Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer thanking Naina for all this, as Sanjana is with him because of her. Sanjana says I want to dedicate this toast to Raghav, thanks Raghav, you always supported me, it was my big dream to marry Veer, you made it possible for me. Raghav and Naina look on. The party goes on. Sanjana tells Naina that Raghav loves her, he could not marry me, but he is getting me married to the man I love, I know his heart broke, you are lucky to get loving and caring husband, I know he does not love you, but he is good. Dadi stops Raghav.

They see police coming. The lady officer says we are here to arrest Indu Mehra. Balraj asks on what charges. Rajeev and Chanchal come. Rajeev says its harassment case on you all, my daughter is tortured here. Naina stops Rajeev. Rajeev

asks her to be quiet. He says Naina got married here by cheat and see they are torturing him. Chanchal asks Naina to stop. She says do anyone make new bahu serve guests as servants, you all made Naina a servant. Rajeev says this woman did this, officer arrest her.

Dadi says listen to me. Chanchal says don’t listen to her, she is a clever woman. They all get shocked. Chanchal asks officer to take her. Raghav asks them to stop. Everyone try to stop police. Naina says leave her. Raghav shouts for Dadi. Raghav runs to Dadi and says you can’t take her. Naina stops officer and says listen to me, its not her fault, leave her. Rajeev says you can see her state. Chanchal says Naina is forced to stay with this man unwillingly, how can we be quiet, we have sued this Mehras for one billion euros for mental harassment, take her away. Naina says no, its not her fault, leave her. Raghav goes with Dadi.

Sudha scolds Naina for her acting. She asks did you and Rajeev do this together. She scolds Rajeev and asks do you think we are blind. Pam says Naina has worn waitress clothes to frame us, get out from my house, wow what a plan, get out. Rajeev takes Naina with him. They leave.

Dadi is put up in cell. She says its first time I stepped in such place, I did not see such bad time. A cell inmate sees her and says see nice necklace. Dadi says don’t touch it. Dadi gets away and says Lord is testing me. Balraj asks how is this non bailable offence. Inspector says its serious crime, sorry, I can’t help you. Balraj says Raghav we are seeing this because of you, if we bear insult because of your wife I will not leave you. Raghav meets Dadi. Dadi says don’t say anything, listen to me, its not Naina’s mistake, don’t make heart bitter towards her, it happened right, I cheated Naina, poor Naina, she got trapped in my family politics. He says don’t blame yourself. She says if Ira was in this place, would you not do this what Rajeev did, promise me you will not make heart bitter for Naina. He nods. Dadi asks him to go home, don’t know how they are behaving with Naina, take care. He kisses her hands. He cries.

Rajeev says we have to teach them a lesson, yes lawyer, we should get justice, I have sent details. Chanchal says you will not stay here, come I need you, I mean you need us, they did wrong with you, see how they pay big price for this. Naina says you want to take me home, but I got married, this is my house. Chanchal asks what nonsense, you got married by cheat, there is no relation and responsibility, did you see how they spoke to us. Naina says what would they do after what you did. Chanchal asks are you mad. Naina says no, I m not mad, I m thinking not to go court, I don’t want to play legal games. Rajeev asks what are you saying.

Naina says how can we file case on Dadi, its wrong, she wanted my good, if her grandson is wrong, its not her mistake, think for mum, who will manage mum if I go home. Rajeev asks is this your last decision, we are mad to get justice for her, such girls have to support wrong, come Chanchal, I m mad for my sister’s sorrow, I m alive and will get justice for you. They leave. Naina cries,

Sudha and Pam are in kitchen. Pam asks did you forget everything in sorrow. Why are you taking tiffin, all guests are gone. Sudha says Maa will need it in lockup. Pam says oh, mummy ji, this tiffin is mine, I will give it. Sudha says it was my idea. Sudha and Pam try to outdo each other. Sudha says food got over, you should take food for Maa, you cook food now. Pam stops Sudha and says you joke good, its your right to spend time with Maa, take it. They both pass tiffin to each other.

Naina cries and recalls Rajeev and Chanchal’s words. She makes food for Dadi. She goes to police station. Officer says its not allowed. Naina asks why, will you keep her hungry. He says no, we will feed her. She says her crime is not proved, see her age, she needs homemade food and medicines, I will go to court if you don’t agree. He says fine go. Naina goes to Dadi and covers her with shawl. She feeds food to Dadi. Dadi cries and hugs her. Naina wipes her tears. Naina feeds her water and smiles.

Raghav says Ira, I m your brother. Ira says what, you are a servant. Asha hears this and faints. Naina gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can someone please tell me if if it’s really possible to sue a woman’s in laws for presumed cheating of sharing their wealth? I’ve never heard of this before, maybe it’s a norm in India, after all their serials are based on their beliefs, customs, way of life etc…..

  2. Angelk1

    Chacha and rajeev are so greedy. Their ruining raina life . now dadi family wont leave her

  3. they just made this nonsense up. lol
    u can go to jail for abuse however she wasnt abused.

  4. Chithu

    They have sued them for 1 billion euros seriously. How low can u more stoop chanchal n Rajeev

  5. Chithu

    Veer n Sanjana are arrogant Pl someone give tight slap to both. Y did u wear servant dress Naina else u could have proved them wrong.

  6. Sabrina

    Ridiculous episode precap funny Asha now know truth

    1. Now I wonder how Asha will respond to Raghav as she now knows he’s a servant. I so don’t like how the family labels him as servant, it’s so tasteless and insensitive because Raghav is family, never mind he doesn’t have their bloodline, he’s better than all of them combined in so many ways.

  7. Asha, you are most welcome. We are friends here. Good evening to you.

  8. How come Chanchal pregnancy isn’t showing. I saw that in last few episodes. Earlier in the beginning she used to hold her belly as if she was about to deliver. She wants to take Mehra family to court for failure to dispense of some dough but she needs to be charged herself, for failing to deliver….her baby!!!!!!! I waiting to see how Sanjana going to deliver as she is supposedly pregnant, after all her baby is non existent.

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