Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pam seeing Naina’s family. She gets shocked seeing Dadi getting Raghav. She says Raghav always comes where he should not, don’t know if he will spoil my game now. Veer is on the way and gets a call. He answers his dad’s call. He says why don’t you all leave me. His dad asks him why did he do this, even I did not wish to marry your mum and run away, where would I run, there is no better world, there is money and privileges here, you wont get this lifestyle easily, its small compromise, money means a lot, if you are not Veer Mehra, you are no one.

Veer says calm down, I m not like you, I m capable, I know Dadi is annoyed and will call me back home. His dad says its not good, I know my mum, Sudha and I have to bear for this, and warns him. Veer says

I don’t want to talk. His dad says you have to pay for this Veer. He ends call and calls police station. Pam goes and hears Raghav. Raghav says Dadi, I did everything but Veer has run away. Pam smiles and says will Dadi faint or scream now, Naina’s groom has run away.

Chanchal shows the pics to Asha. Asha asks her to show Veer’s pics. Pam comes and greets them. Pam says I m Veer’s aunt. She compliments Asha and says I hard you want to meet the groom, please come. Chanchal acts like Pam. Naina and Rajeev laugh. Dadi asks what will I answer, what did Veer do. Raghav asks her to sit and calm down. Pam asks Asha to go and see her groom, he is there with Dadi. Asha thanks her. She goes and sees Raghav with Dadi. She smiles seeing Raghav caring for Dadi and giving her medicines. Asha gets glad and thinks I have no worries now, like he cares for his Dadi, he will care for Naina too. She blesses him and goes. Veer gets arrested by police and asks what are you doing, I m Veer Mehra, I need to call up my home.

Veer calls his dad. His dad scolds him. Sudha asks Veer to please come back and cries. His dad says come back and marry Naina. Veer refuses. His dad says don’t make me helpless, you don’t know what I can do. Veer is taken by taken.

Sudha asks Dadi not to worry, Veer is coming home, Madan and I explained him, he will come and marry Naina. Dadi says its marriage, its a responsibility, Veer is not responsible, he will leave Naina and hurt her heart, what will we do, I did not force him, he said yes for greed of property, but he refused now, Naina’s mum is a heart patient, how will she bear shock, Veer did not get mature, his ego and pride got high, he did not have any emotions, its all business, then lets talk business. I took the decision and now I will pay for it, I will not hurt Naina’s heart by this marriage, now I will decide, break this marriage, Naina will not marry Veer. They get shocked.

Dadi says go and tell Veer’s doings and apologize to Asha. Go and get her curse. Sudha and Madan go to Asha. Sudha says I can’t do this Madan. He sends her. Sudha asks Asha to talk to her. Sudha gets hesitant. Madan says our son has run away and does not want to do this marriage. Asha gets shocked and sees Naina. She says tell this is a lie. Dadi comes smiling and says we are joking, stop it now Sudha. Asha gets relieved. Dadi says come downstairs son. They all get shocked seeing the groom in sehra. Dadi asks Raghav to come. They don’t know its Raghav in sehra. Dadi takes him to mandap and makes him sit. She recalls how she convinced Raghav. She says I wanted to bring Naina in this house, as I needed her, but Naina will not come now. She cries. Raghav says don’t take stress, I m always with you. She asks will you help me in uniting my family, Veer snatched everything, will you give me. He says yes, you always gave me everything, you are asking today, I will give you anything. She asks promise. He says yes, ask me. She says Naina, marry Naina Raghav. He gets shocked. FB ends.

Raghav and Naina exchange the garlands. They sit in the mandap. Chanchal and Rajeev do the ghatbandhan. Chanchal gets dizzy. Rajeev holds her and takes her. He asks are you okay. Naina and Raghav take wedding rounds. Asha happily smiles. Raghav takes mangalsutra and makes Naina wear it. He fills sindoor in her maang and bends other way. Naina gets shocked seeing Raghav through the sehra. He turns back to her. She says Raghav…. He removes the sehra. Everyone get shocked seeing Raghav. Asha hugs Naina and says my prayers got fulfilled, bless you both. She smiles. Naina thinks is this marriage or a joke, mumma is happy, if she knows then, she can’t bear this shock, I have to think something to explain her.

Naina asks Raghav what’s happening, where is Veer, tell me truth, its not a game, its marriage. Veer comes drinking and congratulates them. Naina gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sabrina

    Lol what an episode… so this is how the two got married and now the fun begins both naina and raghav in the house lol

  2. Angelk1

    I hope naina understands and raghav explain he was the one that was sending the messages not veer

  3. Chithu

    I do hope Naina don’t misunderstand Raghav and blame him. Raghav must explain the situation to Naina. I am so happy that Raina marriage happened.

  4. Very nice show I read this show regularly. Thanks for the regular update, Naina is so much shocked because she get marry with Raghav.

  5. I’m sooo glad that raghav and naina got married because veer is such a loser.

  6. Naina doesn’t love Raghav but she’ll eventually fall in love with him. I know he will treat her as a queen but he may have to listen to a lot of insults from Naina and possibly coldness before he finally gets her love. I hope Dadi transfer all the properties to raghav and Naina. Rest of the family is rotten like all the other khandaan on telly. I’m looking forward to seeing Raghav and Naina on their journey in discovering their love for each other. I so love Raghav’s character.

    1. Chithu

      U r right Naz. I too believe dadi must give properties to Naina n Raghav. It was for keeping dadi prestige Raghav agreed to get married

    2. Angelk1

      Thats right, but the family will start drama and probably try kicking naina out the family. Maybe even make veer try separating them. Or the girl raghav love will try using him, when he gets the property. But naina acting was really good today. I was crying with her.

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