Parichay 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 15th January 2013 Written Update


Kunal lifts the white sheet from the corpse..He takes a deep sigh of relief when he sees dat the body is of some other lady’s. He then gets frightened and goes to check the next body..Right then he stamps on the blood on teh floor and gets tensed/frightened.He moved forward to open the cocer of teh next corpse.(He was reciting/muruming some prayers…).But then Attneder tells him dat the body is already claimed by it can the of KC’s relative. KC comes out of the morgue n cries.

Chopra House:

CA calls up Abhay and tells dat -I HATE YOU. He tells Abahy dats itz bcz of him Sidhi’s life is now at sake..Its bcz of him..they all have to suffer all this. Abhay then Asks CA abt Sidhi. CA tells dat Sidhi had gone to the restaurant where the Bomb blasted..n nobody knows of Sidhi’s whereabouts.CA repeats that he Hates Abhay. BA,Ishani n Anohki overhears this. BA comes to CA..snatches the phoen frm him n cuts the call.BA tells CA dat no one i responisble for Sidhi’s condition..He feels dast itz bcz of them Sidhi had to suffer all this. Ishani n Anokhi comes near n them and tells them taht nobody is at fault and that Sidhi would be back home very soon. They both consoles teh twins.

Diwan Mansions:

Abahy getting tensed hearing the news of the bo0mb blast.He goes mad …ans utters workds like- This shudnt have happen to Sidhi..NO..This cant happen ..n all dat.Sulekha comes there and asks him wat he is talking about. Abahy tells his mom abt Sihdi n teh bomb balst. Sulekha gets worried. Abahy tells her dat nothing can happen to Sihdi…If something happens to her, tehn he would lose all hopes of CA’s custody. Sulekha scold him for being slefish and abt thinking abt him..instead of thinking abt Sidhi’s family and their pains. Abhay tells her dat he wud never think anything else other than CA..He keeps on uttering dat Nothing can happen to Sidhi n dat he wud never allow Sihdi to die n all

Chopra House:

Seema n Veena consoling teh kids. Gaurav n Kunal comes home. BA asks KC where their mom is.A Sad KC doesnt Reply.CA asks Kc abt Sihdi…n abt his promise n all.KC still doesnt reply.Veena asks him..but still he doesnt REPLY. Veena then asks Gaurav. Gaurav says that hey both had searched for they cudnt find her. All gets worried.Kids cry.Seema consoles BA..n tells dat nothing wud happened to Sidhi..n dat she wud come back

KC angrily asks why she went out of house at night… what was the reason..Sihdi had to go out of the house …without informing anyone in the house.He angrily says that sidhi does watever she wants..she doesnt care of others. She goes wherever she wants..n everyone else in the house gets tensed.searching her. Veena asks KC why he is screaming, He says he’s not he is just blaming his bad-luck. When Sidhi is with him,he doesnt get a peace of mind..n when sidhi isnt there wid him..still he doesnt get a peace of mind. BA tells him dat KC might not have searched for Sidhi properly..BA asks him whether he checked the CITY HOSPITAL.KC gets angry on him..n scolds him not to teach to search properly n all dat…KC scolds him dat BA is not an elder person and scolds him badly…Raj tells him to contro his anger and not to scold the kids. KC goes to teh room.Kids cry

KC in his room…walks hither n hither..gets frustrated n throws down the photo and all the other things.Kids sees this. KC sits on the berth.BA comes tehre and tells him dat KC didnt fulfill the promise…bcz KC didnt want Sidhi to be back in his life. Veena n Raj comes tehre…Veena tells tehm dat KC wud fulfill the promise and bring back Sidhi. RAj geo sto Kc and tells him not to vent out his anger on the kids and on the things.Raj advcies him to be calm…n tehn tells him to file a complaint in the police station

Police Station:

KC goes to the police station.Everyone’s busy doing their gupshups..He goes to the main policeman…bt the policeman tells him to wait. That policemen then comtinues his chit-chats and driniks tea.Seeing tehis KC gets angry.He asks tehm angrily…wats going on!! Instead of fliing teh complaints..they all are doing chit-chats..KC tells dat th policemen get their salaries..from the public’s money.The policemen gets angry.KC tells dat the policemen are public servants ..insteaf of helping the public..they are drinking tea and doing gup-shups. Policeman tells KC not to give lectures to him.Had KC giveen Lectures to his wife..tehn she might not have ran away from the house. KC tells him not to speak a word abt his wife. The policeman tells his men to take KC out of thse staion.They take him then KC tells loudly dat HE IS A LAWYER..n dat he wud compalint abt such the SP,Commisioner and wud give a tranfer fr that policeman.The policeman gets frightened. He then apologizes to KC and tells him to giev d details of teh missing person. He gives all the details (name-Sidhi,Age-30).The policeman ask a photograph of Sihdi. KC takes his wallet and and takes out a SiNal pic..The policeman says dat he wants a solo photo of Sidhi..KC tells dat right now he doesnt have a solo photo.The policeman then tears teh photo into 2..n takes Sihdi ‘s photo. KC gets kinda sad.

Chopra House:

Raj calls up someone and asks abt Sidhi’s whereabouts.He hangs up the phone and tells veena dat Sihdi hasnt gone to her brother’s house.Gaurav tells them he have asked abt Sidhi in other hospitals still hasnt got any info.The kids pray. Ishani and Anokhi watched teh news abt the bomb blast in teh TV.Seema switches it off n tells them not to watch it…They wont gain anything by doing so..except fear n sorrow.

Right then..the laywer frm Gaurav’s firm comes tehre and asks him when he wud pay back tewh money.Gaurav tells dat he is thinking abt it.Raj tells them dat their family is in some problem…tehir D-I-L is missing and all are worried abt her. the Laywer says dat he doesnt care abt their problems.He threatens Chopras to return the amount asap. Gaurav gets angry and tells him to get out of the house.Raj calms him down. the Lawyer tells dem dat nobody wud ever ove to stay in such a house..n dat their Bahu has goen frm this house..bcz she was fed up by such ppl n all…Gaurav gets angry n kick tehm out of the house.Kida cry..Veena n Seema sad.Raj calms down gaurav

Police Station:

The policeman gives Sidhi’s photo to the constable..and tells him to fax this pic to other police stations too. He then tells KC to go back him an ddat he woudl call KC..if he gets any info abt Sidhi.KC leaves …He sees Abhay at the door

PRECAP: Abhay tells Kc dat he knows eveyrthing abt dat..n dat he has told evrything abt sidhi.Abhay tells the policeman dat KC had grudges against Sidhi.he hated her and he never wanted Sidhi to be in his life.Abhay adds tht even Sidhi didnt want her kids to stay wid KC. Abhay tells dat KC might have taken away Sidhi and put her life in danger..jsut to win the Custody Case

Update Credit to: awesumsonia

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