Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira saying Naina always tells about his mum and did not think before doing this with Dadi. Veer drinks and says we have given a lot to Naina, what did he get in return. Ira says we should go and tell her mum about Naina, I will not leave her, come. He says nice idea, I can’t come, else they can frame me in that case, you go alone and do your work. She says you are right, I will not leave them. She goes. Raghav comes and asks what was Ira saying. Veer says Ira has gone to teach lesson to your mum inlaw, she was angry. Raghav rushes.

Rajeev and Chanchal are on the way and talk to Naina, asking why did she take food for Dadi, why did you spoil the case. Naina says I want Dadi’s good that she gets freed, take case back. Rajeev says we will come to pick

you, we will sit and talk at home. Naina says fine. Chanchal asks is Naina mad.

Ira comes to meet Asha and scolds her asking her to stop acting good. Asha asks what happened. Ira asks her to ask her children, Dadi is sent jail. Asha asks what, but why. Ira says they have sued us that we are torturing Naina. Asha asks what do you mean. Ira says you poor people do drama well, you take favor from rich people and then backstab. Raghav comes to stop Ira. Ira says I will not leave you if anything happens to Dadi. Raghav says Ira… Ira shouts shut up you servant, stay in your limits, don’t teach me what to do, I m an adult and know what to do.

Rajeev and Chanchal get Naina home. Naina says I have to talk. Chanchal goes inside home. Naina says Asha should not know about Raghav and marriage, I will tell her on right time. Rajeev agrees. Raghav says I m your brother Ira. Ira says what, you are a servant, don’t forget that. Asha looks on shocked and faints. Raghav holds her. Chanchal sees this and gets shocked. Chanchal asks what happened to her and gets water. Chanchal makes Raghav away. Rajeev and Naina come and get shocked seeing Asha. Chanchal says don’t know what they said, Asha fainted. Naina says nothing will happen to her, call doctor. Rajeev calls doctor and says doctor is coming in 10mins. Naina sees Raghav and asks what did you say Maa, why did this happen.

Chanchal says what happened to Asha, I will not leave you. Ira says you need a life. Raghav stops Ira. He says it happened because of me, I thought she has right to know I m not that Mehra what she thinks, so I told her truth. Chanchal says you know Asha is not well, you both did nonsense talk to trouble us, was it less to cheat Naina, why do you want to kill us. Naina cries. Chanchal asks Naina to see Asha, you went to feed that old woman in jail. Naina holds Raghav’s collar and asks why, answer me. Naina cries and hugs Chanchal. Raghav and Ira leave.

Its morning, Naina sits praying beside Asha. Chanchal asks Rajeev to go and talk. Rajeev says I spoke to lawyer, Naina are you ready, we have to do this for mum. Naina refuses and says it was not Dadi’s mistake, I will not say against her. He asks her to see mum. Chanchal says I can’t see mummy suffer, Naina don’t go against Dadi, but say against Raghav, he is a big liar and fraud, Raghav did this, how can we hide his mistake. Naina goes. Rajeev says why did you say Naina not to say against Dadi, what will we get if Raghav goes jail. Chanchal says Dadi will pay any amount if Raghav goes jail, as Raghav is her fav. He praises her.

Sudha and Pam have a talk and are happy to live without Dadi at home. They sit for the interview. Sudha and Pam act and say we miss Maa, we are upset that we left. Pam says I m sure we will get justice, mummy ji will come back, we wish she comes back soon, we did not eat food since many days. Sudha says we miss you Maa, come back soon.

Lawyer tells Naina and Rajeev that Naina does not need to worry and get scared, laws are strict here, tell everything to judge, those people will not be spared. Rajeev asks Naina to tell judge how Raghav lied to her, how the family tortured her. Naina says yes, I will say truth. Naina packs her bag and cries. Kismat ka likha…. plays…. She recalls the marriage and Raghav. She takes the socks and notes given by Raghav. Raghav comes and sees her.

