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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav crying and leaving from home. He goes to catch the train. He sees Veer and says Veer here at this time. He calls out Veer. Veer says you here. Raghav asks what are you doing here, alone, where is Naina. Veer says I m fed up of Naina, I can’t marry, I m going. Raghav says no, I can’t let you go, come home. The train leaves. Veer gets angry. Raghav says you broke marriage, what did Dadi do. Veer says no one knows it at home, I m happy about it. Raghav says Naina’s marriage broke before, if it breaks now, she will shatter. Veer asks him to marry Naina, they both are same, helpless and shattered, Dadi wanted me to marry Naina and control my life, tell Dadi that Veer run away, but how will you say, you are kicked out. Raghav says please don’t go and holds

him. Veer says leave me and pushes him. Veer runs. Raghav runs after him.

Dadi goes to Veer’s room and asks him to wear gold chain. She looks for him. Sanjana gets a note to give to Veer. She goes to his room and thinks he is in washroom. She says I m glad I got you alone here, I hope you liked what happened yesterday, thanks for accepting me, if Dadi did not come in between then, why to delay now, come out and we will continue the work. Dadi comes from washroom. Sanjana gets shocked. Dadi gets angry and says Veer’s marriage has just one hour, you are after him, is this love, so it was your mistake, not Raghav’s. Sanjana says fine, blame me for Veer, don’t link me with Raghav, I know you dislike me, think anything, I don’t care, I have some standard, I don’t let any servant like Raghav come close, he did not do anything, how dare he love me, I explained him well, now he won’t come close. She goes. Dadi cries and recalls beating Raghav and making him leave from home.

She goes out and looks for Raghav. Pam and Sudha welcome Naina. Pam asks where is Chanchal and Rajeev. Chanchal says don’t worry, I will always appear when you think of me. Dadi comes and blesses Naina. Sudha and Pam ask Ira about Veer. Sudha tells Pam that Veer went somewhere. Chanchal thinks whats fishy, I have to find out. Chanchal asks can I help you. Pam answers Chanchal and asks her to take Naina. Naina asks is everything fine. Chanchal says yes. Dadi asks Chanchal to come. Chanchal says I will just take some rest and get fine, its aches happening in pregnancy. Pam says we should be alert, Chanchal hear us. Sudha says we have to find out about Veer. Chanchal asks Naina not to worry. She goes to Rajeev and says see there, Mehra family has some problem. Dadi says no, Veer can’t do this. Pam says Veer is not answering, its serious. Chanchal asks Rajeev to find out. Rajeev says they will insult me.

Chanchal asks Ira about the meeting. Ira says its regular rasam, we usually do meetings and talk. Pam tells Dadi that you forced Veer to marry, he was not willing to, he decided and run away, children don’t understand, we are in problem. Dadi asks her to call Raghav. Pam says what will he do, he would have sat in flight. Dadi says no, he will sense my problems, he will not go, find him, I will find him. Naina is taken to the mandap. Dadi goes and sees Asha coming. Asha is glad meeting Dadi and thanks her. She surprises Naina. Naina gets glad and hugs her.

She thanks Dadi for calling Asha here and giving her surprise. Asha says thanks is a small word, she saved my life and gave you a new life. Naina thanks Dadi and calls her an angel. Dadi asks her to show the house to Asha, the wedding still has time. Naina smiles and thanks her. She goes with Asha. Ira calls Veer. Sudha takes her to room. Ira asks why are you troubling me, you told me not to lose temper, why are you angry. Pam smiles. Sudha asks Pam where is Veer, Ira is not telling me. Ira says even if he told me, why will I tell you, I m not selfish, you don’t care for Veer like I do. Sudha scolds Pam for encouraging Veer to run away. Pam says I made him run away, not kidnapped him, and jokes on Sudha. Sudha drops the juice glass and taunts Pam.

Raghav gets Naina’s call and says what shall I tell you, how to find Veer and get him for you. Naina sees Asha happy and thinks happiness came because of Raghav, where is he, what is the work he went for, he did not tell me. Asha asks Naina not to look tense, smile or get shy, how is Veer. Naina says he is the best, his thinking and words won my heart, I was not going to marry him by first impression, I misunderstood him, I did not like him, but whatever is happening now is because of Raghav, Raghav knows people well, when you meet Raghav, you will also like him, he was my first friend here, he is not here, when he comes, I will make you meet him, I felt Veer will not agree for this marriage. She praises Raghav who made her agree for marriage.

She sends a voice message to Raghav and asks where did he go, when he says he is her best friend. She says Dadi gave me big gift, my mum is here for my marriage, I m happy and finding you, I will give all updates till evening, when you land, you will get more voice messages, come back soon, you know when I get confused, I read Veer’s messages, I feel all is okay, you are responsible for this, thanks for showing me right way. She blesses him that he gets all happiness of the world, someone who loves him and respects him, as he deserves the best girl, I miss you, come soon. Raghav hears her message and cries. Kal ho na ho…..plays………….


Naina and Raghav get married. She sees his face through sehra and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today’s epi was heart touching….but precap…most of the Hindi serial marriages were same as this….why repeating the same concept…but the epi and serial goes awesome….the writer and the casts portraits the emotions superbly and touchingly.

  2. guys…I m new to this site..

    1. Sabrina


    2. Chithu

      Welcome Aarav

  3. Sabrina

    So happy saajana finally tell Dadi truth I think Dadi is the one to put raghav there. As she finally realize her mistake… hope veer ends up eating out of raghav and naina hand

  4. Chithu

    Dadi must feel bad. Think think how much Raghav is hurt by dadi’s words. She brought him ip and not trust him little also.

  5. Chithu

    Wow cant wait to see the marriage of Raina. They make a cute couple together. Only hope that Naina don’t misunderstand Raghav

  6. Angelk1

    About time. But I think she will be upset with him for lying, but will understand later. Hope so

  7. Hi guys I’m new to the site. I think it’s a slight copy of the film pardes too, but must say raina makes a great couple. Love them both ?

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