Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina saying tell sorry to Dadi, I can’t go. She thinks I can’t have food with Sanjana’s memories, Raghav should not know what I felt, I will not say anything. She slips. Raghav holds her. He says sorry, I will cancel lunch. She says no, we will go. He asks sure, okay, get ready, I will come. He goes. She says why is Dadi trying to bring us together, there can’t be anything between us, Raghav loves someone else and I want peace. She sees greetings and says Raghav loved Sanjana, does he still love her, of course he does, so he has kept all this safe, why am I feeling bad, I did not feel so bad when Amit married someone else.

Veer is angry and says how dare Raghav cancels meeting. Sudha says bad will happen, its just starting, you came home now, Raghav

and Naina got close to Dadi. He says I heard Naina, will I hear Raghav now, I will not leave him. Sudha says be quiet, we have to use Raghav and Naina’s problems, if they get together, Dadi will name them property, Dadi asks Raghav to take Naina to expensive restaurant. Sanjana comes and says so we will stop them, we will create problems between Raghav and Naina. Veer says make them hate each other and then make Dadi hate them. He taunts about Raghav. He calls someone and asks dinner plans. He asks Sanjana to do her work. Sanjana agrees.

Rajeev talks to Asha and says you should think of me and Chanchal’s expenses, even you are here. Raghav hears him and asks what happened. Rajeev says nothing is fine, we are selling the house, what shall I tell society people that my sister married a poor guy, we have no hope now. He gets anger on Raghav and goes.

Raghav and Naina come to restaurant. He thinks how to start talking, Dadi asked me to have romantic chat. He initiates a chat. A man greets him and asks where is Sanjana. Raghav sees Naina. She gets angry knowing this is Sanjana’s fav restaurant. She does not eat Sanjana’s fav dish. He serves her and asks her to eat. Kal ho na ho….plays…. She could not eat by using chopsticks. Raghav shows her. He says its irritating to eat by chopsticks, indians eat by hands so that food reaches the body well, yogi said that. She asks which yogi. He says don’t know name, have food by hand. They eat food. She asks him to take chillies. He says no, I don’t like it, everyone should eat food by hands. She says yes, it tastes good. He gets Sanjana’s call.

She asks him to answer call, go and talk outside, its okay. He thanks her and goes. He answers another call from work. He says if its not signed today, it will be problem. He tells Naina that he has to leave. Naina asks him to leave and she will go home. He goes. Naina says its fine, has has work.

Rajeev shows the notes to Chanchal. He says Maa asked for money, promise me you will not tell anyone about this money. She hugs him. She says our baby is saying same, that he wants to go out and do shopping. He agrees to take her out. Sanjana calls Naina and asks for cough medicine bottles. Naina says I will send wine for you, tell me which one. Sanjana taunts her. She asks did Raghav leave from restaurant. Naina says yes, he had office work. Sanjana says he is coming to me, I called him here. She upsets Naina. Naina gets angry and says Raghav I hope your imp work for over.

Asha asks what, who did that work, Raghav paid all the money, okay. Raghav comes to meet Asha. Asha asks what was the need to pay money. He says good work is not done to hurt, I just came to take your sign, I m also your son, I did this by right, Naina will not understand, don’t tell anyone. She asks why. He says she did a lot for me, she could marry anyone, but she married me, I mean a poor man, but her love is great, all her problems are mine, even her happiness and mum are mine, if anyone asks, say your son paid the loan, no need to say which son. She says we don’t take anything from son in law.

She asks why do you made me have false promises in marriage. She cries and says you did a big thing, it was not small amount for you, it was your savings. He says you gave me everything and what’s all this infront of Naina, she took care of you, I took her from you, and you are saying this, who can repay this debt. She hugs him. She says I asked for good groom for Naina, I did not know I will get angel for Naina. He says its senti talk, smile now. She says Naina is lucky to get you. She hugs him.

Naina leaves from restaurant and thinks how do I fall in Raghav’s lies, he always lies to me, why did he go to meet Sanjana by lying. She thinks of greetings and thinks to not think of Raghav and Sanjana. She walks lost and gets infront of a car. A man asks are you okay Mam. Naina says I m sorry. Dadi gets down the car and sees her.

Veer asks Raghav to check the message and tell him. Raghav reads Naina’s message for Veer. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell is going on…now they are creating misunderstandings between raghav and naina….by the way it was nice episode

  2. So veer and sanjana have started creating misunderstanding between naina and raghav. Hope naina finds out soon or dadi.

  3. But how can they believe veer and sanjana. Surely telephone number will tell truth.

  4. where can I get episode update?

  5. Angelk1

    Naina please dont beleive this. Dont get mad at raghav. I know raghav wouldnt believe this… He has more faith in her then she does to him

  6. SilentReader

    Naina shud stop Raghav from working for that cheapo Veer….misunderstandings and misunderstandings

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