Parichay 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 15th February 2013 Written Update

The man who has come to meet Siddhi,is a courier person and says he was looking for her from two months. He gives her a cheque of 5 lacs. He says that a few years back she had helped Income tax department to nab a fraudster who had duped the tax people of 50 lacs rupees and this cheque is a reward of the same. He asks to sign and she does. Siddhi thanks God for helping them in this hour of need.

Kunal is sitting with Mukherjee and they are trying to look for a case by calling people. He calls in one of the offices and the lady there says she has heard his name and calls him to discuss a case. He calls another businessman and he too says he wants to discuss a case with him. They hope atleast one case will be fixed. They wonder if anyone of them will give them 5 lacs for Gaurav. Anand and

Andy come home, happy saying they are selected for Maths Olympiad that is going to be taken place at Singapore. They say their teacher have asked her to speak to her and she calls. Teacher says that they need to deposit 2.5 lacs per student for each student’s expenditure. Siddhi gets worried while kids are happy. Siddhi wonders what should she do with the money now… solve Gaurav’s troubles or fulfill they children’s dream.

Kunal calls Siddhi, senses that she is upset and asks her. Siddhi tells Kunal about the cheque and Kunal is happy. She tells him about kids’ Olympiad and the money requirement. Kunal suggests that she solve Gaurav’s problem and he’ll arrange money for kids. He calls her to meet him at coffee shop. Both the Anands are busy seeing Singapore tourists places on comp. The Raj sees them hooked to computer and wonders what they are doing. He pulls their ears as he thinks they are visiting some adult sites. The family comes and the kids break the news about their Singapore trip. Everyone is happy. Raj is embarrassed.

Kunal meets the man he spoke to… he supposedly is a law firm owner. Kunal agrees to fight all his cases for 5 lakhs rupees. The lawfirm owner asks for sometime.

Gaurav and Seema are in their room and Gaurav is sure the kids will win olympiad. Seema is worried for money. Siddhi comes there and Seema congratulates her for the kids’ achievements. Siddhi gives him the cheque. Seema and Gaurav are reluctant but Siddhi assures them, They thank her.

Seema is hinting Siddhi that she’s missing something. Siddhi wonders what is it and Kunal comes from behind and wishes her Happy Valentine Days. He gifts her mangoes.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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