Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pandit asking Naina and Raghav to put hands forward for the ritual. Naina sees Asha and gives her hand to Raghav. Pandit guides them rituals. Sudha says Veer got saved, thank God he did not marry Naina. Pam says I can’t believe this, Dadi made Raghav marry Naina. Sudha says Raghav used to wear Veer’s worn out clothes, so he married Naina now, whom Veer left. Pam says Dadi has done this, this will be shocking for Chanchal. Its good she did not become our relative. Pandit says marriage is completed. Everyone clap. Rajeev says I will just come. He gets shocked seeing Raghav and thinks Raghav married Naina. He goes to Chanchal. Chanchal says we got rich. Rajeev says we got cheated, groom exchanged, its Raghav instead Veer. She does not believe it and goes to see.

She sees Raghav and gets shocked. She says they cheated us and gets dizzy. He asks are you okay and takes her. She says they cheated us, I will ask Sudha. Sudha sees Chanchal and goes away.

Veer gets bail. The man says Dadi said you can go anyway, as marriage happened. Veer asks what, I m not a puppet, go and tell her, you are also servant, Dadi likes servant, now Naina the waitress came at house. Chanchal and Rajeev get Sudha. Chanchal scolds her for the cheat. Rajeev asks how did groom disappear by magic, you played game by making someone else sit as groom. Chanchal shouts on Sudha.

Sudha scolds them and asks them to see this house and their standard. She says Veer did not wish to marry Naina, go court and get the money for use, Veer has run away, thank God, see your status, drink water. Chanchal gets angry. Naina cries seeing Raghav. Asha cries happily and blesses them. Asha says her dream got fulfilled today. She hugs Naina. Rajeev says they played big game with us, come with me Chanchal.

Naina stops Raghav and says this is not a joke. Asha talks to Zeenu and says Naina is looking beautiful, its said mother’s bad sight affects children first, I came away, I wish everything happens fine. Chanchal says stop Rajeev, mum will get shock. Rajeev says marriage happened with wrong guy. She says marriage is not wrong, we wanted Naina to marry Mehra, even Raghav is Mehra, why to give tension to mumma, marriage has happened now. Rajeev nods. Raghav says I know what you are thinking. Naina says stop it Raghav, where is Veer.

Dadi says I will say it, I did all this to wipe your tears, trust me, I will tell you everything. Madan gets to know about Veer’s bail and tells Sudha. He says if Veer does anything then. She asks him to manage Dadi. Dadi asks Naina to come. Madan talks to Naina and says even Maa is upset and needs rest. Dadi says no, I have to talk to Naina. Madan says you need medicines, come. He takes Dadi.

Everyone congratulate Naina and Raghav. Naina asks Raghav whats happening, where is Veer. Veer comes and congratulates them. He is drink and says wow Naina, you got a good groom, you know Dadi, that old woman, who knows to control us, we are her puppets, she thinks she owns everyone in this house. Raghav says Veer bhaiya please…. Veer asks him to shut up. Veer says how Dadi controls all of them and was asking him to marry a waitress. Sudha asks Veer to stop it.

Veer says everyone will lose property if they don’t agree to Indu Mehra, we do what Dadi says, we can also march for her, we are her puppets, think Naina, can we get married, come on, are you annoyed. He asks Naina to smile and see their pic. He says there is no comparison, what did you think, you are suitable for me. Naina cries. Veer says your innocent eyes, simple lifestyle, sanskaar what should I do of it, I want someone hot, which you are not. Raghav says please Veer bhaiya, Naina’s mum is heart patient, we can talk later. Veer says relation with one and marriage with other, is this your mum’s sanskaar, and Raghav tell truth to Naina, I told him many times I don’t like Naina and don’t want to marry her, Raghav says he is honest, now tell her Raghav.

Naina asks why did you lie that you love me, you messaged me. She shows messages. Veer says when did I say. He laughs and asks Raghav to say truth. He says Naina, Raghav lied, I did not lie, he likes to be Dadi’s puppet, tell truth to your new life. She says you said sorry to me. Veer says that was for property, think how can a guy like you see a girl like you, all that gifts and shayari I will never do that for anybody. Naina sees Raghav. Veer says you both are perfect for each other, Raghav said I like you, he lied, I did not lie, I was never interested in you. Naina asks Raghav is Veer true, I trusted you, you cheated me, how could you do that. Veer says don’t fight, newly wed couple prepare for honeymoon, you both look great together. Sudha sees Asha coming and asks Veer to please come. Veer greets Asha. Asha asks you…. Veer says I m his cousin, and came to wish him, they look good together. Asha asks Naina why are you crying. Naina hugs Asha. Sudha takes Veer.

Asha is glad and blesses Raghav. She calls him angel for them and asks him to take care of Naina. She makes him promise. Raghav promises that whatever he has, wherever he stays, he will keep the wedding vows, he will never hurt Naina. He promises Asha. Asha says promise you will not do wrong and not make Naina do wrong. Raghav says I won’t do wrong and not let wrong happen with her. Asha says you will never break her heart. He says I won’t break her heart. Asha says you will never lie to her. Naina looks at him. Asha gets her husband’s locket and says he said when I get a guy like him for Naina, give this to that guy. He wanted a good husband for Naina, who can become her life partner. Chanchal says your mummy had one locket left and giving to Raghav now. Asha makes Raghav wear locket. Madan stops Dadi. Dadi pushes him and goes out. Madan calls Sudha and tells her to make Veer leave, Maa is coming downstairs. Pam says Sudha will not get place to hide face till I m here. Veer goes to Raghav and Naina again.

Sudha asks Veer to listen. Dadi slaps Veer and beats him. She asks Veer and his parents to leave the house. Veer angrily leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sabrina

    Hahaha emotional episode now naina know wat a low life scumb bag Veer is lol so happy Dadi beats his ass and send them out if the house Hahaha

  2. Wow!!!! Superb episode, can’t wait to see it tonight. It’s a good thing that Asha got to see the true side of Raghav when he was reassuring Dadi that the family comes first and he will do anything to save the family from any problems. So that impression is sealed in Asha ‘s mind, she knows her daughter got a good husband. Chanchal is one greedy b*t*h, glad she got what she deserves, she thinks Naina would be her cash register!!! Lol……and Veer true colors shone today but viewers, I know, that Veer, his parents and that horny girlfriend of veer’s, is going to make much trouble for the newlyweds, they absolutely hate Naina. I think Dadi will show them what stuff she is made off, only if she gives the upholder of family’s honor, what is just due. I know he will treat Naina beautifully, hope she forgives Raghav and appreciates him for the good man he is. Good things come to those who wait… Naina!!!!!! 0

  3. Chithu

    Was a good episode. It was good that veer confessed. She got to c what a loser is veer. He was going on insulting Naina, I felt like slapping him. Good that dadi is sending them out. Let them work hard on the streets. Hope Naina accepts Raghav wholeheartedly. Raghav is real treasure

  4. Nice episode..

  5. SilentReader

    I don’t trust dadi,,,,If Raghav makes another mistake,she will throw them out too,,,,,Naina z gonna struggle alot,,,,

  6. Chithu

    According to latest advt Naina accuses Raghav of cheating. She will not accept him now. Raghav always have to struggle a lot

  7. Angelk1

    Now naina will reject raghav effort to make her happy. Naina please understand raghav.

  8. Amena …..there r some grammatical mistakes yrr…..soo cant understand it properly….pls rectify it

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