. Kunal in white shirt (layers uniform) enters Diwan House saying He Knew it. He seems to have heard AC2 and Abhay’s conversation on the phone.

Update Credit to: Rani

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