Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina getting Pandey’s call. Pandey asks did you not meet client, you did not do any work. Naina tells inspector to say sorry on her behalf, I have to leave, else I will lose job. She prays to Lord and leaves. Raghav comes there and sees his jacket ruined. He asks what the hell is this. Inspector laughs and says this is sorry, the woman who did complaint against you. She said sorry for that complaint and this. Raghav thinks this happened because of Pandey, his employee did not come to take me on time. He leaves.

Pandey scolds Naina. Naina tells him that she took flowers and company name board, I went airport, I was waiting, you know what happened, a man was hiding his bag, I felt…. Pandey answers Raghav’s call. He says terrorist…. Naina

asks how do you know. Naina says I complaint to police and got him caught. Pandey says that was our client. She asks what. He says he got annoyed and went to guest house, now even Lord can’t save our jobs, get quiet, when you talk, something happens, go and rest, we will know tomorrow about job, think to convince client.

At home, Naina wakes up by alarm. She gets a call from Pandey. He asks were you sleeping, get up and listen, client is coming for meeting, if he knows you have done that complaint, none can save us, Sir is very smart, he does not listen to anyone, reach office, no wait, you get breakfast for him, make his mood better, go to guest room. She says fine. She sleeps for some time and gets up.

Raghav is angry and talks about work. He drinks. A girl comes and hugs him. She flirts with him. She asks when are you marrying me. He gives her a look. He says you want to marry right, fine we will marry now. She asks really, wow, I will call my mom and dad. He says tell them that I have nothing. She asks what.

He says I want to donate my earnings by opening a charity for my Dadi, I will just have some money to pay rent, I have no home, world is selfish, people leave when person has nothing, but you love me, not my money. She says yes I love you. He takes her phone. He asks her to call family. Naina comes there to give him breakfast. She asks servant to give him breakfast. Servant says I can’t knock the door, he will get angry, you can go there on your own risk. She thinks who is this rude client. The girl says mom is not answering, she would be sleeping. He says your mom is sleeping since 2 hours, I mean she died 2 years ago, and you have stepmom now, I know everything about you, you had affair with your boss, and married him, you had another affair, you got much money for settlement. She asks how do you know.

He says I m Raghav Mehra, I m a billionaire, I know who is around me, you know you are perfect for me, this door is always open for you, don’t try to make relation. Naina says this client looks rude, I have to say sorry and give breakfast on time. Raghav says I got heartbroken twice, now I have no heart to break. He gives money to the girl and asks her to enjoy. She says I love you. He asks are you done, pick the money and leave.

She says he will not get convinced. She takes money and leaves. Naina sees the girl leaving with money. The girl thinks Raghav called another girl. She cries and says he can’t play with my emotions and throw money on my face. Naina asks are you fine, what happened. The girl says I loved this man, he broke my heart, I did not see such bad man. She goes. Naina says what type of man is he. Raghav comes from bath. She sees Raghav from far, and hides to avoid seeing him. She thinks what to do. She keeps breakfast and calls him out to say about breakfast. She goes. He looks for her and sees breakfast on table. He says I got mad, I hear Naina everywhere, it can’t be Naina.

Naina goes to office. Pandey says just tell me, you gave breakfast. She says I did as you said, but… He asks what but. She says I did not do anything, you don’t do business with him. He asks the reason. Raghav comes there and hears her. She says that rude client is very clever, you will sink, he is a wrong man. Pandey sees him and signs no. Naina says I know such people, I have seen him, he is characterless, the man who can’t respect women, what will he do business. She asks who is there. She turns and sees Raghav. They get shocked seeing each other. She thinks of her marriage. She smiles happily. Raghav says Pandey is trying to say, client is standing behind, I think you got my strong impression, right Naina. Pandey says you know everything, she did that on airport, she thought you are terrorist and complaint to police, I thought she is helpless and gave her job. Raghav says if you keep liars and frauds on job like you, this will happen.

Raghav holds Naina’s hand and says I became a billionaire and you came on road. She says I don’t regret for what I did, I have done this to fulfill my dream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode, I enjoyed today episode more than two days ago

  2. Nivu99

    nice episode
    waiting 4 precap

  3. Excited for tomorrow’s episode!

  4. I think they will drag too much on hatered between Ragav and Naina before uniting them…

  5. Nkemakonam jonah

    Nice episode. …..

  6. Angelk1

    I’m glad they finally met

  7. wow nice episode waiting 4 2morrow episode

  8. I watch this show after so long, it’s not worth watching , what else can be expected from Ekta Kapoor show , same old same and repetitive. I never watch her shows , it just happened that I changed the channel and this show was on ,but Ekta Kapoor has lost the touch , she should retire


    Poor Naina bearing pain without any Fault of her, Raghav do not look good in Rude.. I hope he find truth soon and unite with Naina

  10. Sruthy

    Please unite raghav and naina.otherwise i qon’t watch this serial ever.from the first day onwards i am watching this serial,but now i can’t watch their separation.why is this happening with naina and raghav.

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