Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pam arguing with Balraj about Dadi’s step to order jewelry. Balraj says its fake jewelry for Sudha and Sanjana, you can wear your real jewelry, I did not do anything wrong till now. Rajeev comes and sees Balraj keeping money. Balraj asks are you hearing my conversation, come later. Rajeev goes. Naina collides with Veer. Veer mark on her neck and taunts her, saying Raghav is our puppet dog and he came out to be a Tiger. He says you acted that your heart broke, see how things look good, enjoy it, its one use of marriage. Naina says dogs are loyal, you are not that, my heart broke because your humanity ended, I will not break, I will make my place in Pardes, I did not get Pardes by family. She goes. Sanjana asks Pam to help her, she will not take injection. Naina

goes to her. Chanchal and Asha come. Dadi says Sanjana is scared of injections. Chanchal boasts of herself. Sanjana faints. Pam asks Dadi to see, leave her alone.

Asha says I have desi cure. She signs Naina. Naina gets onion. Chanchal says I know this, I will do. She crushes the onion and makes Sanjana smell it. Sanjana wakes up. Pam says don’t do it please. Asha says see I told you. Dadi asks doctor to come. Doctor takes Sanjana’s blood sample. Dadi and Naina smile.

Rajeev goes to Balraj’s cabin. Chanchal talks to him on phone and asks him to steal cash, what will Balraj say, he got fake jewelry, he can’t tell Dadi about money, he will be quiet, do this work now. Rajeev agrees. He takes the cash from locker and goes. He collides with Raghav and his bag falls. Raghav says its heavy bag. Rajeev lies to him and goes. Doctor gives reports to Dadi. Dadi checks Sanjana’s reports. She gets shocked and says Sanjana is pregnant, then why did Naina tell me that medicine bottle had wine, Sanjana will not do it, it means Naina’s doubt was wrong, Sanjana can’t lie, did Pam do acting that day. Pam and Sudha come to her. Dadi asks about reports. They all check reports. Pam says its written that Sanjana has heir in her womb. Sudha congrats Dadi for the baby coming. Dadi gets glad. She signs Naina. Naina says it means Sanjana is really pregnant, but that medicine bottle…. Naina signs Dadi and goes. Dadi tells Sanjana to take care of her health. She says my fight will be to declare Veer as my heir, we will throw a big party. They get glad.

Sudha says God is great. Pam says I have donated my 300 euro shawl, I got bored of it. She jokes and they laugh. Sudha says it was my dream to see Veer as heir. Pam says he will marry Sanjana. Sudha and Pam tell about calling Chanchal and Asha for blood tests, and then changing Chanchal and Sanjana’s reports. She says after marriage, we will think what to do of fake child. They drink wine.

Its morning, Naina sees Raghav busy in work. Balraj asks Veer about the presentation. Veer says everything is done. Balraj says you have to give speech in front of board members. Veer says its done. Raghav orders flowers. Veer goes to Raghav, and apologizes to him. He says I m a changed man now, sorry for whatever happened, I m sorry. Raghav says nothing changed, you are still same, say sorry when its from heart. Veer says what shall I do, Dadi did this with me, I was scared as I was dating Sanjana, Dadi wanted me to marry Naina, I know I broke her heart, I don’t deserve Naina, see my mistake is making me marry Sanjana I m soon going to become father, I want to make Dadi proud, I want your support, Balraj wants to teach me a lot, I have no time, if this presentation is not made. Dadi will scold me, can you see that, please brother, help me out for Dadi’s sake, for my coming baby, make this presentation. Raghav says fine, I will make it. Veer thanks him and hugs. Naina looks on.

Naina goes to Dadi and gives her breakfast. Dadi says I know whats going on in your heart, my heart wanted Sanjana to be pregnant, I want to see my great grandchild, you told me that, Sanjana’s problem is she is not like you, maybe she thought brandy will make her fine, tell me whom to believe, Sanjana has Veer’s child, I m alive to see my grandchild, I scolded Sanjana and asks her to take care of health. Naina smiles. Dadi says I turned soft for baby’s greed, I can’t be strict. Naina says you did right for happiness and to see baby. They smile.

Naina says Sanjana what are you doing, you are pregnant. Sanjana asks her not to become her mother. She says I will do what I want, as I m not pregnant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the fast update amena

  2. Thank you for the update.

  3. Chithu

    Raghav easily falls in veer’s fake talks. How can he help him after as ll that veer did to him. Dadi must realise that Veer doesn’t know anything about business.

  4. Chithu

    Pam n Sudha gets all crooked ideas in the world. How easily they made fool of Dadi. I hoe soon dadi come to know about their real planning n plotting

  5. Angelk1

    I think dad I won’t believe naina next time

  6. Dadi has to be shown or see sanjana drinking herself to believe naina. Why didn’t dadi check the other reports, i.e. Chanchal’s as she is pregnant. I think naina will prove veer is not the right heir as well as sanjana not pregnant somehow. It’s about time raghav stopped being emotionally blackmailed, only naina can stop him doing this. Or dadi overhears naina and veers conversation at the party.

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