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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav working at night. She asks him what is he doing. He says presentation. She asks him to sleep, as this is Veer’s work, if Veer can take break, why can’t he. He says someone has to do work, this is my family, they are my loved ones, Veer is my family, you and everyone will feel I m servant here, but they are family for me, I m doing my work, not of Veer. She smiles and goes to make tea/coffee for him. Kal ho na ho…… She gives him the coffee. She goes to sleep. He sits working and sees her troubled by lights. He switches off the side lamp. He goes back to work. Naina sees him and smiles. Tere naam….plays….

Its morning, Raghav is confused over orchids or lilies. Naina asks need help? He nods. She chooses roses. He says no,

Sanjana likes orchids and lilies. She says fine. He says sorry. He orders orchids. The lady says so orchids are final, your wife is lovely, what’s her fav flowers. Naina says roses. He says roses. The lady goes. Naina gives him coffee. They see each other. Tere naam….plays…….. The lady gives him roses. He gives roses to Naina. She smiles.

Naina asks doctor to do Raghav’s test. He says the family does not tell me about Raghav, he is not covered in my fees. She says I will give you money, he is in outhouse, can you take his test, don’t tell Raghav that I gave you money for his tests, tell him Dadi gave money and Veer forced you to take his tests. He says I understood.

Raghav asks my test, but family member’s tests are done. Doctor says Veer told me to take your test. Raghav asks Naina to see how they all love him. He asks doctor to take test and say he is fit, there is much work. He sees injection and gets scared. Naina recalls his fear. She smiles and goes to kitchen. Doctor says relax. Raghav says I m man, I don’t feel hurt. Doctor takes his blood. Raghav feels hurt, and Naina too gets tensed and hurt for a moment. Doctor smiles. Raghav says I did not get hurt, thanks. He goes. Doctor says his pain is your pain. She says no, how can it be, its not a movie, that he gets hurt and I will get hurt. Doctor says your turn now, your husband gave money for your test. Raghav comes and says I will also see I got effective piece or defective, my tests are done. She smiles.

She asks doctor about reports of family. He asks about whom are you asking. She says Sanjana, her reports are fine right. He says sorry, I can’t discuss that. She says sorry, I wanted to know is her pregnancy normal. He says yes. She thanks him. He goes. She says it means Sanjana is really pregnant, I was doubting on her. Sanjana comes and says you are worrying for me a lot. She asks why are you worried for my health, ask me, you are jealous of me, you felt you will come in this house, you thought to come as servant’s wife and rule on us. Naina says its not like that. Sanjana says I can see what you want to do, you want to make Dadi against me, don’t come in my way. Naina says I just wanted to know how did wine come in that medicine bottle.

Sanjana makes her smell the bottle and says its wine. She drinks it. Naina stops her. Sanjana says don’t try to become my mother, I will do what I want, I m not pregnant. Naina gets shocked. She says what, I will tell everyone. Sanjana asks whom will you say, everyone knows it, except you, Dadi and Raghav, its a fake pregnancy to marry Veer and become bahu of Mehra family, you are creating problem in my dreams, everyone wanted me to marry Veer, so I made plan to get Veer back home, Dadi has two weakness, family’s love and desire to see Veer’s child. Naina asks did everyone lie. Sanjana says yes, Dadi’s choice is so cheap, she wanted to make you sit on our head, none wanted Veer to marry you. Naina says I will tell everything to Dadi. Sanjana says wait, let me call ambulance, Dadi will get shock, she had heart attack before, her heart is weak, if she dies, then what, and if you tell Raghav, will he believe you or me, why do you care, I lied and family supports me, what’s your problem, you are servant’s wife, who the hell are you, you are a loser, you are Veer’s thrown junk. Naina says fine, but you are a liar, how can you live like this by lies. Sanjana says I will live, just think to say truth to Dadi or seeing her alive, choice is yours.

Raghav says Dadi is happy and was dancing seeing sonography reports, things are getting fine. Naina says Raghav, I need to say something, truth is Sanjana is lying, she is not pregnant

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chithu

    Raina scenes were good today. Raghav was so cute. Naina is really lucky to have him. Sanjana is so mean. How I wish Dadi had overhead their conversation. Sanjana deserves a tight slap n should be kicked out of house. She was insulting Naina badly. As Raghav is a distinct relative Naina is a member, but Sanjana is not a member yet. How can she behave as if she owns entire Mehra estates. I wish there was cctv in hall covering their conversation.

    1. Agree with your comment, no need for me to add more, other than to say…. If Sanjana calls Pam …massi, that’s her mom’s sister, so why is Sanjana freeloading on her aunt’s in laws? Do you think that’s normal in India because I believe that Indian serials are a reflection of their way of life, customs, religion etc….how do writers find scope to pen a character in Sanjana ‘s capacity as a freeloader? She’s not even blood related, I guess anything sells in Indian serials, what is your take on this?

      1. Chithu

        No Naz she is Am’s niece and no way directly related she has absolutely no right to behave like a owner in this house unless is already married to Veer. We don’t follow these customs

  2. Angelk1

    Saanj is so cheap, an shame on the doctor for lying. I really hope raghav believe naina an not saanj

    1. Angelk1, not only do doctors lie here, the pundits as well….never mind the police corrupt to the core. Indian serials are filled with negativity.

      1. Hey both … is not the mistake of the doctor bcoz he didn’t lie….it was oly that Pam and sudha changed the blood of sanjana and chanchal

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