Parichay 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parichay 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 11th January 2013 Written Update

Kunal asks the lawyers to give him a day to study thye papers and if he thinks its right he’ll ask Gaurav to sign. Gaurav looks at him pensively. Raj asks Gaurav not to lie to him and its obvious that he’s done something wrong. Raj says his greed landed him in trouble. Gaurav says he didn’t do it for himself but for the needs of the family. It was his helplessness and not his greed. Chopras looks guilty. Gaurav says he’s always termed wrong. Raj asks if anyone ever asked anything from him, they could have compromised. Raj says not to blame them for his character and he should have told them his difficulties and they would have cut down their needs. Raj grieves why can’t they ever stay happy. Gaurav walks away and Kunal comes to support Raj. Seema is crying

Veena is tensed what will happen now and what will they do with Gaurav if they cannot arrange for money. Raj and Veena are both crying. Seema is in her room with Anokhi and Ishani and they are telling her that they are scared and Gaurav shouldn’t have done what he did. Seema tells them not to worry. Kunal is studying the file and looks worried. CA is crying and missing Siddhi. BA consoles him and says she’ll come soon. Kunal sees this and asks for forgiveness for shouting at CA. CA says he’s not crying coz of his scoldings but coz Siddhi hasn’t yet returned. They request Kunal to come and look out for Siddhi and he agrees.

Gaurav is on the terrace and Seema comes to him asking for forgiveness saying she should have realized and limited their needs. Seema says she should have taken the responsibility to think how would they manage in budget. She blames herself but Gaurav stops her saying that he should have thought twice before doing this but his intentions were not wrong. Seema says she understand him

Kunal and kids are looking out for Siddhi and asking people on the streets.

Veena removes her jewelery saying she had kept them for Anokhi and Ishani but then Gaurav needs it more now. Raj says he’ll sell off his car. They pray everything should be fine as any court case will spoil his life. Gaurav overhears and says he’ll not let them sell off their possessions. Raj says its not more important than him. Gaurav apologizes saying coz of him they are in trouble. Veena tries to soothe him. Gaurav says he’ll talk to Kunal and see if they can do something legally and they’ll not make any more sacrifices.

Anokhi and Ishani talk to Seema’s dad and he promises to help them. They are relieved but Seema looks disturbed.

Siddhi is yet not found. Kids are worried and Kunal tries to calm them and go looking for her. An ice cream vendor informs them that there was a blast in the restaurant nearby saying he saw Siddhi going there at almost the same time. Kunal and kids gets worried.

They reach the blast site and BA spots Siddhi’s bag and freaks out.

Update Credit to: Sonia

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