Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Raghav what happened. Raghav gives his phone. Veer reads message and says oh my God, this is so embarrassing, I did not wish to see this, I hope family does not notice this, this is not her first message, she has sent many messages, I allowed her to message as she was heartbroken, but she got desperate, I was happy seeing you two but she is messaging again, she married you by mistake, she is hurt, I m sorry, we will work later. He goes. Sanjana stops him. Veer says we will see how enmity begins between Naina and Raghav.

Raghav thinks Naina misses Veer even now, but I did not feel so, maybe she shows that in anger, she may get helpless by heart. He recalls Veer’s words. He thinks of Naina’s words and says she did not wish to go out with me,

she agreed for Dadi’s sake, so does she miss Veer, my marriage was not arranged with her, maybe she is sad, I should not feel bad, why am I feeling bad.

Naina talks to Asha on phone and says I m part of big lie, I can’t do this, everyone knows Sanjana is not pregnant, they are fooling Dadi to get Veer back, Dadi is dreaming about baby, when she knows truth, how to manage her. Asha says such big lie is wrong. Naina says Sanjana knows I can’t tell this to anyone, she taunts me. Asha says I know you care for Dadi’s health, tell Raghav, he is your husband. Naina says I can’t tell him, he loves her, I mean he loves this family. Asha says you are part of that family too, go and tell Raghav, your heart will get light. Naina says fine, I will call you later. She ends call.

Raghav comes. He sees towel kept on bed. Naina gets hot coffee for him and asks where did you go. He says I can do my work, I can take care of myself. He takes other towel. She says I have to tell something, its sensitive. She thinks to tell about messaging Veer. She says its tough to believe but Sanjana is not pregnant. He gets shocked and asks what. She says yes, she is fooling Dadi. She says she told me that she is not pregnant, she did this game to get Veer back home, she is doing big acting for money, characterless. He says you don’t know what’s character, you are blaming Sanjana, you did not think anything. She says I m saying true, marriage reason is a lie. He says marriage is true, there are limits, I married you and did not cross any limits, let Veer go ahead, no need to come between them. She asks what. He says you started by blaming Sanjana.

She says Sanjana is your first love, so you don’t find faults in her. He says you will blame me now. She says you don’t see her lies, you are blind in lies. He calls her liar. She says I don’t lie. He says I just lied to marry you, then I never lied, I m not blaming anyone, so you are saved. She calls him blind and deaf, and says I can’t stay with you. He says don’t make excuses, I thought you are better than Sanjana, atleast she is marrying one she loves. She says I can’t stay with you, I thought to spend my life with you. He says you broke my trust. She says fine, I will leave then. She packs her bags.

He asks her to pack and goes. She asks him not to call Asha, I will manage her. She leaves. Raghav goes and stops her. He gives her the dupatta. Dadi looks on. Naina says you think a lot about me. Veer and everyone see Naina leaving and smile. Dadi stops Naina and asks what happened. Raghav says she is leaving home. Dadi asks why. Naina says ask Raghav, he knows a lot, I came in this house on your saying and accepted this house, forgive me, let me go. Dadi says no, I won’t let you go. Naina apologizes. She cries and goes. Dadi signs Raghav to stop her. She asks Raghav to go after Naina. Raghav says let her go, if she is unhappy, why to stop her. Dadi asks are you arguing with me, go and stop her. Sudha says trouble in paradise and smiles.

Naina walks on road and cries. Raghav stops her and asks her to come with him, he will drop her. She refuses to go with him. She asks him to leave her hand. He says Dadi told me to get you. She says stop it Raghav. He makes her sit in the car. She scolds him. He holds her hand and says I get adamant for few things, Dadi asked me to drop you, sit quiet. He drops her to Asha’s house. Asha gets shocked seeing Naina with the bag and asks what happened.

Naina hugs her and cries. Asha consoles her. Naina says I came back. Asha asks what, but why. Naina says I can’t stay with Raghav in this marriage, I want to end this marriage, I want divorce. Asha gets shocked and asks what happened. Naina says my patience broke, Raghav insulted me. Raghav comes and says there is nothing like that. Naina asks will you decide this now. Raghav says Naina wants to… Naina asks what did I want. Asha says wait, I will ask Naina. Naina says we want to live our life separately, Raghav is not happy, he has his own dreams, urs good to end marriage chapter. Asha asks is marriage any chapter or game, if you both decided, what’s need to spoil my sleep at night, you would have come in morning. Rajeev and Chanchal come and ask what happened. Asha says nothing, they both want divorce. Rajeev and Chanchal get shocked.

Dadi asks Raghav to save marriage. Raghav says its forced marriage, I can free her and do this for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is this naina and raghav’ plan or are they really going to separate?

  2. Both Raghav and Naina are blo*dy bullshit idiots. Chee

  3. Powerful acting Raghav

  4. Nandana

    I think some thing fishy is there with asha to solve this as she is talkoing very simply about divorce ..

  5. Sabrina

    Hmmm Idk wat to think too.

  6. i think maybe dadi and asha are working together on this.

  7. @fan I think you maybe right. Let’s see. Hope dadi finds out about sanjana soon and raghav doing veers presentations.

  8. For the first time on Indian serials, a bahu actually walked out of her marital home. That’s some real stuff that happened here. What I mean is, that usually bahus are taught never to leave their marital home under no circumstances but only when they die. So it was strange to see Naina packing her bundle for the umpteenth
    time but this time however, she really left. I want to see how brave she is now, to walk back in. The scenes between Raghav and Naina today seems like a shot out of reality. I enjoyed the episode.

  9. What d hell….. Naina-Raghav getting separate…. Y always bad wins…
    Let naina-raghav know actual truth.. And should teach a lesson for veer and sanjana.
    @fan. Yeah u may be right.. Dadi and Asha ji..will clear Raina…misunderstanding’s

  10. I think Raghav acting is very childish. he does not act like a grown man.

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