Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajeev asking Naina how can she believe he did theft. He says I never lied or cheated, how can I do this with my baby, I could not see my baby till now. Balraj shows CCTV camera feed to Raghav. Raghav says I saw Rajeev, it does not mean he did theft. Balraj says see that bag, it has my initials BM. Rajeev says my child’s fate is bad, he is born to a thief. Naina says I will make everything fine. He says I got Dadi arrested and you got her free, their ego got hurt, that family plays game, we got trapped in their game. She cries and says I will make everything fine, don’t cry.

Balraj asks Raghav do you want any other proof, you will tell statement what I tell you. Naina thinks what are they talking and hears Balraj. Balraj says you work for us, you have

to be loyal to us, Dadi went to jail, we got chance to take revenge, you will do what I tell you. Raghav says I heard and understood, I will say what I have seen, Dadi taught me to support truth. Naina cries recalling Balraj’s words.

She thinks I can see hope getting down, Raghav asked me to trust me, there is family politics and Rajeev is getting trapped, who will help me. She says I know this is your family, don’t deny this, our relation broke, our marriage became a joke, but I always respected you. I believe my brother is impulsive, he did that with Dadi for my sake, today he has a child, you can’t show loyalty by punishing someone, just remember a family may break or get saved because of you, what will you do, will you support truth or wrong. Raghav says I will do what’s right. She nods.

Inspector asks Naina and Asha to sit. Pam and Balraj smile. Raghav comes there to give statement. Inspector asks Raghav did you see Rajeev that night. Raghav recalls Naina’s words. Raghav says its true, I met Rajeev that night, he had that bag in hand, on which Balraj’s name was written. Naina gets shocked.

Raghav says I had doubt on Rajeev, what was he doing in office at night, I asked him why is he in tension, he did not answer me right and left, I just know this. Rajeev says he is lying, Naina don’t believe him, what did Raghav see, that I came out from office, he did not see me doing theft, he is taking revenge as I got his Dadi arrested. Inspector says we will take Rajeev in custody to take him to court. Rajeev calls Raghav a liar. Asha cries. Balraj says I m proud of you Raghav, I knew you will support us and truth, you understand importance of family, Rajeev is wrong.

Pam says Raghav maybe Naina’s husband, but he is ours. They leave. Naina gets angry and leaves. She cries. Raghav goes after her. Tere naam….plays……………Naina says you lied again, you said you will support truth. He says I said true. She says I heard what Balraj said, you gave statement against Rajeev. Raghav says I really saw Rajeev that night, he had that bag in hand. Naina says you asked me to believe you, you always broke my trust, meaning of trust changed now, I asked you something for the first time to support truth and not break my family, you did not hear me and went after Balraj, are you a human or a puppet, you have disgust me. He holds her hand. He asks do I disgust you, you know what you are, you are a hypocrite.

She asks am I. He says yes, you always taunt me, you don’t want to accept truth as your brother’s career is on stake. She says this is difference between you and me, I did not know who is behind sehra, even then I kept this marriage for my mum’s health, I went out of my way and tried to become part of your family, Rajeev is your brother in law, what did you do, you did not believe me, if it was Sanjana’s brother, your thinking would have not been this.

He says Sanjana has no brother and Sanjana would not keep me in this situation. She thinks why am I feeling bad, that Rajeev is in jail, or Raghav did not support me and would have supported Sanjana. He asks does she have no answer. She says this is my fate, I don’t get what I want, I will deal with my life, I will fight for my brother, there is no use to keep this marriage, my mum’s health went bad as Rajeev is in jail today, I saw a good person in you, then you kill that goodness and your real face comes out, you are a horrible person, you can do something for that family, you ruined a girl’s life, I don’t care as I never wanted to marry you. She leaves.

He thinks you did not wait for my answer, you should know I would have supported truth always, Sanjana said she did not wish to marry me, when you said this today, my heart broke. Naina takes care of baby. She asks Asha to stop crying and have some food. She gives baby to Asha and asks her to take care of health, we will find some solution to free Rajeev, you have to manage all responsibilities of this baby.

Asha talks to the baby. Naina goes and fixes sock at the washroom door knob. She thinks of Raghav. Raghav sees the sock and misses her. Kismat ka likha….plays….Raghav takes pillow and thinks of her. She sees the food plate and recalls him. Kal ho na ho…..plays…….. She gets hiccups and takes water. She thinks why am I thinking so much about him, is this about husband and wife thing, I don’t want any habit, I can’t depend on Raghav, I have to walk alone. He lies to sleep and thinks of her. He could not sleep and sits awake.

Raghav says I m not calling you forever, its matter of 7 days, Dadi wants you to come home for Veer and Sanjana’s marriage, I will do divorce formalities and sign. Naina gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys I am new here to comment I saw pardes in you tube and thought to come and read but can’t understand can someone say the story pls.

