Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina saying Asha that Raghav is not from Mehra family. She says I lied to you, Dadi supported me, sorry, I did not wish to lie to you. Asha says you felt I like money, why did you feel so, I will not like Raghav if he has no money. Naina says sorry, Rajeev was confused and filed case in misunderstanding, truth is, Raghav is not owner of this house, but he is my everything now. Asha says when Naina was little, she used to hear story of a prince, she was sure a prince will come one day and win her heart, prince of heart, not of money, you are a prince for her Raghav. Raghav looks on. Dadi comes and greets Asha. Asha says I m sorry for all this. Dadi says I m fairy godmother, I did magic and united them, its fine if I had to go jail for one day, its beautiful moment

for me, happy ending, I mean happy beginning. Naina smiles. Dadi says if they come in tension, what will happen of me. Asha says yes, no tension in life, just happy beginning. Naina and Raghav see each other. Kal ho na ho….plays….

Naina takes care of Asha. Asha says we can’t stop bad weather and bad time, just be together. She unites Naina and Raghav. She asks Naina to remember, you could adapt this Pardes because of this angel. Asha goes. Naina sees Raghav and leaves annoyed. At home, Naina talks to Zeenu and says how long will I lie, till when will mum be saved of my lie. Zeenu asks why did you not punish that fraud, he should be in jail. Naina says Maa came in court, I had to make that story, Raghav does something, I feel bad for him, his devotion for Dadi and how he takes care of Maa and on the other hand, his lies stand infront of me, I feel to curse him. Raghav comes there and hears her. Zeenu sees him on webcam and asks Naina to see him. Naina sees Raghav and says I will talk to you later Zeenu. She ends call. Raghav keeps the flowers for Naina and goes. Tere naam……plays….. Naina reads the chit. He says I wish the curse strikes me, I m sorry, this flowers are not bribe to save me, its thanks for saving Dadi. She thinks this is cheat, he does not let me get annoyed, he took my curses too.

Its morning, Dadi says ask Veer where he wants to go. Sanjana coughs. She says as you say Dadi. Dadi asks Pam and Sudha to end all arrangements soon. Naina comes. Dadi says there is much work. Naina asks how can I help. Sudha asks Naina to keep designer clothes in home. Pam asks Naina to get face packs. Dadi says ladies you have to help each other, Naina is part of this family, she came to help, not to obey command. Sudha says no one sent you to jail from family. Dadi says Naina saved my respect in court and got me home. Naina says let it be, I can do all the work. Dadi asks them did they hear. Sanjana coughs and goes.

Naina says I have herbal medicine for Sanjana and baby, I will get it. Naina manages all the work. She comes to Sanjana’s room. Sanjana drinks and sees someone at the door. She hides the wine bottle. Naina gives her the kada bottle and asks her to drink it for cold relief. She goes.

Raghav and Veer are on the way. The car stops. Veer asks Raghav did you not give car for servicing. Raghav says I will check. He checks the car. He says its oil leak. Veer asks him to fix it fast. Raghav says mechanic is not here, I will fix it. Veer gets down the car. Raghav gets under the car to fix the oil leak.

Ira comes in Naina’s way. Naina says be careful, its costly phone and may fall. Ira scolds her. Naina asks what did I say. Ira says you trapped Dadi, and that servant Raghav, I can see everything, I m not a fool, you know to use magic, so you trained husband well in such a short period of time, you have much talent to make husband dance on fingers, he is blind, he just sees you, maybe that’s why he took blame on his head for your mum’s state. Naina asks what do you mean. Ira says I told aunty the reality, she fainted, what a drama, anyways I was telling truth, but Raghav stopped me, I guess he wanted to take blame for himself. Naina cries.

Veer sees the jack bending and smiles seeing Raghav under the car. He says I will take taxi and go office. Raghav says fine. Veer leaves. Raghav gets Naina’s call and comes outside of the car. The jack breaks and car falls. Raghav says oh God, this car would have fallen on me, life got saved. He answers the call.

Naina says I had to say something. Raghav says thanks. She asks why. He says I got saved because of you. She asks why, is everything fine. Dadi takes phone and asks Raghav where are you, come home soon, shagun will be given at night. Sanjana takes wine and hides. Raghav says fine Dadi and ends call. Sanjana thinks to run away. Dadi says Veer is busy in office, so Raghav has to take shagun being Veer’s elder brother, I decided no imp work will happen without Raghav.

Naina gets the jewelry. Dadi arranges shagun. Naina goes to take aarti plate. Dadi says Raghav, you and Naina have to do ritual and take ritual, as Veer is busy in office. Sanjana says this is boring, please end this game. Pam asks her to eb quiet. Pam says Raghav got promoted, he was servant before and today he is sitting as groom’s brother to take shagun. Sudha says yes and smiles.

Pam taunts Raghav about Sanjana. Sudha says Raghav knows Veer’s taste well, whatever Veer dislikes, he sends to Raghav, Raghav manages Veer’s clothes, he gets worn out clothes, is this Veer’s jacket. Naina looks on. Raghav says yes. Sudha says Veer bought this 7-8 years ago, its suiting Raghav. Pam and Sudha insult Raghav. Naina feels bad. Raghav says let me go now. Sudha asks did he feel bad. Naina stops Raghav by holding his hand.

Naina taunts Sudha about Veer. She praises Raghav and says Raghav always manages everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow! Can wait for Monday’s episode. Why star plus not show serials like this everyday. I just hate yrkkh. There is no story in that serial. Sns is somehow too and thrilling.

  2. Chithu

    First when naina was praising Raghav I thought may b she started to look Raghav in a positive way. But she showed annoyance. I hope naina realize Raghav’s worth and accept him wholeheartedly

  3. Chithu

    Asha have seen goodness of Raghav and accepted him. I like the way she said that for her money comes next. Raghav is a good heart which is very rare to find. Hope Naina u understand him soon

  4. Sabrina

    Ah finally I hope Naina realizes was a gem of a husband she have gotten

  5. Hey jassi, I was wondering where you went after we all welcomed you? Sometimes I too am a silent reader as well… times. Sometimes these writers have me scratching my head in puzzlement at their logic. Also, kalika, actually I do watch Ishqbaaz, but I don’t feel welcome on that forum,i did introduce myself when I now started watching a few weeks ago, but I don’t feel the warmth, it feels like a sorority across there and there are so many of the viewers writing their own spinoffs, that the essence of ishqbaaz characters get so many different lives to portray. That’s just how I feel, no offense was intended. I do enjoy looking at it, but I don’t join in the discussion anymore.

  6. Tsk Tsk…. Naina you are two faced, why lie, why didn’t you tell your mother the truth then? Thank goodness, thank you Asha, for seeing the diamond that married your daughter, you are wise, wealth cannot buy a good husband, happiness, love and compassion. Raghav possess all these qualities and one day your daughter will feel ashamed for the way she thinks about her husband. I feel Raghav has to pass through a lot of negativity from Naina before his worth is realised, in the same way that gold has to pass through fire to acquire its texture and form. In all the years watching Indian serials, male protagonists have never been on this side of the spectrum, so it’s interesting to see how writers shape this story.

    1. Chithu

      Very well said Naz

  7. Angelk1

    Couldnt comment earlier, but I’m also glad naina found the truth and wants to apologize. I bet naina gonna find out saanj isnt pregnant and people wont believe her. And saanj will loose baby an blames naina.

  8. To all my Christian friends on this forum, wishing all a happy and holy Christmas, filled with love, togetherness and kindness to all.

  9. Chithu

    Merry Christmas ? all

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