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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer going to Asha. Sudha sees Dadi coming and takes Veer. Asha sees Dadi and says we were missing you. Dadi talks to her and asks Naina to just come with her. Asha sends Naina. Dadi says Naina, I know you got shock and you are annoyed with me, listen to me. Pam sees Chanchal listening to them.Dadi says I thought to get you married to Veer, it could not happen, I did not think Veer is not suitable for you. Naina asks why did you not stop marriage, its my right to decide whom I will marry. Dadi says I agree, but I called Asha to attend marriage, her state is vulnerable, how would she bear shock. Pam and Chanchal hear them. Dadi says think of Asha, she is heart patient, so I did not stop marriage, I know you can decide for your life, but I know I have taken your

life’s biggest decision, I m your culprit, punish me, I can name all this to you if you say, I know you don’t value money and property, you refused it before, but the love I wanted to give you, I have no standard to give you, I just have this money, forgive me. Chanchal gets glad and says Naina baby, ask for many gifts. Pam says if Naina makes us poor then, what to do.

Pam goes and interrupts them. Dadi asks what are you doing. Pam says I came to ask for grahpravesh, you are eldest and you will decide. Chanchal says Pam is acting. Dadi says I will do the rituals preparations and goes. Dadi goes with Pam. Chanchal comes to Naina. Naina says I don’t believe this marriage, what should I do, I does not believe Raghav as my husband, I will not do grah pravesh. Chanchal asks her to accept the marrige.

Shaurya jokes on Raghav for becoming groom and getting bride. He asks Raghav how are you feeling. Naina says I will not accept this marriage. Chanchal says Asha wanted to see you married, it was her dream, now marriage is done, she will come here to see your grah pravesh. She will get hospitalized seeing truth, I can understand your pain, I know wrong happened with you, but we want time to think and find some way. Naina sees Asha. She wipes her tears.

Asha takes Naina for bidaai and is very happy. Chanchal signs Naina to agree. Naina does the bidaai ritual by throwing rice behind. She hugs Asha, Rajeev and Chanchal, and cries. Asha smiles. Naina and Raghav do grah pravesh ritual. Asha makes them hold hands. They enter the house. Naina then leaves. Raghav sees her.

Dadi asks Pam to take Naina to room. Dadi says Raghav, you had left all your marriage dreams for my saying, I will never forget this favor. Raghav says why are you saying this. Dadi says you have become big in my sight now, I decided this and hurt my loved ones. Raghav says don’t blame yourself. Dadi says it happened because of me, you married Naina, you have to manage her responsibility now, respect her, love her, will you keep this marriage. She folds hands. Raghav holds hands and asks her not to fold hands infront of him. Dadi cries. He hugs her. She sends him,

Pam drops Naina to the room. Naina sees the decorations in room and recalls marriage. She tears all the floral strings. She angrily ruins the arrangements and sits crying. She opens window and sees the moon. She asks why, you promised me to give me an angel, where is my angel, everything was a lie, why, how many times will you hurt me, its lie, there are no angels in the world. Raghav recalls Asha and Dadi’s words. Sanjana stops him and congratulates him for marriage. He thanks her.

Sudha says Veer, I knew Pam encouraged you to run away. He says chill, its good. She asks whats good, I m trying you get the Mehra empire in hand, you don’t understand, you have let me down so badly. She scolds him. She asks do you know what big favor Raghav did on you, Raghav married Naina, if marriage got cancelled, things would have gone hurt, Raghav is your pet dog, manage him well. Veer says he is loyal dog, he will not go against me, I got my freedom, I m going to party. She says Dadi will not leave you, listen to me. He goes.

Sanjana says wait, I got wedding gift for you, take it. She shows contraceptives, and says in your unplanned wedding, you can have a good night. She taunts him that he loved her, but miracle did not happen, he married Naina, who is equal to his status. She insults him. He thanks her for being true, dreams are never lie, I did love you, I did not had courage to tell you, since I met you, I loved you a lot, I used to dream of you and thought you will marry me. You were heroine for me, today you came to say you are out of my standards and asked me to be happy, I can only thank you, I can wish and pray that whatever you dream, none joke on it and it gets fulfilled. He goes. She says I don’t want your good wishes. Sudha asks Veer to listen to her. Dadi hears them and goes out to stop Veer.

Dadi gets angry and beats up Veer. Pam asks Balraj not to stop Dadi. Dadi asks Veer why did he come now, go out. Veer calls her crazy woman. Dadi says yes, I m a crazy woman, get out, Sudha if you have to support your son, you also get out, Veer will not stay in this house till I m alive. Sudha gets shocked and asks Veer to leave. Veer asks what, mom you are saying this, fine. He leaves.

