Parichay 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 13th February 2013 Written Update

At Chopra House:
The episode started from yesterday’s scene where Siddhi comes out looking for Kunal and Chopras ask if all is okay. Siddhi tells them not to worry as they have found a solution to Gaurav’s case.

Kunal’s Office:
Kunal tells his boss that the company which has files case on Gaurav is also involved in fraud. He also tells him that the 3 people who cheated Gaurav are also part of the fraud company. He further tells him that being a lawyer, he will expose the fraud company and those people involved in this fraud.

At the Pav Bhurji Stall:
All Chopras have arrived at the stall. Siddhi self thinking that she has to tell Kunal the truth.

Kunal’s Office:
Kunal tells his boss to inform the opposite company that he will be filing a case

against them now. His boss says that’s not possible as they can’t file a case against the company who had hired them as their representative. His also says that they will appoint another one of their lawyers for this case, but also warns Kunal that it won’t be good for his reputation as a lawyer. Kunal says actually it will be bad for his firm when he brings out the truth about their client that they are fraud.

Kunal asks his boss to call the opposite company and tell them to withdraw their case and settle out of court with Gaurav and only then he will withdraw his case against them.

At the Pav Bhurji Stall:
Raj is worried why Kunal hasn’t arrived there yet as it’s been already an hour. Veena tells him not to worry as Kunal will resolve the entire problem and then come there. She also asks him to pay her the 100 rupees that they had bet. Veena advices him to get his special burji made while Kunal comes back.

Siddhi wonders why Kunal hasn’t come there yet. She thinks of calling him but then thinks he must be busy and decides against it. Veena tells her not to worry and relax.

Kunal’s Office:
Kunal is informed that the opposite company has withdrawn their case and Gaurav will only have to pay 5 lacks within a week to settle the case. Kunal’s boss congratulates him saying this is the first time they have won case without even going to the court. He further says that their job is to only fight the case and let court give the final verdict on who is guilty and who is innocent, but since Kunal doesn’t believe in this kind of practice, He needs to improve in that department. Kunal feels bad that his company has incurred loss due to this case so he decides to resign from his position. Kunal thanks his boss for supporting him in the time of need and leaves.

At the Pav Bhurji Stall:
All are wating for Kunal to come before they can start eating. Kunal comes there with sad face and all assume that he has lost the case. Gaurav tells him not to feel bad as he deserves to go to prison for he has done. He is just happy that they are all out together like this and leaves to get food for Kunal. Kunal stops him and gives him the letter. Gaurav and others are very happy to know that Gaurav’s company will withdraw the case after getting their money.

Raj Gives Veena 101 rupees as reward. Seema thanks Kunal for saving Gaurav, but Kunal stops her by saying that Gaurav is his brother before he is Seema’s husband and tells her that he will never let anything bad happen to Gaurav and tells Gaurav not to thank him either.

Siddhi takes Kunal for Kulfi and asks if he has quit the job. Kunal tells her that she understood him without even him telling her anything and he is lucky to have true love in his life. He says more than his job, his family’s happiness matters to him and he is very happy to see them all so happy.

Chopra House:
Raj tells Veena that it’s a very happy and proud that his sons are his right and left hands; but He is happier today because Gaurav and Kunal sacrificed for each-other. Gaurav took care of Siddhi’s bill and Kunal saved Seema’s husband from going to prison. He says he will sleep very peacefully tonight knowing that his sons are capable of taking care of each-other.

SiNal Room:
Kunal is fixing some electrical problem in his room. He asks Siddhi to hold the flash light and she is pointing it in the wrong direction. Kunal gets irritated and says if she is looking for lizard on the wall or helping him with the switchboard LOL. Kunal says all the screws on the switchboard are loose. Siddhi says just like him and Kunal gets irritated again.

Siddhi asks what will he do next? He says Bhagra LOL then says he will fix the wire LOL. He fixes the wire and finally the lights are back. He says he is all rounder, a lawyer and electrician as well. Siddhi laughs and says Kunal gets happy like a little kids. Kunal says it’s better to be like kids than adults as kids are well taken care of by their parents when they come home and don’t have to worry about anything, but adults have to answer to their wives about their whereabouts when they come back home.

Elsewhere Outside:
Someone is on the phone and tells the other person on line to find Siddhi Chopra before tomorrow morning.

SeeRav Room:
Seema is massaging Gaurav’s head and asks him how he is feeling now. Gaurav says he is feeling very relaxed after such a long time. Seema asks him to be more responsible from now on. She says she knows he didn’t do this blunder on purpose, but this case thing has hurt the whole family very much. Gaurav promises Seema that from now on he will never do anything to hurt his family ever again and will pay those 5 lacks rupees to his company on him own.

Seema says at the Bhurji stall, she noticed that Kunal was very troubled and she feels that he had to pay a big price to get Gaurav’s case resolved.

SiNal Room:
Kunal is working and Siddhi is lying in the bed. Kunal thinks he should be with Siddhi and not working and Siddhi also thinks that they should be together and not apart like this. Kunal tries to come to bed and says if Siddhi asked him to come. Siddhi says she didn’t and he goes back to work with Saans mei meri song playing in the BG. Then Siddhi says will he not come if she doesn’t ask him to? Hearing this Kunal comes to bed immediately and sleeps next to Siddhi holding her with their C-night scenes being played in BG.

Precap:Siddhi is trying to untangle her anklet from his Pajama. Kunal asks what is she doing with his Pajama and she says she is trying to take it off. Kunal is shocked to hear this LOL then she says she is trying to take off her Payal from his Pajama.

Update Credit to: Rani

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