Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina coming to Dilraj’s house and checking rules. Dilraj explains her to use less electricity. Naina introduces herself. Dilraj asks her not to have any affair, and not call boys here, I m very smart, and its tough to fool me, maybe you don’t like to stay here. Naina says no, I will happily stay here, I will also turn smart like you. She pays money. Dilraj says welcome to Dilraj house.

Pam and Sudha try to please Raghav. Veer argues with Sudha and says I won’t do this. Sudha asks him to make Raghav wear jacket. She sends Veer. Veer greets Raghav and says see what did mom send for you, wear this and see, you will look cool, try it once. Raghav says I think you like it, wear it thinking its my leftover, I have 10 jackets, you have this. He goes.


reminds Raghav about production unit in India. Pam says Raghav has interview now, he will talk later, he respects Balraj’s ideas. Raghav goes. Naina asks someone to call her if there is any job. She thinks what to do, shall I take old job in college, even Zeenu will be there, what will I answer them, I can bear taunts as I need job. Dilraj stops her and says just two calls per day are allowed, this is your 4th call, give money for extra call. Naina says I have to make some calls till I get job, I will pay money.

Dilraj asks how will you pay rent for next month. Naina says I arranged that, tolerate me till I get job, I m very talented. Dilraj tells about some vacancy, thank me when you get job.

Naina goes for interview. The man asks why should we hire you, you have no experience, training and recommendation. Naina says I used to teach, teachers know everything, you teach me few things, I m intelligent, I will learn everything, you can get anyone else like me, I need this job. I m overqualified for this job, but need makes person do any job, give me a chance. He says fine, I will think, I have given you the job. She thanks him. He says I used to give 25000rs to the girl, but I can’t give you 25000rs as your qualification is less, I can just give 15000rs, do you agree. She says fine, but if I do work well, I will ask for 25000rs and you won’t refuse. He says I agree, I have to teach everything, you should manage all the works, fine. She says fine, don’t worry, just keep me on job.

He says don’t come late. She says I was professor, I don’t get late. He says don’t try to leave for home early, our clients are foreigners, there is no fixed time. She recalls Dilraj’s words. He calls a lady. He says Naina is your replacement, explain her work. He goes.

The lady says all the best, you got the job, don’t think of marriage and children, the man who gave work to this company, he is troubling, he just wants results, else he fires the staff, I m 5 months pregnant, they fired me thinking I m not doing my work well, they are rich and know to avoid legalities. Naina says its wrong, you should fight. The lady says you fight, I m fed up, I m leaving, come I will explain you the work.

Raghav gives his interview and says I want some time for myself, I m going India for some time. Everyone look on. He says I will lock this house and go there. He goes to Dadi and says I will take you to India, you will get fine there. Madan asks what about us. Raghav asks what. Madan says we can’t love without Maa. Sudha and everyone act. Balraj says I will help you in business. Pam says yes, you can take care of Dadi and we can stay there with her.

Madan says we will come along with you. Raghav says you all think I will get fooled, I m no blind, you all don’t love Dadi, you don’t have any home, so you want to come, I don’t know what Dadi wants, I remember she used to forgive you always, I will take you all along, when Dadi gets conscious, if she asks me to kick you out, I will not think anything, enjoy free ride till then. Balraj asks him to talk about business. Raghav says I don’t want your advice, I have conference call now and goes.

The man says clients was to do conference call, did they know what quality of things are we using. Naina thinks if I don’t leave now, I can’t reach home till 10pm. She says I have set conference call, I will leave. He asks why are you in hurry. She says all work is over. He says we work 24 hours, we have imp work with client, you have to answer it. She asks how can I, I m secretary. He says you said you will work hard, you have chance to prove yourself, you handle clients sweetly. Water falls by him. She cleans the machine. He goes. She says Dilraj will not let me enter home, Lord save me. She answers Raghav’s call. Raghav asks who’s this. She says I m Naina, new secretary. He asks for Pandey ji. She says he is gone. The line gets distorted. He says tell Pandey to do work well, I m coming India. She hears him.

Naina comes to receive Raghav at airport. She does not see his face. She sees him keeping his bag under the chair and says why is this man hiding his bag.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dont know after leap also the story is dragging . todays episode was boring.

  2. How did Raghav get so rich so fast??? this is crazy.

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