She says I did not think I will marry such a fallen man. She leaves. Naina and everyone come to court. Rajeev and Chanchal look on. The judge says we will have close door hearing to give respect to Mrs. Mehra seeing her age. He asks Naina about the case on Indu Mehra and Raghav Mehra for harassment. He asks Naina to say who has tortured her. Naina says Indu Mehra is innocent. Mehra family and Naina’s family get shocked. Naina says but I can’t say this for Raghav Mehra, he has tortured her. Dadi says Naina…..

Judge says Mrs. Mehra you are free, you can sit there. Dadi says I will prefer to sit here. He says fine, Naina tell us what happened. Asha comes there. Naina says Raghav tortured me, by delaying the marriage, I loved Raghav a lot. Asha looks on. Naina says I was happy, when anyone makes you away, its called torture right, every girl has dream of marriage with good life partner. Rajeev and Chanchal get shocked. Naina says Raghav showed me what I was missing in my life, he taught me to love myself, and I fell in love with him. Raghav turns and sees Asha behind. Naina asks Asha not to worry, it was misunderstanding, Raghav’s family did not cheat me, the truth is I love Raghav.

Raghav gives flowers to Naina. Naina cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Angelk1

    Why did raghav lie for ira. He should have told naina the truth, also naina stop blaming everything on raghav, please just think

  2. Kab hoga inn dono ki love story…..

  3. Kab hoga inn dono ki love story…..

  4. Chithu

    Raghav should have slapped Ira tightly for the rudeness and disrespect for him and elders. How can Raghav n Naina behave calmly when they r getting insulted

  5. Chithu

    As usual Naina has jumped into conclusions that Raghav is responsible for Asha health. How can they lead a proper life if Naina blames Raghav for everything

  6. Chithu

    I am sure Naina said all those good words only for the sake of Asha. If she was saying it by her heart I would be so happy

  7. Disgusting, ira insulted raghav but this mahaan is happy to hurt his wife.. Get some spine man.. Not ur fault.. It’s ekta and that lady is cursed.







    1. I agree with you 100% Any serial she produces turn rogue, it’s as if she thrives on negativity. Kumkum Bhagya has the potential to make anyone suffer with high bp!!!! Don’t understand what is the hype about Ekta Kapoor, it’s like she can’t bear to see people happy, even if it’s soapland.

    2. This pardes main is by Ekta Kapoor , oh no! No wonder it’s so crap , unrealistic drama , the suing issue it’s total nonsense , I don’t watch her shows at all , Her shows are crap , I wonder why it keeps going on for so long , she has the worst story

    3. You are absolutely right , non of the relationship works well in Ekta’s series , it’s total nonsense ,
      That’s why she is not married either , I shouldn’t be saying this but ….

      1. Don’t apologize, you have only said the truth. I wanted to say the same thing but was hesitant to do so because sometimes when one makes a comment that’s not to others liking, that viewer gets scolded. You are perfectly correct in your analysis.

    4. Rather watch Ishqbaaz and udaan, Ekta serials are as beforked as she is

  8. I had a good laugh in last night episode, Chanchal has the stiffest curls ever…in all my life watching movies. Her hairdresser should be fired for such a bad job. The thing kept bobbing on my screen so ludicrously, that I almost fell off my sofa in laughter. If Asha is a good mother, she will see the best in Raghav and even after hearing his true status in the family, she will accept him, despite knowing he is not wealthy. I hope it turns out like this. She so wanted her daughter to marry and now that Naina is married, wealth should never be the deciding factor in loving someone. Many times, it’s the folks with the $$$, who find it hard to find lasting love and stable relationships. I really want Naina to accept Raghav wholeheartedly.

  9. Sabrina

    Still waiting on Dadi to make things right

  10. hlo i am new here guys
    i am silent reader
    can i join u guys
    who is ira

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