Parichay 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 14th February 2013 Written Update

Gaurav enquires frm kids abt there studies!
Raj n veena fight over a paratha
Siddhi wakes up @10.15 AM.. She tries to get off the bed bt finds her payal strucked in kunal’s pajama
Kunal asks what is she doin wid his pajama
Siddhi says she is trying to take it off

Kunal says what ??

Siddhi tells him her payal has got strucked in his pajama n she is trying to take it off

Siddhi asks kunal to get up.. Kunal holds Siddhi’s hand n brings her closer to him!

Kunal asks her what happened last night that her payal got strucked in his pajama..

Siddhi Says she dont knw

Mukherji comes to chopra house n tells chopras that kunal has resigned frm his job

Raj tries to bring everyone to normal mode and tells them kunal didnt wanted to

give tension to anyone n may be thats why he didnt told abt it to anyone!

Raj suggests they should search job for kunal in some other company

At some dark place two people talking on there cell phones! One says he got the address of Siddhi!

Everyone keeps suggesting some or the other thing for Kunal

Raj tries to speak bt Veena doesnt lets him speak

SiNal comes out of there room & sees everyone discussing something Kunal stops them and asks them what r they discussing ??

After seeing mukherji n everyone’s expression he admits he resigned frm the job..

And asks what were they discussing all abt

Bt no one speaks up

Kunal says he had a plan to share wid them bt it seems they r busy and tries to leave.. Bt everyone asks him abt his plan

Kunal tells to everyone that he has decided to open his own law firm

Kunal further adds he jst needs a good business partner! Veena asks him did he talked wid anyone abt this ?? Kunal tells her he thought it will be better if he talkes abt it in front of them only Raj asks who is goin to be his business partner

Kunal tells him Dada will b there in him firm bt he wants his life partner to be his business partner as well

Siddhi gives him stern look!

Siddhi tries to say no bt everyone starts saying in favor of kunal

Everyone forces siddhi to say yes for kunal’s proposal! Atlast she says YES!

Kunal shares a plan wid chopras!

Andy tells abt there olympiad exam to SiNal

Veena takes raj to hospital bcoz of stomach ache!

Seema goes wid gaurav to anokhi’s coaching classes!

Siddhi all alome in the home!

The mystery man reaches Chembur n calls someone n confirms that its Siddhi Chopra’s house only and asks hin to get to knw she is in home or not

Siddhi gets a call frm unknown person at landline no. Bt that person doesnt speaks up

Mystery man reaches chopra house n laughs n says SIDDHI CHOPRA

Door bell rings! Siddhi opens the door!

Siddhi comes out n checks bt finds no one outside! She was abt to close the door and all of a sudden finds someone standing in frnt of the door!

Siddhi asks him- Wid whom he wants to meet ??

Mysteryman says- Siddhi Chopra

Mysteryman is abt to take out something frm his bag!

Siddhi shocked

Precap: Siddhi says to kunal she should deposit these 5Lakhs in Gaurav’s a/c bt they need 5Lakhs for kids Singapore trip as well

Update Credit to: Nidz

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