Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Chanchal not to worry. Naina says baby is going to come, we should go hospital soon. Raghav and Naina take her. He asks her to take phone. Naina leaves the phones at home. Raghav takes them. The car stops. Chanchal and Naina ask him to start the door, do something fast. Raghav says sorry. Chanchal asks don’t you have any proper car, what sorry. Raghav says we have to call ambulance.

Naina shouts call ambulance, why are you seeing me. They start arguing over missing phone at home. Chanchal cries in labor pain. She shouts them to be quiet. Rraghav says fine, Naina we have to do something, there are some sheets and laundary items in car, there is car and first aid box also. Naina says get it. Raghav says fine, what do you gave. Naina says Maa,

I have Maa’s medicines. Raghav gets the necessary things from dickey. He says we have to find a spot. Naina and Raghav argue. She asks him to find spot fast. He asks her not to shout. He runs to find a spot for delivery. He says we got the spot, come out Naina.

They take Chanchal. Raghav arranges the lights and sheets to cover up Chanchal. Naina and Raghav encourage Chanchal to be strong and push the baby. Chanchal screams. Raghav asks Chanchal to hold his hand tight. Chanchal holds his hand and her nail hurts him. Raghav screams. Naina asks Raghav really… He says how do you guys bear all this. Naina and Raghav shout push and count down. They see….. Naina says baby is born and smiles. Raghav cleans the baby and smiles. Naina smiles seeing him. They sign each other.

Naina shows the baby to Chanchal. Raghav says you got a son. Chanchal kisses the baby. Raghav says Naina, we delivered a baby. Naina says see he is cute and delicate, we got him in this world. He says mum and baby are fine. Naina says they are happy also. He says even we are happy. They hug and smile. Kal ho na ho…..plays………… Naina gets Raghav. She asks Chanchal to give baby to her.

She takes baby in arms and talks. She asks are you missing your Papa. Rajeev asks his friend to keep money for some time. His friend agrees. Cops come and arrest Rajeev for theft. Rajeev says I didn’t steal, who filed the complaint. Cop shows Balraj. Balraj says theft is big crime here, take him. Rajeev says I will not leave him. Cops put Rajeev in the lockup. Rajeev says I m innocent, Mehras framed me, I will not leave you Balraj.

Dadi, Asha and everyone hear Rajeev. Balraj says he has stolen money from our office locker. Asha says it maybe misunderstanding. Dadi calms down Asha. She says I want to talk to Rajeev. Pam asks what’s this. Balraj says let her meet. Rajeev is brought there. Asha asks what did you do. Rajeev says they are liars, I did not do anything. Dadi asks Rajeev did he do theft. Rajeev says they are framing me, Balraj is real thief. Pam asks how dare you. Rajeev says you gave money for jewelry to Balraj, he has hidden it. Balraj asks will I hide from money, that amount is small for me, and big for you. Rajeev says I just know you are thief.

Balraj says fine, let case go on me, I m not scared, what about you, I had put signs on all the notes you have stolen, notes will be checked now, and then it will be clear that you have stolen notes. Pam says look at him now, why is Dadi quiet hearing all this. Sudha says we always agreed to you, we never went against you, you are elder and always showed rights, what’s in this family that you don’t see their mistakes, are they dear than family, Rajeev’s theft crime is proved, why are you hearing his nonsense. Dadi says law will decide about theft, if you are innocent, no need to get scared, else I will not save you, I m owner of Mehra industries, I will not forgive any fraud. Asha cries and says he did not do anything.

Naina takes care of Chanchal. She talks to Asha on phone and says you became grandmum, your grandson has come, why are you crying, where are you. Asha says police arrested Rajeev. Naina asks why. Asha says they are saying he did theft in Mehra office. Naina says no, Rajeev can’t do this. Asha asks her to come fast. Naina says I m coming. Raghav comes and asks what happened. Naina cries and says Rajeev is arrested for theft at Mehras, I have to go there, mum is alone. He says relax, Chanchal and baby are alone, I will go there. She asks what will you do, your family filed case against my family. He says I will help you, I will find some way, trust me. She asks shall I come along, I will ask neighbor aunty to attend Chanchal. He says fine.

Dadi pacifies Asha. Asha says I understand, no need to say anything, mother’s heart does not know right or wrong, Rajeev just became father, he is in jail instead taking baby in hands. Sudha asks Dadi to come and they leave. Raghav and Naina come and meet Asha. Asha cries and asks them to save Rajeev. Naina says don’t worry, where is he, calm down. Asha says he is in lockup, save him. Balraj stops Raghav. Naina looks on. Raghav asks Naina to go, I will come. He goes with Balraj.

Naina says just remember, either a family will break or get saved, what will you do Raghav, support truth or wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    I appreciate the updates but is there anyone to edit it? I can notice a lot of grammatical errors and broken sentences.

    1. Sabrina

      It’s not needed on my end because I can understand clearly …. thank you Amena for posting

  2. Thanks for updating the latest episode…

  3. Story is a bit boring now, too much family circus….. Hoped to see different romantic bonding between the two leads but so much family affairs happening and the essence of newlyweds have gotten lost. Gosh writers, build this couple’s
    relationship first while you incorporate in small doses your various plots and schemes. You have already gotten the ball rolling, give us some bonding time with Raghav and Naina now….no family interference.

  4. Where is Fridays update I’m on holiday here is no Indian channels please update soon

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