Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lawyer reading Dadi’s will in front of Mehra family. He reads Dadi’s will is to distribute everything to all family members equally, I want to give outhouse to Raghav Mehra, but my will will be distributed to my family members when Raghav accepts my gift. Sudha says it means till Raghav accepts outhouse, we will not get anything.

Naina says what’s wrong. Raghav says why willi go back there. Naina says for Dadi’s sake, Dadi needs us, if we stay there, we can take care of Dadi, if anything happens to her. He stops her from saying. She says please come back and sign on those papers. He nods.

Sudha and Pam argue for petty things. Veer says leave it, I want new diamond watch, I have to look good. Balraj says stop it, Raghav did not read document

and signed without reading, we got all property, if he read, he could have asked for big amount. Sudha says Raghav does not use to take advantage of any situation for his motives. Naina comes and says you said right. She sees Dadi. She scolds Sudha and everyone for using people for their greed. She says you can’t understand Raghav, I will keep coming here to see if you are taking care of Dadi. Pam insults her. Naina says its last time you are saying this to my husband. Pam asks will he get equal to us. Naina says please, he is higher than you. Pam asks how, will he launch himself from outhouse. They laugh.

Pam says you both spent the night in car yesterday. Sudha says be thankful to have roof over head. Naina says give me one month, I will make Raghav stand equal to you, this is my challenge. Sudha blesses her. They argue with Naina. Sudha says I can’t wait, I want to see how a servant matches to master’s level in one month, wish you all the worst. Naina goes. Sudha says we should help them. Pam likes the idea.

Raghav talks to someone and says this is my invention, it will bring big change in household cleaning, I have the patent also, thanks, I will meet you tomorrow with presentation. Naina comes and sees Raghav hiding a box. She asks what are you hiding. He says nothing, I was cleaning sofa. She cleans the kitchen and cooks food. She asks him to go and freshen up. He goes. She checks that box and gets some machine. He comes back and asks her what are you doing, don’t to become spy. She asks why did you hide. She gets scared by power failure and falls on him. They have an eyelock. Tere naam……plays….. He asks were you spying. She says I will spy till you stop hiding things. They go out and see light in Mehra mansion. Raghav says we will see. Veer says I have cut the electricity, now no heater, lets see how Raghav and Naina bear the cold. Sudha says let the torture begin.

Raghav checks fuse box. Naina shouts careful. He says you check then, its fine here. She asks who has cut this wire. He says it may have got loose, it won’t be cut, give me tool box. He fixes the power issue. Power comes. They go back to outhouse. Naina asks Raghav what’s this. He says its electronic mob, its my life’s work, its very efficient, it has self cleaning feature and has low maintenance, it can get charged by solar energy too, I made it, I m going tomorrow to give presentation, I did not wish to higher your hopes, so I did not tell you. She says my hopes got higher, as all women will get this gift soon, can you give me a demo. He says of course.

Raghav gives her demo. He switches on the power and gets electric shock. She thinks someone damages the plug points too. Raghav falls down and flour box falls on him. She switches off the switch. She makes him smell the slipper. He gets conscious and asks why are you making me smell slipper. She laughs. He says I was going to die, you are laughing. She says your hair became like porcupine. He goes and sees himself in mirror. He says look at my hair, how will I go for presentation this way. She says relax, freshen up, I will clean the room with your super awesome mob. He makes an upset face. She asks did you give the mob any name, I will call it genie. He says I wish you also get shock so that I get entertained. She throws cushion on him. He says girls’ aim is never right and laughs. He goes. She cleans the room.

She asks why did you wear grey shirt. He jokes. She says remove it and spoils. She says you should look a winner, grey color shows you are desperate for that job. She throws the grey shirt and gets a red color shirt. She says red color signifies confidence, you will feel confident and look hero. She makes him wear it. He says I feel confident now and gets close to her. He asks her to give her yellow dupatta which would match well with it. She smiles and goes. He says this hair are not getting set. She asks what happened. She makes him sit. She pulls iron table. He asks what are you doing. She says I m setting your hair. He asks what? She asks for towel.

She asks him to sit. He refuses. She asks will you go this way as porcupine, I used to set everyone’s hair in college this way. He says you are going to burn my hair because I gave you divorce papers. She says no, bald head will be small punishment for divorce papers, sit quiet now. She sets his hair. She does his tilak and says your presentation will go well. He thanks her. She gets curd and says curd should be eaten before doing good work, its a good shagun. He forwards hand. She feeds him curd. Kal ho na ho…….plays….. She says your hands would have got spoiled. He says of course, I will go and come. She wishes him all the best. He leaves.

Sanjana asks did you make Raghav eat expired curd. Naina hears people disliking Raghav’s presentation. She gets sad. Raghav meets her and says my product is revolutionary. She cries and hugs him, asking is he saying this to keep her heart or explain himself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shrabanti De

    such a nice episode it was…. may they romance more than this… but i have a doubt… veer has told to every companies not to hire raghav… then how will raghav will get job….??

  2. Yes I read that in spoiler too. Raghav and naina will sell the patent which will earn them lots of money.

  3. super episode???? I can’t control my laugh when Naina, uses her slipper to wake up Raghav ….. cute pair…. cute Raghav??? gud going

  4. In the car when they are sitting it is right handsterling wheel inAustria they use left hand

  5. Episode is full of rains chemistry
    I loved it…… It is so nice and funny

  6. Hi, Today’s episode was sweet.. It seems like Adhar Khan going to join this show as a business woman.. Ragav will get a job in her company and soon she will fall for him. I think she gonna do the same here as she did in Nagin…

  7. Nivu99

    nice episode…. raghav finally will stand on his own legs
    even ada khan 4rm naagin is joining them it seems and she will play role of a glamorous buisness women


    Emotional episode


      With challenge and fun…

  9. I love Raina.

  10. Lovely episode. Superb acting by Naina and Raghav.

  11. Hi all
    Beautiful episode
    Great chemistry between Raina
    The Mehras are so petty
    I wish they didn’t have to go there to live but I guess it makes for interesting viewing.
    Can’t wait to see their love blossoms
    Can’t wait to see Raghav’s success
    Above all
    Can’t wait to see sudha, Pam and all fall to their feet.
    I am happy for one thing Raghav now knows their true feelings for him.
    I hope Dadi comes out of coma soon

  12. The second half was really funny with Raghav’s antics. Too cute they both are when they are kidding around. Not looking forward to another love triangle though.

  13. I really like today episode is sooooo funny

  14. Hi friends I am new to this group &I love the acting of naina & ragav

  15. Hi every1 here Am Asthma
    Am new here
    Romantic episode

  16. Hey all
    With this new actress coming in I hope the CVs don’t pair her up with Raghav. I hope she is a positive character
    At the moment Raina have got loads of enemies against them another one will be too much.
    Welcome Mounika and Asthma – keep commenting.
    Have a good weekend all

  17. Raghav character soo silent and how many days he will do like dis there is no bonding in between couple

  18. Raina looked so cute together. Enjoyed the episode. Hope dadi recovers soon

  19. 6th February 2017 written update is not opening.

  20. All that can be seen in 6th February 2017 written update is a blank page.

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