Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Naina telling her mother about her divorce. Her mother asks the two of them to stay here for the night . She feels they were inconsistent. They suddenly decide to get married, with in a month they want to divorce. Maa calmly asks them not to disturb her at night, but think over it all night and tell her in the morning .

Chanchal and rajbir and worried that they might be discovered, they are scared that their stolen money will be discovered under the mattress. Chanchal asks rajbir to make sure he sleeps on that bed and no one else.

Naina and Daadi have a chat over Skype / video chatting and they discuss how to handle Naina raghav matter.

At night naina discusses her troubled marriage with Chanchal.

Both Naina and Raghva are sleepless.

He thinks of her accusations and her betrayal.. while Naina thinks of his betrayal. She is in tears. They notice each other and feel sad.
Sad BG song plays …’ Kal ho na ho …”

In the morning, Maa is busy with chores, naina is making aloo puri , raghav is reading the news paper. Chanchal asks Naina to make it spicy as she loved spicy. RaIna have eyelock. Naina remembers Raghav did not like chillies. She adds extra chillies.

At BF table Raghva chokes and coughs over the spicy aloo puri.. Raghav shares he could not tolerate Chillies, maa scolds her for adding chillies when she knew he could not tolerate, naina says bhaabhi wanted it spicy. Maa asks her to feed him honey as remedy for the chillies. Raina face off continues.

Raghav says if she really w anted divorce he would meet lawyers and get the papers ready. Naina says she is independent and she could do it too.

Next morning Rajbir is packing all the stolen money at home, chanchal is worried where he would hide all this cash, rajbir thinks of hiding it at his trusted friend’s place.

Daadi speaks to Raghav over their divorce, he says he was not going to impose the wedding on her. If she wanted to walk out, live independently he would let her go. Daadi is unhappy. She calls up Naina’s mother and they decide to do something to reunite RaIna.

At her bhaabhi’s home Naina is worried that her bhaabhi was getting severe pains. Naina gets worried and wants to call bhaiya but bhaabhi insists she should not disturb him. Bhaabhi thinks that he was busy stowing away their cash he should not be disturbed. Chanchal gives Naina a nasty mouthful for calling bhaiya again n again, she insists she call Raghav instead. Naina reluctantly calls Raghav. He agrees to come and help out. After some nerve wracking moments of Naina and chanchal, Raghav arrives and helps them reach the hospital.

Precap: Naina is distraught as she informs worried Raghav that her brother had been arrested for stealing money from Mehra office.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Awesome!

  2. greedy chanchal and her husband shold be sent to jail. raghav will have to save them now. idiots

  3. I don’t think raghav should help them but he will, maybe this will teach them a lesson. I hope whilst this is happening raghav and naina realise that it’s veer and sanjana’ plan to create misunderstanding between them.
    The only serial as well as naamkaran that’s good to watch. Others have far too many plotting, stupid storylines and dragged tracks.

  4. Awesome. Lovely serial. It does not drag for long.

  5. Oh no ! Always insulting raghav .Idiotic serial.My poor arjun is suffering a lot.

  6. Chithu

    Rajeev must be locked away in jail for long time. Even in delivery pain cha cha thinks only abt money. How greedy is that. I hope dadi n asha succeeds in uniting naina and raghav.

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