Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina shouting on the lady. She says one should learn from you to use any helpless person, my husband is helpless and doing so, I will explain him, I don’t want your money, go and stop him. The lady says listen to me. Naina says sometimes life gets us to such point that we think to sell what we don’t imagine, my husband is talented, he will prove himself, till then I will not let him do this, I m not from such women who stand behind husband, if needed, I can go ahead and stop him, please stop him.

The lady says I m also a patient here, I have no idea what’s happening here, you are mistaken, I just want a solution, no man can give what I want, I m not the one you are finding. Naina gets Raghav’s call and asks where are you. He says I m in meeting.

She says I have to meet you right away, send me address. He says fine and ends call. Naina apologizes to the lady and says I m worried for my husband. He thinks he does not care for me, but I m happy with him, I m sorry. The lady says fine. Naina goes.

She looks for Raghav and says I will not let you take such step. She sees Raghav and runs to him. He asks is everything okay. She hugs him and cries. He asks what happened. She says we decided to go everywhere together. He says yes, but it was urgent work. She says you circled an ad and I got worried. He asks why are you reacting this way. She shows the ad and says I thought…. is this a joke, you did not think I will get tensed, I thought you are going to sell kidney for money. He starts laughing and asks am I going to sell kidney for money, its funny, did you copy and pass, see this ad, I have circled this ad, its print got backside, tell me how did you give marks to your students. He laughs.

He says my state is bad, I m not mad and desperate to give kidney for money, tell me suppose I donate kidney, why are you reacting this way. She says I was worried for myself, if you donate vital organ, who will earn money for me, money is everything, how will we live, I was thinking for myself, not you. He says I have to apologize always, sorry, if I made big mistake, I can take you for icecream treat. She smiles. Kal ho na ho….plays…..

They reach icecream parlor. Naina checks the menu. He asks her to have anything. She asks what will you have. He says I m getting fat, I should diet. She says we will go home and have icecream later. He says I have money, have icecream. She says no, my throat is bad. He thinks its strange, I can’t afford icecream for Naina. The man says if any customer goes without having icecream, its not good, have this new flavor, we serve this in two different bowls, I served this in single bowl for you love birds, love increased on sharing. Naina thanks him. Naina and Raghav eat icecream. Tere naam….plays……… He asks her to get her bag and coat, and takes icecream. She goes after him.

Veer talks to some client and invites him home. Sudha asks why are you spending so much. He says its important. She asks how will this money come. Veer says company account. Balraj says its not magical account, money is to be earned. Pam taunts Veer. Veer says we are all equal in Dadi’s property and business, me and my dad get right to decide, the exotic dancers will come. Balraj says be careful, anything can happen, good luck. They leave.

Sanjana asks Veer is this necessary to call dancers. Veer asks who are you to give me advice, my wife? I would have not heard you even if you were my wife, its my life, go and pack your bag, leave from here if you have any problem. Naina and Raghav come home. She asks him to give icecream. He feeds her. They have a talk and laugh. Sanjana looks at them. Naina asks what’s this sound. He says Dadi is ill, I will go and see. She says I will come. He says no, I can’t hear anyone taunting my wife, I will taunt them back, stay here, I will see Dadi and come.

He goes to Dadi and puts cotton in her ears. He says I can’t see you in this state, I did not feel so helpless before, maybe I m responsible for your state, I wish I was with you that time, I m sure you will get fine, you know I decided to become a successful man and earn much money, you will be proud of me, give me some time, then all my time will be yours.

Sanjana asks Naina how did you get hope ray in darkness, how are you happy when you have nothing, no money, not even electricity. Naina smiles and asks why are you not happy when you have everything, you won’t get smile as you have greed. Raghav comes there. He asks Naina to come. She asks is Dadi fine. He says yes. Naina holds Raghav’s hand and calls him darling. She goes with him. Sanjana looks on.

Naina lights candle at home. Raghav asks him why did you call me darling. She says its not a big deal, did you feel weird seeing Sanjana there. He says you don’t need to… She says everyone says baby, darling, honey just like that. He sits to work. She asks him to have dinner. He says no, just get strong coffee with me, I have presentation with Mr. Khurana, he is owner of MNC, if he invests in my project, our problems will end, I just hope everything goes fine. She says I m sure you will get this deal, you know my handmade coffee was magic. He smiles.

Its morning, Raghav gives his presentation. He thanks Mr. Khurana for giving his precious time. He forwards hand. Mr. Khurana uses hand sanitizer and says its one of the best selling products of our company, its best invention, Mr. Raghav Mehra, are you ill, or are you hungry…. Raghav gets puzzled. Khurana asks what’s wrong with you, your face shows you did not eat anything since two days, are you okay. Raghav says I m fine, I hope you will like my presentation and product. Khurana says I like that presentation, whatever stories you heard about me is true, I not only bark, I bite too. Raghav gets shocked.

Khurana insults Raghav. He asks why did you get that idea to me which is not yours.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. raghab naina scene was good. but sanjana and veer I hate u.waiting for next epi…… scaring precap…..

  2. Shramedh Delkar

    matlab… what is Mr. khurana is going to do with raghav…… i hope all get fine yr….. and adaa is sooo gorgeous…. i just luv her yr..

  3. Nice episode, I really enjoyed it

  4. Nivu99

    awweee loveee…..
    naina nd raghav look sooo adorable… luv them. naina calling darling was soo sweet. but soo sad precap

  5. I thought the patent was raghav’s and he sold it so how can veer and balraj sell it? Thought that’s how he’d get his break.

  6. Not only precap, spoilers are scary too… It’s seems like Naina will help Adha Khan, She will be surrogate mother to help out Ragav a business man in turn.. Ragav and Naina will be separated because of this since Ragav is about to propose Naina and knows her decision on helping Adha Khan and he feels she betrayed him.. The show should would take a leap and Ragav would be rich..

    1. Chithu

      Oh no sathya if this spoiler is true i would be unhappy. I was trilled that all problems are solved Raina were getting closer and Raghav will become successful businessman. I wish they change the plot

  7. Not only precap spoilers are scary too. Naina will help Adha Khan it seems.. Naina will be surrogate mother.. She is doing this help to make Ragav a successful business man. Adha Khan is a business woman and wife of Khurana… But Ragav doesn’t like this and they gonna seperate.. And show will take a leap.. Ragav has not even proposed Naina before that breakup n a leap too… Sad…

    1. All Ekta shows same crap they show, marriage – misunderstanding – either divorce or Leap.
      the sad part is we people still watch these shows for the lead man and lady and get ourselves cheated. poor we 🙁

  8. yes u r absolutely right bhavana.

  9. Nivu99

    friends please check out my raina’s ff and comment..

  10. Nice episode
    But I know ekta spoil it

  11. why does ekta break our hearts so fast

  12. Not so much interesting like all ekta serial same thngs

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