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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling Raghav that he is much worried about presentation. Raghav says don’t worry, I have made presentation, everyone will like it. Veer looks for shoes. Raghav helps him and also makes Veer wear shoes. Veer acts and makes him work as Raghav. He then acts sweet to Raghav and thanks him. Dadi smiles and shows sonogram reports to Sudha, saying this is my Veer’s son’s pic, you will become grandma. She thanks Sanjana for this happiness. Sanjana smiles. Dadi says I will keep seeing this pic, I will celebrate and dance in party. She asks where is Naina. She calls Naina, Raghav and Veer. Naina asks what happened, are you fine.

Dadi says I m getting heart attack, happiness came with your steps, see the pic of Veer’s child. Naina recalls Sanjana’s

words and sees her. Dadi asks how is it, say its great. Naina says great. Dadi hugs her. Sanjana smiles. Dadi thinks of names of the baby. Sanjana says Dadi’s heart will break on knowing truth, I m sure you will not hurt her heart. Naina thinks this is wrong, I have bring out truth, they are fooling Dadi.

Raghav comes home. Naina to tell him about Sanjana. He thinks to tell Naina, it will be good. He smiles and gives her gift. She gets surprised. She asks whats this. He says I got this for you, I hope you like it. He feels sleepy. She says no need to do all this for me. She likes the beautiful dupatta and smiles. She says its very beautiful, what was the need. He says there is big function at home, I thought to do special for you, don’t say its costly. I got this from sale, see color. She says then fine, its lovely. He says the day is good, Veer is really working hard now, Dadi is very happy seeing sonography report, she was dancing, things are getting fine. She says I want to say something. He asks shall we talk after having coffee. She goes to make coffee.

She says whatever I m going to say, listen carefully and react later, matter got complicated, I know this family is everything for you, but the truth is…. Sanjana is lying, she is not pregnant, she is acting. She hears his snoring. She says Raghav did not hear me and slept, what to do now.

Party begins at Mehra house. Raghav takes care of arrangements. Naina comes. She says his lines. He says oh, my lines to me. He smiles and compliments her. Naina goes and helps Dadi. Veer comes there. Dadi says friends, we come to Pardes to earn money, but this country makes us away from family, big houses have distance, but I have kept family united, today I m putting all the burden of my dreams on one person, that’s my first grandson Veer. Everyone clap. She says Veer will manage my business now, he is my heir, we started from a small workshop, today we have big business, I give all this to Veer. Sudha gets glad. Pam jokes on Sudha. Dadi says I give this business to you Veer, hoping you will take it ahead, we have given work to indians in our company, they will have hope and trust on you. Veer thanks her. He says this company will have new start under my guidance. Sudha asks how did Pam get new jewelry, Pam is jealous.

Veer gives the presentation. Everyone clap for him. Sanjana goes to taunt Naina and asks her to serve everyone. Naina refuses and goes to stand with Raghav. They smile. Sanjana sees them. Veer comes in Naina’s way and stops her.

He asks how did you like presentation. She says lovely, Raghav made great presentation, right. He gets shocked. She goes. A man says I m not getting my wallet. Sudha asks is there a problem. The man says my wallet got stolen. She calls Raghav and asks him to help. Raghav asks her not to worry. Sudha tells Veer that its golden opportunity, use it well. Veer tells the guards to check everyone, especially Raghav. Naina hears this and thinks Veer is blaming Raghav, no I will not let this happen. Guard says we need to check you. Raghav asks what, I m family member, all staff work for us since years. Guard says please Sir, let us do our job. Sudha stops Madan. Raghav gets hurt seeing family not stopping the cops. Everyone turn faces and stand.

Raghav removes his coat. Naina cries. He asks Naina to go. Naina goes and scolds Veer asking how can you tell this, I have seen you telling guard to check Raghav. He says yes, I told him. She says Raghav made presentation, everyone clapped for his work, not you. Raghav cries. She sees Raghav. She says its good Lord saved me from not getting me married to Veer, you did good to run away from marriage. Guard asks Raghav to remove shirt. Naina looks on and cries. Raghav removes shirt and cries.

Raghav says I told Dadi to get Veer home for Sanjana’s sake, he fooled me again. He cries. Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Feeling so bad for Raghav??

    1. Wow! I am the first???

  2. I hope dadi realises the truth about veer, that raghav did the presentation soon and sanjana and changes her mind about him being heir to her property etc.

  3. Where was dadi when raghav was being searched? Funny how she’s not in places where she needs or should be like today and when sanjana told naina she’s not pregnant.

