Parichay 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 12th February 2013 Written Update

At Chopra House:
The epi starts with yesterday’s episode where Gaurav says that he has put his family in deeper trouble instead of helping him. RaNa try to make him understand that whatever he did was for is family sake and he didn’t do anything wrong. Then they tell Gaurav that Kunal will also only support Gaurav and will save him. Gaurav says this time even Kunal won’t be able to save him as he will have to retain his job for family sake. Veena says she will ask Kunal to quit his job, but Gaurav says if not Kunal then someone else will fight against him and put him in jail. He wants Kunal to take care of the family after he goes to prison for that Kunal has to retain his job.

Raj gets angry and almost hits Gaurav. Siddhi comes and says to Gaurav not to worry because

Kunal will surely find a way to save him. All Chopras agree with that and leave. Siddhi talks to Seema, tells Seema that she knows what she is going through because she has gone through the same thing with Kunal as she was separated from him for 9 years. She consoles Seema that nothing will happen to Gaurav.

AC1 and AC2 worry that if Kunal fights this case than even they will have to be separated. They say they will miss living with SeeRav and Anokhi Ishani and worry about what will happen to RaNa. I-A try to make them understand that nothing of this sort will happen and Kunal will also fight to only save Gaurav. All 4 kids try to stay positive and strong thinking Kunal won’t let anything happen to Gaurav.

Kunal comes home and asks why everyone is so sad. He tries to make the situation lighter and suggests that they go out for Bhurji Pav as SiNal were left out yesterday. He tells Gaurav not to be sad. Gaurav says he should have consulted with Kunal before taking such step and that’s why the whole family in deep trouble. He tells Kunal not to quit his job or this case. Kunal reminds him again that Gaurav isn’t alone as Kunal is always with him. He says no one can send him to prison and if anyone even tries to touch Gaurav, he will break his hand. All are relieved to hear this.

Raj asks Kunal if he can get Gaurav out of this mess. Kunal says he thinks he can but he needs to discuss it with a business lawyer first. He says he knows one such lawyer who is business law topper and that is Siddhi. He asks Siddhi to discuss the case with him for an hour. He says he will even pay for her time. Siddhi says she will help him only if he doesn’t talk about the fee. Kunal asks Chopras to get ready within an hour and goes inside his room to discuss the case.

Chopras Living Room:
Raj says that Kunal is just saying anything because he is tense. Veena says that Kunal will indeed help Gaurav out. Seema is doubtful if Kunal will actually help Gaurav, but Gaurav says Kunal never lies he always does what he says.

Kids wonder what their parents are discussing. Then IA and both ACs are happy that now they won’t have to be separated. RaNa place 100 rupees bet with one-another about how quickly Kunal can solve Gaurav’s case? Veena is in favor of Kunal and Raj is against but then Raj says he prays that he loses this bet.

SiNal’s Room:

Siddhi says that the company who is trying to frame Gaurav is itself involved in fraud as their balance sheet clearly shows that they are doing some kind of fraud. Siddhi is explaining something to Kunal, but he just looks at her and doesn’t pay any attention to what she is saying with some song playing in the BG (sorry I have never heard this song before) and some old SiNal scenes being sown in between.

Then Kunal gets up, takes the papers from Siddhi’s hands, throws them away, puts her hair down, comes close to her and says I Love You and Siddhi also says I love you too. However, this was Kunal’s dream and Siddhi asks him what is the matter with him and if he understood the important points she was explaining. A baffled and distracted Kunal says he understood it. Kunal tells Siddhi that she didn’t take her fee but he can give her something and comes close to her. Siddhi says everyone is waiting for them outside, but Kunal says they still have some times before the hour ends.

Siddhi tries to get away, but Kunal holds her from behind and says thanks to her coming back to him. Siddhi says thanks to him for accepting her back. She tells Kunal to go out as she has to get ready. Kunal unwillingly goes out and tells everyone to meet him at the bhurji pav stall. At the same time Kunal gets a phone call from his office and leaves. Siddhi wanted to tell him something important and episode ends.

Precap:Siddhi asks Kunal if he has quit his job? Kunal says how she knew about it? Then says people who love each-other truly understand things about them without even telling them anything and he is happy to have his true love with him.

Update Credit to: -Rani

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