Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav saying don’t know which fool is kept on work. Naina worries and drinks water. She goes to tell Pandey. She runs home and reaches at 10pm. She says there is one min left, please open the door, I got job because of you, I got late as I went to get sweets for you, will you leave me alone at night, what will I do. Dilraj sees money. Naina asks her to open the door. Dilraj says I hate liars, take your deposit and leave. Naina says will I stay outside, no, what to do. She asks Lord to help her. She talks to her baby. She says I won’t stay here. She sees roses. She acts and asks the goat to go, don’t eat Dilraj’s roses.

Dilraj hears her and opens the door. She asks where is the goat. Naina runs inside the house and laughs. She says I kept your

deposit and sweets on table, good night. Dilraj says you fooled me, wait. Naina shuts the room door. Dilraj asks her to come out. Naina says sorry, this won’t happen again, I can’t sleep outside, I came here one min before 10pm, where will I do, Dillo di let me stay here. Dilraj asks who is Dillo di. Naina says its you, I know you are not so rude. Dilraj smiles and says fine, sleep now.

Its morning, Naina makes breakfast. Dilraj asks her about using extra egg. Naina says I made this breakfast for you, I have eaten food before, whatever happened at night, I felt bad, I m really sorry. I came late, you have breakfast, come. She says I have to go and pick our big client, he is coming India, don’t know how will I go. She feels nausea. Dilraj doubts. She asks are you fine. Naina says yes, I have acidity problem, I forgot to throw egg shells. She goes to room and thinks vomits started, how will I manage, all the things will get clear, I can’t hide this, how will I say lie, I will lose job if this is known, where will I go then.

She sees Raghav’s pic and recalls their moments. She says I have no one dear here, who takes care of me or says I m there for you. Tere naam….plays……. She says no, I can’t fall weak, I have to manage responsibility alone, none will come to support me, I have to support myself and keep up this lie. She gets Pandey’s call. He asks her to reach airport and receive the boss, find his lost luggage, one more thing, he gets angry seeing me, you are lady, take flowers for him, maybe his mood stays good. She asks will his mood get fine by one bouquet, I will see. He says don’t buy flowers more than 50rs. She asks what. He says use your mind and creativity. She says fine.

She goes to airport to receive Raghav. She feels nausea. She waits there. Raghav comes. Naina rushes to washroom. Raghav and Naina do not see each other. He waits for Pandey’s employee and says he did not send anyone. Naina says where are you Sir…. She looks for him. He does not get network and thinks how to call Pandey, where to take this bag. He thinks to keep bag under the bench. Naina sees him and says why is this man hiding his bag, he is clicking photo, there would be something in bag. He goes. Naina says he has left bag, it means his bag has bomb, terrorist guy, I will not let terrorist attack happen, I will tell police. She goes to police and tells about the man keeping bag under bench, I could not see his face. He asks are you saying truth. She says look at my face, find him and ask.

Raghav gets network and talks to Pandey. Inspector looks for Raghav. Raghav says this is limit Pandey, I wish to blast your office by bomb, none is picking me up. Inspector aims gun at him and asks him to come. Raghav asks what are you doing. Inspector asks did you not keep bag under bench. Raghav says yes, what’s the problem. Inspector scolds and arrests him. He says leave me, I did not do anything.

Naina asks why would I need to come there. Inspector asks her to get report written, you have to do duty of an alert citizen. She thinks what will happen of the client now. Inspector gets Raghav to police station and asks about bomb. Raghav says you think I m terrorist, I m a businessman and came today from Austria, I m not a thief, remove the handcuffs. Naina comes there. Raghav hears her. He is taken away for interrogation. He says you can check my passport, I m a businessman. Naina says I did not see his face. Inspector says just see him and tell us did you see him. Raghav asks do you think I m a terrorist.

Inspector says this does not prove you are innocent. Raghav asks him to check the bag. Naina feels nausea and vomits on the seat. Inspector asks her to sit. She says sorry. He says its fine, sit and have water. Raghav’s bag is checked. Inspector says maybe it was misunderstanding, you can go now, sorry for trouble. Raghav says its okay, you did your duty. I m angry on that woman who wasted out time. Inspector gets sad and asks Naina to do, that man is not a terrorist. She says I did big mistake, I wasted his time, I should apologize to him. He nods.

Naina and Raghav see each other. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    nice epi….. !!
    waiting for Rainas meeting ❤❤

  2. Dharanya

    Hit and miss.. Nice loved it. Loving Naina post leap.. Drashti as Naina is awesome post leap

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