Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Naina what is she doing here, where is Raghav. Naina says he had urgent office work, I told him I will go home. Dadi says I told him to keep meeting with Veer later. Naina says he was not with Veer, he is with Sanjana, but I m sure it will be imp work. Dadi gets angry. Naina says you come home. They leave. Raghav meets Sanjana. Sanjana says I could just call you, I have to get heels repaired, its my fav shoes, you know the shop, you will do this right, I m sure you will.

Raghav says you gave me 12 missed calls, I did not answer, did you not understand I have no time, after 8, my time is of me and my wife. She asks did you forget me soon and fall in love with Naina. Raghav says you were my first love, now responsibilities changed, now Naina is

my responsibility, you are going to become my Bhabhi now, thinking anything is wrong, I m ready to do your work as you are going to get related to this house, remember the limits of relations. Naina left her everything and came here, whatever happened is because of me, I took her on dinner, I had to leave her alone for you, I thought there is emergency, but it was not, don’t do this again. She asks him to end lecture and get heels repaired. He says I will do this, but remember, don’t call me after 8pm, make me do work in office hours. He goes. She says I will remember this and you also.

Raghav sees Dadi and says you here. Dadi beats him and asks Naina not to come in between. He asks what did I do. She says you left Naina alone, where did you go. Raghav says I went for imp work. Dadi asks what imp work, did you go to save someone’s life, tell me, what was imp than dinner with wife. Naina turns away.

Dadi says I have to give something to Naina. She gives the stick to Naina and says this is my husband’s stick, I m giving this to you today. Raghav asks why. Dadi says Naina will beat you by this stick, Naina beat him and remind him of me. She goes. Raghav apologizes to Naina and asks why did Dadi do this, you also beat me now. Naina goes to washroom and cries. Raghav says I was joking, sorry, say something.

Sudha says I made brilliant plan, Veer planted doubt between Raghav and Naina. Pam praises Sanjana. Sudha and Pam tell how Dadi has beaten Raghav. Sanjana says we should celebrate, why don’t we go on date, I helped you in making Raghav and Naina away. Veer says we will celebrate, but plan just started, Raghav and Naina did not get separated, so step ahead as every step will get you to me. They go. Pam asks Sudha to see how Veer is behaving rudely with Sanjana. Sudha says they have a condition, they show love like this. Pam and Sudha argue.

Raghav says Naina is still in bathroom, what happened to her. He sees news of wife committing suicide after fight with husband. He says no, why will Naina do this. He rushes to Naina and asks her to open the door, else I will have to break the door. Naina washes face. He says I m breaking door okay. She goes to open door. He runs inside to break door. She holds him and they reach near the wall. The shower tap opens by her hand. They have an eyelock. Tenu itna mai….plays…. They start arguing. He holds her. Her hair gets stuck in his locket. They have sweet moments. Dadi and everyone come there. Dadi claps and smiles. Raghav stops the shower. He says door was shut, I had to break it and…. Sudha says we worried hearing scream and you are doing this. Dadi teases this. Veer says Raghav, much passion, carry on, we will come later, I have to talk about work. Pam says we will leave. Dadi asks them to continue. Raghav and Naina free the hair from locket. They all go.

Naina goes to change. Sanjana asks her did you know the truth, I mean there is chemistry with someone else, and person imagines the first one and romances with second one. She says I was Raghav’s first love. She upsets Naina. Naina goes. Sanjana gets Naina’s phone and says I will message Veer from this phone, this is our plan. Raghav goes to Veer. Veer teases him and asks shall we work later. Raghav says no, we will talk of work. Veer gets message and says its irritating, people text me anytime, my demand gets high at night, check the message and read it for me. Raghav checks Veer’s phone and sees Naina’s message. Sanjana texted from Naina’s phone – I miss you Veer, I wish we united, I loved you. I married a wrong man, I miss you. Raghav gets shocked.

Naina calls Raghav blind and deaf. She says I can’t stay without you. She goes and tells Asha that she can’t stay with Raghav, she wants to end this marriage, she wants divorce. Asha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think asha will make naina realise what raghav is and what he has done. Why is it in all serials the women are shown dumb? Can’t think that someone maybe plotting against them. Hoping raghav and naina will realise this.

    1. Sabrina

      Ugh I know… why why I guess it’s cus it’s a serial and they have to have these drama

  2. In precap it says naina tells raghav that she can’t stay without him but tells asha that she can’t stay with him!

  3. Ufffff… Raghav and Nina got trapped in veer and sanjana’s evil plan…

    As in precap I feel Nina will learn asha why raghav left her at restaurant. And meet Ash.

  4. Angelk1

    Asha will tell naina why raghav left. An naina will have to apologize an realize someone is trying to set them up

  5. @Angelk1 – I hope this happens too and they give them both a fitting reply.

  6. I rili hope that Naina finds out y Raghav left her at the restaurant and also to realise dat they are being set up.

  7. in this serial.. naina always pack bags & unpack bags………. from starting.. 🙂 so funny

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