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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Naina coming to Veer’s house. Veer asks her to meet Dadi. Dadi tells Naina that Veer was just secure about his property, everyone is concerned for their money, now we trust you, keep these papers. Naina asks whats these papers. Dadi says its Mehra family property, you have to decide to trust Veer or not, check if he wants to marry you for money, and get him sign the prenup agreement now. They all get shocked. Veer says Dadi, you can’t do this.

Dadi says Veer wanted to secure money, now everything is in Naina’s hand, lets see what she does. Naina says I don’t want all this, you trust me, that’s more than enough, I don’t know how to react. Sudha scolds Veer. She praises Naina and says we don’t need the money. Dadi says see Veer, Naina is not marrying

you for money, now she is Mehra empire owner, but she does not want all this, it shows Naina’s intentions are not bad, your intentions are bad. Sudha agrees with Dadi. Chanchal and Rajeev get glad.

Pam asks Sanjana why did she not impress Dadi till now. Chanchal asks Rajeev why did Naina refuse to property. She dreams to rule over Mehras. Sudha says everyone like Naina, she is a diamond. Daid says yes, so Naina and Veer will marry day after tomorrow. They all get shocked. Chanchal and Rajeev smile. Dadi asks Naina does she have any objection. Rajeev says no way. Dadi says prepare for the celebrations.

Everyone congratulate Veer. Raghav sees Sanjana crying and goes. Veer asks Sudha have you gone mad, what did you do. Pam asks what about our deal, you took Dadi’s side. Sudha says we managed the matter, we will do something. She says Dadi was giving property to Naina, you are still owner Veer, we have no option, marry Naina. Veer refuses.

Sudha acts sweet to Dadi and praises Dadi. Dadi says when I met Naina in hospital for the first time, I liked it, thanks to Chanchal who got hit by Veer’s car. Chanchal jokes. Raghav gives tissues to Sanjana. He goes out and cries. Naina asks what happened. He says I m fine, I will drop you home. She gives him tissues. He says I felt bad seeing Sanjana crying, her heart broke and I got ache, she has Veer in heart, Veer is so amazing. She says why is Veer not with Sanjana. He says he dislikes Sanjana and runs away from her, life is strange, we don’t get one we love. She says sometimes heart break is good when it happens on time, maybe Sanjana will see you that her friend is her love, just be there for her, maybe you can’t see what I can see, you are a really nice guy, you have good heart, anyone will live to stay in your big heart. He thanks her for her words and saying yes for marriage.

She says how could I say no, when Veer said about prenup. I felt bad, but if I have to spend life with Veer, I have to understand him and learn how to deal with others, he is young and manages business pressure, he has to prove himself to Dadi, its not easy, then his marriage is fixed with a girl whom he does not know, even then Veer is trying by sending me flowers and letters, you have shown me that Veer is good, thanks for explaining me. She goes to bonfire and asks him to come. Kal ho na ho………………..plays……………. They smile.

Its morning, Raghav runs after Veer, while Veer is cycling. He asks what do you want, you know the girl’s intentions who is after your money, how did you do mistake in understanding Naina, she is not like other girls, why did you ask her to sign prenup on first date, I will always support you, so I have sent sorry message and flowers, I think you are not interested in this relation, refuse it, don’t play with her emotions, atleast talk to Naina, share feelings with her, else I have to tell everything to Dadi, she thinks a lot for family, I will do what is right for family, talk to Naina once, everything will be fine.

Sudha and Pam have a talk about Veer’s marriage. Naina goes to meet Veer. He says I m very sorry, I wanted to just check, you were left by someone dear, no girl has spoke to me rudely, everything was fake, they have just seen my money and surname, I could not believe this caring and real relation, I treated you as other girls, but you have impressed me by rejecting everything when Dadi wanted to give you property, I said myself that this is the girl who should be in my life, you opened my eyes, now everything will get fine, believe me, so I called you here to apologize, I m really very sorry, please forgive me. She says its okay, I have forgiven you. He thanks her. Veer thinks to do something.

Pam sees the jewelry and is angry as its all going to Naina. Sanjana comes and argues. She says I would have done something to get Veer. Pam says its just 24 hours, do anything, don’t think I will come to your rescue. Sanjana says you think it all got over, I did not do anything, I followed you, now I will manage. She looks at the jewelry.

Sanjana goes to Veer. Dadi looks for Veer. Sanjana flirts with Veer. Veer gets close to her. Dadi comes to Veer’s room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Iam glad to see a man like Raghav even in a serial. I never ever seen such a man in real life..

    1. Chithu

      Agree men like Raghav are so rare.

  2. Chithu

    I am waiting for Raina marriage

    1. Sabrina

      Chithu could the precap be wrong and instead of Sanju with veer it could be raghav that’s why Dadi throws him out of the house?

      1. Chithu

        Yesterday I missed precap. I too exactly had this doubt. I will try to c re telecast and update soon

      1. Chithu

        Sorry Sabrina I couldn’t watch it today

  3. Sabrina

    I am glad sanju and veer cheapness is reveal according to precap… love that the family see what a good person naina is even if they don’t like her…. lol that part with chanchal was funny she look like a real monster there lol

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