Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khurana laughing and insulting Raghav. He asks Raghav why did he get that idea which is not his own. Raghav asks what are you saying. Khurana says I run a MNC, I never invest in any cheap product and cheap man, this idea which you are presenting, my company bought this patent from Balraj for 20000 euros. Raghav says this is my idea, patent is on my own, how can Balraj sell it to you. Khurana says how sad that helplessness makes a person do anything. Raghav says I will die hungry than stealing other’s work, believe me. Khurana says wow, but sorry this company is not a casting agency, you should try acting.

Raghav says I have made this patent. Khurana says I m smart, I know very well that its not your idea, your face became pale white, why don’t you disappear

like a ghost, go. Raghav says Balraj cheated me, believe me. Khurana asks Raghav to get lost and not come back, this patent is mine. Raghav is taken away by guards.

Naina waits for Raghav. She says maybe investors like the presentation and finalized deal. Raghav comes home. She asks how was the meeting. He says it was such that my life changed. She says I knew you will final the deal. He throws everything and asks her not to pity on him. She cries and asks what happened. He asks her to leave from his life, I don’t have money to manage expenses, why should we wait then, sign this papers right now, you will go to Rajeev’s brother, I can’t fulfill your basic needs, I m a loser, I feel unsuccessful being with you. She says I m getting hurt. He says its more hurtful to stay with me. He tells Balraj sold patent to Khurana, I was kicked out from there, I was called a thief, they made me thief by stealing my idea, don’t pity me, sign the papers, come on. She cries.

He asks her to sign papers. He makes Naina sign papers. She refuses to leave. He asks her to go and not come back. She knocks the door and cries. She thinks I know what is Raghav going through, Raghav is much hurt, Mehra family is creating hurdles, you got frustration out on me, I will not get angry on you.

She says Raghav whatever is yours, I will get that back for you, you deserve this. She sees Veer talking on phone. She goes to scold him. She asks how can you sell idea to Khurana. He admits they have sold Raghav’s idea, Raghav used to work in our office and used our stationery to work, so that idea belongs to us. She scolds him. He does not get affected and says I have to prepare for a grand party. He goes. She records this and says now I will see Veer, who saves you. She leaves from home. She bumps in front of a car. Ahana saves her.

Ahana says you…. are you fine, I will drop you. Naina says I have to tell someone that my husband is not a thief and cheater. Ahana says relax, where will you go alone, come. She introduces herself as Ahana. Naina says I m Naina. Ahana says we met in strange situations, you love your husband a lot, sorry to ask personal question, by concern, not curiosity, how were you so lost that you did not know you are getting run down by a car. Naina shares her problem.

She says some hurdles always come in my life, I love my husband a lot, he is very nice and much talented, his future is on stake, I can’t help him. Ahana asks why. Naina says problems come in everyone’s lives, what to do when obstacles keep coming, I feel so helpless, I can do my life for him. Ahana says I agree problems are part of life, a couple needs surrogate mother, whoever will become surrogate mother will be given 80000 euros, the couple has money, but buying happiness to become parents, tell me will you give your womb on rent, will you do this if needed for your husband. Naina says stop the car….

Ahana says you are misunderstanding me. Naina says no, I have sympathy for that couple, but I did not leave from home to sell my womb, we are helpless, but will not be helpless forever, I have proof, I will prove my husband innocent. Ahana offers lift. Naina says no thanks and leaves.

Naina shows video to Khurana and says Veer confessed to sell Raghav’s patent, Raghav is talented. He says very interesting, but what will I do of this confession, I know Mehras have stolen this from Raghav, but they have sold me this patent, so I can’t do anything, sorry, you came to fight here, come to my office when you take appointment, you have to be selfish and smart to come in business, I will use patent for my profit, about Raghav, if he gets new inventions, ask him to use it, and not send wife here to shed tears. Naina says enough, if you were a good businessman, you would have not made mistake to know talent, Raghav is talented, you can’t buy his honesty in 20000 euros, you think he has sent me here to beg, he does not even know, he does not need me to fight. He says you poor people give much lecture. She says you get blind in ego. She scolds him. He says my guards have thrown Raghav out, I can’t call male guards to throw you out, I should hire female guards, if you are desperate to do business with me, get 20000euros and get Raghav’s patent back.

Naina thinks I won’t let Mehras to ruin Raghav’s hardwork, I will request them. Veer insults Raghav. He asks Raghav to join as servant, your mop invention is right for us. Raghav angrily beats up Veer. They fight.

Raghav says I should return back. Naina says we will succeed. She wipes his tears. Naina says I decided to help you, I m ready to give my womb for rent. She gets shocked seeing Ahana.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So sadsad, I really pity them

  2. OMG, so sad to see them upset… And worried that spoliers will become true it seems… Naina and Ragav has not even proposed their love to each other openly and before that divorce..

  3. Yeah I read in spoiler that naina will become surrogate mother and divorce raghav as she doesn’t think he’ll like her doing it. There will be a leap. Didn’t think they’d divorce. If dadi was ok, maybe this wouldn’t happen.

  4. Nivu99

    sooo sad for raina…. Tq nd congrats writers 4 spoiling such a sweet track. U r just giving a leap nd unnecessary twists to the story. Both have feelings but still u want to seperate them…..!!
    Go 4 it…!! dissapointing

  5. Angelk1

    Whats this about giving up womb? What d

  6. Chithu

    Oh no y the makers are doing so. The show started recently and they r planning a leap. Y does ekta has to spoil each show. We didnt get enough romantic moments woth Raina and suddenly this huge twists and divorce. Y always this surrogacy track shpuld be added to serials.

  7. I loved Adaa Khan as Amrit in Amrit Manthan

  8. Riana

    I dont understand….why ekta spoils her shows showing unnecessary leaps…Now Raghav n Naina will get into a tiff n then seperation!!…Same typical storyline…Seperation is must in balaji….In yhm,kk,Matsh,kasam….all are showing the same…

  9. Due to this story write this serial soon off

  10. On opening 10th February 2017 written update only belt is shown.

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