    1. Go on Wikipedia

    2. Hi and welcome…feel free to comment, anytime.

    3. Chithu

      Welcome Catherine. Go through wiki and written updates here and can ask ur doubts

  2. Ok rani I will read in Wikipedia tnq u for the idea

  3. Wow! Now the interesting track has started. ?

  4. Hi I’m new here.

    1. Welcome to you as well….

    2. Chithu

      Hai Riya Roy welcome

  5. Angelk1

    Naina raghav is telling the truth. Your brother an his wife omare crooks why vant she see that. She should trust raghav instead of accusing him all the time.

  6. Love tellyupdates

    Dear naina, have some sense… As raghav said u r hypocrite.. U very well know that ur brother and bhabhi are soooo greedy that they even pretended accident to get money from mehras..
    Raghav is not disgusting, u disgust us.
    Raghav deserves someone much much better than u naina..

  7. Good episode

  8. Nice episode.

  9. Nain a, your brother isn’t impulsive, he is a blo*dy thief….greedy to the max, just like your sister in law, can’t wait for you to know their truth. Don’t understand why Balraj is patting himself on the back, Raghav is simply telling the absolute truth. Words have the power to hurt someone beyond measure and naina does this over every little argument with Raghav. She should have stayed single,maybe that’s why she couldn’t keep a man long enough for marriage proposal. On a serious note….this is the reason why marriages are not lasting in today’s world, lack of communication, no trust between couples, family interference, disloyalty rule the roost. No longer people compromise on issues through mutual understanding, it’s quicker to just throw in the towel,move on to other partners and the cycle begins again. Naina is not a mature character, she’s too fickle minded and is easily swayed by her naivetype. Let’s wait and see how she handles the notion of divorce, maybe she might learn a lesson here. Also, she always have to throw SanJana in all their tiffs, Raghav should remind her that he did Dadi a favor by marrying her , after all she was left at the mandap by intended husband. Ungrateful woman!!!

    1. Chithu

      U r absolutely right Naz. Naina is too immature first of all she never listens to full conversation and walks out. Next she assume something and thing that is the truth. Third she never listens to Raghav or make him complete his stand. Naina is disgusting me. She knows well that all is over between Sanjana n Raghav. She again digs the same thing and makes Raghav’s life hell. Not only Naina but Raghav is also making genuine efforts for this marriage to work out. Instead of listening to Raghav she puts entire blame on him.

      Naina pls rewind ur mind and think all that ur brother has done to u n ur mother. Its because of Raghav n dadi Asha is living. Rajeev didn’t spend a paisa on them. Rajeev n Chanchal used to push her to work even in night bars. Out of greed created a fake accident and blamed dadi for torturing Naina in her sasural. Still u think Rajeev is just impulsive

      1. Chithu, I notice you changed back to your original colourful ID….. Once upon a time, a friend gave me a blue rose, it artificially coloured but unique still…. Lol. Anyway, what you pointed out there in the last paragraph especially, it spot on. I really hate to say but she also sends me up a wall with her rhethoric, always assuming things, for heaven’s sake, Raghav should really divorce her, she comes across as nagging to me, in the real world, I tell you, no man could handle her belittlement, he would have already have found an outside woman who can listen and talk nicely with him. BTW…. I’m not condoning such behavior but that’s what really happens in the real world. If a wife knows her husband had a previous love interest, shouldn’t she be even nicer to him that the other? After all he put the ring on her finger but no….. Naina has her priorities up another alley….constantly berating Raghav at the drop of a hat….. Lord writers, put some sense into this woman’s head, she really doesn’t realize what a good husband she has…….. ??

    2. Chithu

      Yes she is nagging and irritating she tries little to understand him and never think twice to disgrace him. Raghav is the best one she can ever get. Where do you get such selfless man who respects people. Naina character is coming out very badly writers Pl make her character warmer. She seems so cold person. B4 they get to know each other whole family is conflicting against them. My only hope is dadi.
      I used this profile mostly only when I am in system or couldn’t login, that light green profile comes lol

  10. Can someone please tell Ekta to stop this nonesense, either men abuses women , or women abuses men.
    All her tv serials are disgusting , women / men getting divorce , getting married 3/4 times , misunderstanding .
    Your tv serials make me dizzy and nausea.

    1. SA, Ekta Kapoor doesn’t care, she thinks her negativity is the way to go. Every single serial of hers is filled with all your adjectives plus….unfaithfulness, illogical plots, weird practices under the guise of religion, candy floss women who eat and sleep with full makeup on, and the list can go on!!!! So no one can really say much to her, she’s head honcho who does what the heck she wants.

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