Naina says Amit did not had courage to keep love, Veer was selfish, and you are worst than them, you are a cheater Raghav. Raghav cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. On that precap, Naina is sure unlucky having dealt 3 blows one after the other. At the moment she thinks she has been cheated and that’s the truth but there’s a silver lining at the same time but in her anger, pain and predicament as she sees it, she doesn’t see that ray of hope. She is supposed to hate Raghav because with that emotion swirling around in her heart, she will fall madly in love with Raghav, with intense hate comes intense passion. Now the tables have been turned in this serial but same concept…it’s mostly the male who marries the wrong woman, now the female has married the wrong man. It’s good to see it from this point. Truth be told, Naina not in a position to complain because she is finding it hard to nail a husband but at the same time, no woman should be faced with that situation, not pleasant, heartbreaking. I know I’m going to sympathize more with Raghav because I know he is genuinely a good man, maybe if it was the other way around, I may not be so sympathetic because in all serials, women are portrayed to be weak and bear all atrocities, instead of fighting for their rights.

    1. Sabrina

      3 blows indeed I hope she realize soon that all this is wats was planned for her… I remember when she was talking to rags abt destiny this is destiny being in charge to bring them together… so glad raghav see sanjana for wat a piece a trash she is.

  2. verona Uganda

    Naina has her angel she just has to see it. by the way what is the title of that song

  3. Chithu

    Raghav is indeed an angel. Naina is clearly upset bit she cannot put entire blame on Raghav. Dadi had clearly explained her that it was her wish n veer had disappointed her. Accusing Raghav as the worst was bad. No one showed the courage of marrying her. Raghav is such a gentleman. Y is Naina this upset. Knowing that Veer is arrogant, money loving and not respecting a woman is simply sick. She must b thanking her god that she hasn’t got married to Veer or her ex. I just hope she accepts Raghav n treat him well.

  4. veer deserves dat

  5. Diane Almeida

    Naina will cool down and see how nice Raghav is. She will see the greedy people and accept him. I hope.

  6. poor naina
    she trusted raghav n he betrayed her

    1. I don’t agree with your assessment. Raghav didn’t betray Naina, tell me how he did that, Aaliya13? Raghav is everyone’s fall guy in that family, even Dadi recently told him to leave the house due to her misunderstanding of an issue. He has been used all his life by that family as if he owes them something and has always been there in their time of need. His grandfather worked for the family so naturally Dadi consider him as their own. When Dadi asked him to save the family ‘s reputation, without a thought as to what she could be asking him for, he swore that he would do what she asked of him. The rest is history…he’s married to Naina now. If Naina was left at the mandap,and no marriage, what would have been her plight? She has a penchant for losing intended husbands it seems, and now she has this indignant attitude that she was cheated….yes she was cheated but not by Raghav, but by Veer. What Naina should realize is that everything happens for a reason and stop making Raghav feel like a criminal, he saved her reputation, for heaven’s sake!!!! Thank goodness that Asha approves of her jamai raja.

      1. Chithu

        U r absolutely right Naz, just think for Naina’s life had she married Veer. Naina should be thanking her stars that she got Raghav. Its absolutely no mistake of Raghav. Veer himself confessed that he was never interested in Naina. Which girl wants a husband like Veer who insults woman.

  7. Hi all, I started watching this show because of Naina’s role in Geet but I am enjoying it very much.
    I feel so sorry for Raghav & yes Naz is right Raghav is the fall guy in the family. Their son can’t do anything – Raghav is the one who does all his office/business work. They need Raghav more in that family than he needs them.
    As for Naina, Raghav was her friend, so why is she angry (I do understand that she was looking forward to marry Veer & she feels cheated) but Raghav did not cheated her instead he saved her from humiliation. I believe that once she has calmed down & knows the full truth she accept Raghav wholeheartedly, love him & be protector of his dignity, which at the moment he hasn’t got. The family treat him badly & keeps calling him a servant. There are some servant that are more trustworthy and loyal than family members.
    I also believe that Asha, Nainas mother is going to be the one that will smooth things between them once she knows what’s going on. She loves Raghav’s character.
    At the time when the grandmother ask for Naina’s hand I thought it was for Raghav as she saw them together at the cafe & witness their sweet interaction. And when she said Veer, I screamed NOoooooo. They are not suited.
    I like Naina & Raghav pairing – long may it last. I can’t wait to see how Naina is going to take on that family for her & her husbands dignity.
    Have a good week all

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