Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav saying I m not Lord, I m a bad man, I don’t need to become my child’s fraternity, I know its my child. Dadi agrees with him. She asks Sudha and Pam to spit poison somewhere else. Khurana says Raghav is not poor, he has become famous businessman, this news will be known to media, everyone will know it, Naina can’t answer everyone, Raghav should get DNA test done, I would have done this as I won’t keep my ego in front of wife’s respect. Raghav says I don’t care if anyone say anything. Sudha says now everyone will doubt. Dadi says Khurana is right, get tests done. Khurana asks Raghav to get tests done, I will call doctor, test will happen at home.

Harjeet asks Lord to help her, as she can’t act to love Khurana, his child is safe in Raghav’s

house, just I can kill the child. Pam calls her and gives news. She says Ira and Armaan’s marriage will happen now, Dadi woke up and now Raghav’s black deeds will come out, Dadi will beat him. Harjeet asks her to talk straight. Pam says Dadi will know Raghav is lying about the child, Khurana has provoked Raghav for DNA test. Harjeet gets shocked. Pam says Raghav has to confirm that Naina’s child is of Raghav, but the child is not of him, let truth come out, Raghav will be beaten up, our family will be one, Raghav’s rule will end. Harjeet ends call. Pam says I think she fainted hearing good news. Harjeet says no, this can’t happen, how did Khurana go there, why is he like Shani for my Grahs, he can’t know Naina has his child, I will kill that child.

Naina asks Raghav why did he say this. He asks what would I do, Sudha and Pam were trying to give shock to Dadi. She says when reports come, what will you do, doctor will come to take your samples, and you are having wine here, you men don’t take anything seriously. He says this happened because of Khurana, he got after you knowing you are pregnant, that day he got sweets, he is acting clever, what is he planning, and why, what does he want from your child. She thinks of Khurana’s words. She says we have to make reports fine, I have a way.

Naina says I can’t get this test done, its harmful for baby. Dadi says then we should not do this, we can’t risk baby’s life for clearing some people’s doubt. Sudha says as you wish. Khurana says don’t worry, baby has no risk, Naina does not need to go for any tests, we can have her reports from doctor, there are many ways to have tests, Raghav has to give tests. Raghav jokes on him having medical knowledge. Khurana says you can also have knowledge. Doctor says Khurana is right. Sudha says its good way to shut our mouths. Naina says I won’t risk my baby to shut anyone’s mouth. Khurana says test is not yours, its of Raghav. Raghav asks him to leave, its our family matter. Khurana apologizes to Dadi. He says I just said all this for you, if there is doubt in heart, its tough to clear it. Doctor says its not of mum and baby’s test, we just need father’s sample.

Khurana thanks doctor. He says fine, I will leave then, bless me Dadi, Raghav you will give your sample. Raghav does not shake hands. Khurana applies sanitizer and says I will shake hands sometime else. He goes.

Raghav worries. Naina comes and asks him to give samples. He asks do you know what sample do they need. She says I have read science, give the sample. He tells her what sample they are asking. She says oh. He says why did you lie to Dadi about the baby. She says you wanted to argue with Khurana, now go, why are you saying me. He asks baby to stay in womb, your mum is mad. She says yes, but your dad is crazy. He asks her to go, I have to give tests. She says I don’t have any interest to chill. She says there is petal in your hair and removes it. He asks will you make me bald, you idiot. She says sorry, I was taking flower and got hair. He says wait, and checks on net. He says yes, I knew it, Khurana and doctor think they are smart, hair can also get DNA test done. She says really, I got your hair. They argue. He goes. She laughs.

She says he is worse than kids, baby you don’t worry. Dadi comes to her. She says I should have not agreed for that test, I was shutting Sudha and Pam’s mouth, I insulted you. Dadi says I got all the useless children, I know you are Raghav can’t lie to me, the baby got me back, Naina trust me, I have always believed you, there is none true than you. Naina feels guilty. She says I don’t deserve this respect. They cry. Naina hugs her.

Ira gets Zeenu to jail and shows Armaan. Zeenu gets angry. Ira asks her to think about him, we were going to get married, you think he is a good, he is not. She signs Armaan. He also apologizes. He says my mum and elder brother spoilt me, now I want to change, please help me, I did mistake, I m very sorry. Ira asks Zeenu to decide, will she separate lovers, just Dadi talks to me well, we have family problems, I tried to get friendly with you, please help. Zeenu agrees. Ira hugs her. Ira and Armaan smile.

Naina talks to her baby and cries. She says your mum has made many sacrifices to bring you to world, I can’t give you to your bad father, he will make you away from me, but we will manage, I m with you. She packs her bag. Raghav comes and asks what happened, where are you going. She says I m leaving from here. He asks why. She says you are asking me, we lied to Dadi, Dadi came out of coma, it seems Lord answered all our prayers, Dadi came back because of this baby, she will break down on knowing truth, we can’t tell lie to her. He says its not that. She asks did you not think of Dadi, she sacrificed her life for children, who always lied to her, she got a new life, I can’t let my child happen the reason for any shock to her, Dadi is like Lord for me, we can’t lie to Lord. He says don’t compare yourself with everyone, they lied to Dadi for money, you lied for Dadi’s life, baby gave new life to Dadi, why should I let baby go away from Dadi, I won’t. She says what if truth comes out. He says I will manage the doctor, just be normal, don’t let Dadi doubt. He wipes her tears.

Harjeet says get my entry in Raghav’s house. Armaan asks why. She says its my backup plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina! Just tell Raghav the truth! He’s the only one who can save the baby now.

  2. Sathyaa

    OMG, it’s keep messing up… No positive or good events..

  3. Chithu

    Y Naina still keeping mum. She should tell everything to Raghav. If she tells truth their relationship will become more strong atleast she should tell dadi the truth. I though Zeenu or Dillo might tell Raghav but nothing happened all these days.

  4. They are dragging it too much,I don’t know the time the truth will be out

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