Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina taking Raghav to Pam and Sudha. She defends Raghav and says jacket was not made for Veer, its made for Raghav as its suiting him, jacket was costly, so Veer did not value it, he does not have sight to understand thing’s value, but Raghav managed everything. Raghav coughs and goes. Naina does all the arrangements. Sanjana asks whats this, I m doing all this in Veer’s love, I have to be careful next time. She sees the kada bottle and gets an idea. She throws the kada out of the window and fills wine in it. She says how sweet Naina, thanks.

Raghav comes to room. He takes his blanket and pillow. Naina stops him from sleeping on ground, as he is ill. He says I always sleep on ground. She asks him to sleep on bed. She asks him to drink kada. Raghav

drinks kada and coughs. He says is this medicine or wine, no Naina has given this, it will be medicine. He drinks more.

Naina comes back. She sees Raghav laughing and doing weird things. She asks him are you fine, what happened. He says I m wearing this kurta since 8 years, Veer worn this just twice, everyone is taunting my wife, I just heard it. She sees him and asks did you finish the bottle. She smells it and says wine…. Raghav it was wine in this, but how. He says if Pam and Sudha were not there, I would have….. done nothing. She asks him to get up. He says you always scold me, everyone scolds me, I will feel bad this time.

He says my inner animal has awakened. She asks which animal. He says cat, I was loyal dog before, Tommy to go anywhere, but now I m cat, when owner comes, cat does not give importance to anyone, meow….. She smiles. He holds her and his nail hurts her. She asks him to stay away. He holds her hand and apologizes for hurting her heart. He says sorry and asks her to say sorry for scolding him. He says I also feel bad, I m a man, and I get hurt, come on say sorry. She says sorry and holds ears. He says good, meow. He falls on the bed. She sees him. She makes him sleep well. Kal ho na ho….plays….. She keeps his jacket. She checks the bottle and says how did wine come in this bottle, its herbal medicine, how did Raghav….I gave this bottle to Sanjana, no she is pregnant, she can’t drink, is she not pregnant.

Its morning, Raghav wakes up and finds himself on bed. He holds head. Naina comes and controls laughter. She gives him coffee and starts acting. She says please don’t scold me, you scolded me a lot at night. He asks what, I did not scold anyone in my life. She says don’t get Dadi’s stick, I m scared. He says I m not like that. She says I thought so, but yesterday night, why bells ring in temple. He says someone would be ringing it, why are you asking this. She asks him to have coffee and goes. He says why was she smiling.

She makes breakfast for Dadi. Raghav goes to her and says I will do my work, else you will say I torture you. She jokes on him. He asks what are you saying. She says never mind, I think I have to bell the cat. She goes. He says what did she say. He shows Dadi’s medicines. Naina goes to Dadi and takes care of her. Dadi talks to her. She asks is everything fine, I mean that way. Naina stammers and says its not like you are thinking. Dadi pulls her leg. Raghav comes and says one should do their work, but Naina knows everything.

Dadi pulls his ear and asks him not to scold Naina, see she gave me medicines. He says oh, I was telling Naina. They argue. Dadi says you are arguing like husband and wife, none can say you are newly weds. He says I have work in office and goes. Naina says I have to say something, I don’t know I m right or wrong, I gave cough medicine to Sanjana and then to Raghav, but after drinking medicine, Raghav got drunk, but its herbal, I checked and it was smelling of wine, if Sanjana is pregnant, how can she drink wine. Dadi says Sanjana is not like other girls, I will find out.

Dadi gives her blood sample. Pam and Sudha see Dadi getting checkup done and joke. Naina gives juice to Dadi. Dadi says I decided our family members will have blood tests from now on, health is imp, doctor will take your blood sample also Sudha. Sudha asks what. Pam says I m young and run on treadmill. Sudha says I m also fit. Dadi says Sanjana will also be fit. Pam says yes, we don’t need health checkup. Dadi asks Sanjana to sit, everyone will get blood test done. She asks doctor to collect blood samples of all family members. Sudha says we will call Naina’s family too, as they are part of our family. Dadi says fine, call them Naina, and call Veer and others too, why is Sanjana worried, needle do not hurt, think of new jewelry I ordered for you all. Dadi and Naina smile.

Rajeev rushes to office cabin. He steals cash and leaves. He collides with Raghav and his bag falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode…luv naina-raghav scene…nd thanks for super fast update

  2. Hello sanjana…

    1. Are you male or female??

      1. Huh????? I would think Ann is a female.

  3. What are you waiting for raghav.. Now take this theft blame too on u for mains’s brother and let others insult u and naina, Also maybe grandma will throw it out of house too.. Well done man.. Sorry u r not having guts at all.

  4. Chithu

    Good episode for a change naina didn’t blame Raghav. Loved their scenes together. It was smart move of Naina to expose Sanjana. Everyone were fooling Dadi n Raghav. Now Pardes us getting on interesting

  5. I m a big fan of Raghav and Naina since i started to see this .i love u both

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