Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pam joking about Sudha and talking to Sanjana. Sanjana tells her about her plan what would be showing magic till now. She asks Pam to just wait and watch. Raghav gives his presentation and tells the men about Mr. Genie, which will be a wonderful product. The men praise Raghav and compliment him about his confident look. Raghav thanks them and thinks of Naina. He asks shall I think this deal done. The man gets a call and asks Raghav to go out for a moment. The man says fine Sir, your work will be done.

Sanjana comes to Naina. Naina says I think your family did not teach manners and etiquettes too, you should take permission before entering. Sanjana says Mehras gave you this house in charity. She asks Naina how did she use the curd, I have kept it here when

the fridge in Mehra house was occupied. Naina says oh, so this wine is also yours, why don’t you buy a fridge. Sanjana says its good you used this, this curd is expired. Naina worries as she has fed the expired curd to Raghav. Sanjana asks Naina did you make Raghav eat expired curd, I hope he has anti allergic medicines, don’t you know this being his wife, take care.

Naina leaves from home and calls Raghav. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I m fine, but my face is itching a bit, what, is it abshagun, listen before you get angry, I will tell you, I m joking, my presentation got well, a man praised and clapped for me, Raghav is a star now. Her slipper breaks. She asks where is your meeting now. He tells her place and asks why are you asking, are you taking me on lunch date. She ends call. Raghav is called inside. Naina comes there to meet him. She says how can I disturb Raghav, I will wait here, no his face was itching, I will give him medicines for allergy, I can bear his scolding.

The man says how to tell no to Raghav now. The other man says how can we refuse to Balraj, he is very rich, Raghav came with patent, else we would have snatched his idea. Naina hears this and says Balraj is Raghav’s enemy, I will not let Raghav lose, I will tell him everything. She says I will not leave Raghav alone, and not let Balraj win. She thinks Balraj’s one call ruined everything, but Raghav will approach other company, I m sure he will succeed. She sees Raghav and thinks to become his strength, not his weakness. He says you really came to celebrate my happiness, my presentation was great, I m imp for everyone now, it was so much fun. She hugs him and cries, asking are you saying to keep my heart or explaining yourself. He says there will be many chances. She says stay away from these mean men, don’t go back to them. He wipes her tears and says they really praised me, but changed mind later, you got to know I got rejected, its fine, else success journey will be dull, rejections encourage me. She says I did not know you read my motivational quotes by hiding. He says I think I m ahead of time, they liked my presentation, they did not like my hair.

He jokes on her improper walk. She says my slipper broke, not legs. He says good, this slipper faced to come near my face, this had to end. She says Guru ji, you are saying about this face which is itching, have the anti allergic pills. She comforts him. He checks her purse and gets a pin. Kal ho na ho…..plays……….. He fixes her slipper. She smiles and thanks him.

Pam goes after Sudha. Sudha says this time Raghav solved electricity problem, this time he can’t do anything. Pam talks cheap. Sudha says who said there will be just two people there. Its night, Naina asks Raghav to come and have food. She sees someone outside and asks who’s there. The goon enters the house. She shouts out to Raghav. Raghav comes and beats the man. They fight. Raghav catches the man and asks why did you come here. The man says you just leave the home. Raghav asks who has sent you. The man runs. Naina gets scared and hugs Raghav. She steps on his feet. He walks aside to kitchen and gets water for her. Ka ho na ho…..plays….. He gives her water. She hugs him. He says I won’t let anything happen to you, your stay here in my absence is not safe, you will accompany me in every meeting, everywhere. She hugs him.

Its morning, Raghav and Naina go together. He gives his presentation at many offices. Tere naam…..plays…………. He thinks of something and leaves from home. Naina gets coffee and thinks where did he go alone. She checks newspaper and kidney requirement ad circled by him. She says no, I won’t let you do this. She rushes to hospital and calls Raghav. He answers. She asks where are you. He says I m busy. The lady asks him to go to room no. 3. Naina hears this and thinks I won’t let Raghav take this step. She runs to that room and hears a lady, saying I don’t know any rules, try to understand my helplessness, I will pay as much as you want. Naina goes to her angrily.

Raghav says Balraj and Veer sold patent to Khurana, I was kicked out from there and made me thief by stealing my idea. Naina cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I thought spoiler said raghav will sell his patent, so why does precap say veer and balraj sold it? I’m sure naina will solve this.

  2. Nice episode… They both looks cute and refreshing but terrible precap Couldn’t see both of them upset..

  3. Shrabanti De

    the lady is none other than adaa khan…… yupieeee…. its going to be so much fun….

  4. Nivu99

    The episode was sooo nice. They have become each others support very well.
    soo sad precap

  5. I HATE YOU BALRAJ AND VEER!Precap is a bit sad.

  6. Now ekta kapoor is spolinig this show also she will make naina aa surrogate mother but raghav will not know that and when he come sto know he will scold naina and get sperated this is the fate of ekta kapoor shows where husband and wife doesnt stay together even for a year i dont know why naina wants to become surrogate mother just to make raghav rich

  7. Nivu99

    friends please check out my ff and please comment it. that would mean a lot to me

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