Parichay 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 14th January 2013 Written Update

On the Road:
The episode starts with Friday scene, the Kulfi vendor asking Kunal if Siddhi was fine. Kunal asks him for details and the vendor informs Kunal that Siddhi went to a nearby restaurant to buy ice-cream for the kids and there was a bomb blast in that restaurant. The vendor says that Siddhi might have been taken to a nearby hospital or might still be at the restaurant. Kunal and kids are worried.

Chopra House:
Ishani informs Seema that their Nanaji has agreed to help Gaurav. Seema gets angry at Ishani that she shouldn’t have asked Nanaji for help and should have let elders handle the matter. Gaurav explains Ishani that it’s not wrong to ask for help from others, but help should only be asked for when all the efforts should have already been made by the person in need. He says that he is yet to explore all the options. He explains his kids that life is full of difficulties and one should face the difficulties rather than running away from it. He says he also used to ask Papaji for help all the time before, but now he understands that it’s not right to bother others for your own problems. Hearing this, Ishani apologies to Gaurav, but Gaurav says the apology is not needed as he is happy to see his daughters concern for him. They say I love to each other and hug. Ishani says she will call Nanaji to tell him that her father will not be needing his help.

Raj assures Gaurav that the whole family is with him and he needs not to worry about it alone. Suddenly Chopras realize that Kunal and both the Anands are missing for a long time.

At the Blast site:
Kunal tells his kids to wait outside and he goes inside and shows Siddhi’s picture to everyone and asks about her whereabouts. No one seems to recognize her. Suddenly, AC1 spots Siddhi’s bag at the blast site. He picks up the bag and calls Kunal. AC1 takes out mouth organ from the bag which AC2 identifies as the present he had asked from Siddhi. Kunal finds the New Year card in her bag which he had given to Siddhi with I hate you written on it.

AC1 says Siddhi was at the blast site when it happened as all her belonging are here. An on spot cop tells Kunal that they had taken few females to the hospital and tells him to go there alone.

Chopra House.
Kunal drops off the kids at home. Kids argue that they want to go with him, but Kunal tells them to stay at home. Raj and Gaurav ask Kunal why he is going to the hospital. Kunal says Siddhi was there when the blast happened and they have found her bag and her other belongings there. Raj is shocked to hear it. Kunal tells Chopras not to worry as they might have taken Siddhi to City hospital. Veena asks Seema to take the kids inside. Kids still want to go to the hospital with Kunal. Kunal says kids are not allowed to go there. He says he will go alone and get their mother. Raj and Gaurav also decide to go with Kunal.

At the Hospital:
Kunal with Raj and Gaurav goes to the hospital. All 3 of them inquire about Siddhi there by showing everyone her picture. No one seems to know about her, but finally a ward boy tells Kunal that he has seen her and tells Kunal to go look for her in the morgue room. Kunal is stunned to hear this. He says I had asked her to go away from my life not from this world. I asked her to stay away from me, but not to go so far away that she can never answer me. He says to himself Siddhi can’t die.

As he is walking towards the morgue, he is recalling all his past moments (wedding, C-night, baby news in Ujjain, all their hug scenes etc) with Siddhi with “Beete lamahe hume jab bhi yaad aate hai” playing in the background.

Chopra House:
Veena is consoling both of the Anands who are crying hysterically. They ask Veena is Siddhi will be fine. Veena asks them to stop crying and takes them to their house temple and asks them to lite a diya in her mother’s name and tells them to pray to god for their mother’s safe return. Veena says to Seema that she wanted Siddhi out of this house not out of her grandchildren’s life.

At the Hospital:
Back at the hospital a vulnerable and emotional Kunal enters the morgue, sees so many dead bodies there and asks one of the morgue employees if he has seen Siddhi by showing him her picture. The employee says he doesn’t recognize the face, but he points Kunal towards the two female bodies in the morgue. Kunal goes to the dead body, uncovers her face. Episode ends on Kunal’s face; they do not show her face.

Precap: AC2 on the phone with Abhay. He tells Abahy that he will never forgive him If anything happens to his mother. He tells Abhay about Siddhi being at the bomb blast site. Then he says to Abhay that all this happened only because of you and I hate you.

Update Credit to: Rani

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