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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina and Raghav laughing. He says you said right, its a joke seriously. She says honestly, I have gone through this, it will hurt to see love with someone else, heart will shatter, but it will join back some way and we move on, you will be fine. She nods. Tere naam….plays………. She asks won’t you come home. He smiles and takes her bag. They leave for home.

Sudha, Pam, Madan and Balraj drink and talk that Sanjana will be Veer’s wife. Pam says Sanjana will become mother of Veer’s child, Veer is our heir. Balraj says I knew Sanjana is Raghav’s weakness and I have sent her to him. Madan says I explained game to Veer. Sudha says Sanjana did fake pregnancy drama, we got all property back, woman has much power, its good Raghav and

Naina did not get our property. Balraj says we have to play master stroke, I will lay such plan that Raghav and Naina will be out. They do cheers.

Chanchal asks Rajeev not to think much, when we decided to drag Mehras to court. He says they are not poor people, its not small thing, they are richest. She says think what will we get in settlement. Asha comes and asks what happened. Chanchal says you come silently and we did not know, Rajeev’s friend’s sister got engaged, the inlaws are bad, I was asking Rajeev to help him, there is strict rules in laws. Asha says relations are strange, things don’t settle even after marriage. Chanchal says everyone does not get mum in law like you and hugs her. Asha says thanks, I m glad for Rajeev and Naina, even Naina’s in laws are so good, there are no loopholes. Chanchal says there are many loop holes, I will see them.

Veer asks Naina is she surprised, I m the heir and no one can kick me out of here. Naina says no one has time and energy to waste by thinking of you. She scolds him for being coward and running away from marriage. He says and for making a girl pregnant, I did not want to come back, but Raghav got me back. She says its high time that someone shows your mistakes to you and make you responsible, Raghav is doing that, so watch and learn. She goes.

Rajeev meets the lawyer. Lawyer says its easy, we have to prove that they cheated Naina and is harassing her. Rajeev says you will get all proof, just make the case, I mean my sister is bearing so much there. He gets glad. Dadi talks to Naina. She thanks Naina for help and asks will Asha come today. Naina says no, function is late, she sleeps early, I will ask Rajeev and Chanchal to come.

Sanjana stumbles by wearing heels. They all see her. Sanjana says I m sorry, magazines are heavy. Dadi says she is pregnant and wearing high heels, whats the need, she should think for baby. Naina says I will explain her. The servants leave. The lady says we are sorry, we can’t work. Pam asks how will we manage. Sudha says why did labor union strike happen. Raghav says its nationwide strike in Austria. Pam says shall we cancel party. Raghav says no, this is difference between servants and family, servants left, but I will manage. Dadi smiles.

Sudha says food is not ready, how will we manage. Naina says I will cook all the things. Dadi asks really. Naina says yes, why not, I can cook for 50-100 people. Dadi praises her. Sudha and Pam say we would like to help, but we cook terrible, we will see decorations. They go. Naina says I will start cooking. Naina goes to kitchen and begins. Raghav goes to her. Naina tells him that pulao, which has indian essence. He tastes the food. Raghav says its good, this was not needed, why are you doing this, its not your work. She says nothing. He says I m asking you.

She says I can do this for you, you met my mum and behaved normally when Rajeev did not talk well. I blamed you for wrong thing, I thought I can help you, as this family means a lot to you. He says let me help you.
Sanjana wears high heels. Pam reminds she is three months pregnant, as per their plan, and asks Sanjana to be careful.

Sanjana takes selfie with Pam. Naina comes there to give milk to Sanjana. Sanjana says no, I m on diet. Naina says I have no right, but I have to say, Dadi is worried seeing you in heels, you fell, I think you should not wear high heels in pregnancy, you will become mother, everything will change, it will be for baby. Sudha says you are right, you are so lucky that Dadi shares things with you. I will take care of Sanjana, juice is awesome, I m sure guests will love it, don’t forget to wear staff uniform, if guests identify you, they should not feel we are torturing you. Pam asks Naina to wear waitress dress. Naina agrees and goes. Sanjana gets angry. Sudha asks her to stop it.