    1. Chithu

      Exactly Tuffy I was wondering the same. It was heart breaking to see them search Raghav. Veer is so evil. He must be punished severely.

  4. I always thought that it is a shame for an unmarried woman to get pregnant in East Indian society? My my my….. How times have changed here? Indian serials glorify this topic, it’s like in most serials, there must be at least a banged up woman to form the basis of their story. Sanjana is no relation to this Mehra family other than her massi married there and also she fast tracked a place there by sleeping with the young scion of the family. Kumkum bhagya, ishqbaaz and pardes….to name a few. It’s amazing how the old folks in the serials are portrayed to accept this growing trend of s*x before marriage and mind you, marriage is a mockery now, rituals don’t mean a thing and society can go to hell. Even the mangalsutra and sindoor is made a charade and mocked by elders when it’s convenient. So sad how relationships are abused now…. Sad….

    1. This show isnt based in india.

      1. As far as I can see, Indians are acting, their clothes are indian, food, religion, language, make up, wedding ceremonies, names, production sets, superstitious beliefs and I can go on more. So what part of the serial isn’t based in India? Even if the serials aren’t based in India and by this I would think you mean that it’s not filmed in India, they nevertheless encapsulate the Indian tradition. If the serials are BASED ON any other country, it would highlight the country of origin. Your comment is incorrect. Clarify your one line statement….English is a technical language, one word can change the entire meaning of a sentence. The word “in” in your sentence makes the reader think differently.

    2. THE SHOW IS Based in India or not but it’s Indians and the shows are not protrainig good values, they are adapting foreign values, soon Indians will start having common law partners ?

    3. Doesn’t matter where the show is based, it’s matter of principal and values, soon they will start showing partners living common in law.

  5. Angelk1

    Poor raghav, dadi just disappeared when trouble starts. Where is she? Naina please think smart an help raghav

  6. Chithu

    I felt very bad for Raghav. Y cant Taghav n Naina move out from this house where they are treated like servants. Surely they can find some better job outside Mehra industries. Raghav have prepared good presentation surely he has good knowledge about market. Why don’t he move out then. Dadi also blinded by false lies. How come they got sonography report of Sanjana who is suppose to be 2-3 months . Surely its some other person’s report. If it was Chanchal’s then the baby in the report would be bigger as she is many months into her pregnancy

  7. indera sanichara

    Raghav get a house of your own, you have a good heart don’t let the evil ones bring you down. Stand strong and Naina tell Dadi the truth, what is wrong with these writers all the serial has someone with a week heart, this is stupied.

    1. I think it’s wonderful that Raghav gifted his wife with her own kitchen…cute and very practical.

  8. I think dadi’ going to find out about veer soon, read in spoiler. Just hope it’s the same for sanjana or she sees/overhears conversation or sanjana drinking(but that highly likely to happen) as it never does in any serial.

  9. Nice episode and felt bad for raghav.

  10. I like the series mainly because of Naina and Raghav. I feel like its about high time that Raghav realizes how the Mehra family really sees him. How can he continue to take all these insults? I hope Naina helps him to man up and stand up to this stupid family (except for Dadi). Also, wish to see more romantic track of them both.

  11. Shukri hassen


  12. Ekta ji what are you showing in Pardes mein hai mera dil. In Austria even the Police speaks or understands hindi.
    You cannot change blood results in Austria.. This is not India. Who does Ultrasound on one month old pregnancy. There will be nothing to see. it is too early.
    Who ever is writing the story is no brain no.
    Blood done by lab people must be withdrawn into enclosed vial. Each vial should have label with Patients name on it and what the test is for.
    I must say it is very muchentertaining watching such primitive things shown serial in high tech world. I presume you think people in India are still very primitive ,when India has launched a rocket to Mars. or will be in near future.
    If i were you make changes to your story lines or get an input from your dad.

    1. This not happening in India where medical is so advanced. This is happening in Ekta’s world haha. She has worst story lines…. she is still in primitive age, women are so advanced and educated but her mindset is still in 18/19 th century , that’s why her dramas are so insensible and unrealistic

  13. It’s about time these writer get rid of these wacky storylines! For crying out loud this lacks logic! All your shows portrays a lawless society…….Marriages are jokes, doctors are criminals, family members scheme against one another, people constantly lie, cheat, and manipulate.
    To top it off the women are the worst as they never have anything else to do but to sit around the house all day long planning their next evil move. Seriously?

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