Sanjana comes downstairs. Veer sees her and goes. Naina serves snacks. The man asks have I seen you before. Naina goes. Rajeev gets shocked seeing her working as servant. Naina says its not like you are thinking. Sudha calls Naina. Naina goes. Rajeev takes the pics as proof to give lawyer. Dadi says I did not eat such tasty biryani till now, where is Naina, my two bahus did not manage kitchen, Sanjana learn this cooking from Naina. Dadi gets shocked seeing Naina in servant/waitress’s clothes. Naina asks is everything fine Dadi. Dadi asks whats all this. Dadi calls out Raghav and asks whats this.

Raghav sees Naina. Dadi says I did not get Naina here that she gets treated as servant, she is bahu of this house. Naina says I did not feel bad to work, if I m bahu, why to have shame to work. Dadi asks her to serve people as bahu, such clothes look bad. Sudha welcomes the guests and announces that Veer’s relation is getting fixed today, Veer’s heart is won by Sanjana, we want you all to bless this beautiful couple, wish them a fabulous future. Veer says my mom is saying I m some prize, anyways I m a prize, this day is special, we all should thank that person, that’s Naina, I mean Mrs. Naina Mehra.

Sanjana says I want to dedicate this toast to Raghav, he always supported me, it was big dream to marry Veer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys! I am new here.I have been watching this serial since last two episode.

    Did anyone notice that Naina look older than Raghav?It seems a bit awkward to me.

    please don’t mind guys. I just told my opinion.

    1. Angelk1

      We’ve nottice but ignored it lol. And welcome

      1. What do you mean by lol?

  2. Angelk1

    What is wrong with naina, always listening to what they say. Dadi right shes a bahu act like one. Dont act like a servant. And I’m glad she forgive raghav.

  3. I think thats none of ur prob…

    1. Of course it’s my problem.Be nice otherwise ignore.OK??

  4. Yeah….. Asha ur right .but they are cute couple. I like raghav. Let’s hope 4 best. Welcome asha

    1. Ok.Thank u

  5. Chithu

    So this was all plan and their husbands were included as well. That arrogant veer someone must teach him good lesson. Now only Sanjana acted as pregnant and she is already 3 months. Then it is taking ages for Chanchal as she was pregnant way before sanjana’s drama.

  6. Chithu

    Welcome Asha. It was so mean of Sudha n Sanjana to make Naina dress like a waitress. Really Dadi must slap these ppl for their cheap thinking. It was really sweet of Naina to accept Raghav and preparing dishes just for his sake. That was a sweet gesture. Rajeev will use this photograph and convince the lawyer that Mehta’s are treating Naina as a mere servant. Now what’s with Veer’s new drama of insulting Naina

  7. Yas asha you r right..But ignore it and enjoy the show..

  8. FactvsOpinion

    I just want to point out that Dhrasti Dhami is 31 and Arjun Bijlani is 34. Looks are an opinion, but on paper, he’s older for all those calling her an aunty compared to him.

    1. @FactvsOpinion
      Excuse me.First of all,read my comment.Then answer

      When did I call her aunty???Tell me.

      1. Hey Asha, welcome!! Chill ,chill…. Before you joined us here, that was a hot topic and the comparison was made and it’s still is a touchy point, so when you made the comment unknowingly, it touched a spot with some of the viewers, no one means to be unpleasant here, OK. We must always remember that we should all agree to disagree at times. No offense meant though. Hope you understand.

  9. Seriously ???? Naina finds it normal to wear waitress uniform?? Can’t she not understand the difference between becoming a family’s bahu and holding the position with dignity and pretending to be still on the job site as a waitress?? Writers, you all have me scratching my head with this Naina character… …when will she act her age according to the story??? I also want to know if she is both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?? One minute she assumes something and in the next instance she completely changes her train of thoughts. She should thank her lucky stars for landing a husband like Raghav…. Dadi told her that! Waiting for some courtroom drama ,starring Chanchal and Rajeev….. Lol…

  10. Point to note….. Women age differently from men! Girls mature faster than boys so that’s the crux of the matter. So…..a woman can be same age of a man but her thinking, rationale, views and approach to same issues will be vastly different from him. Men are blessed in the age and looks department . We have to spend much time on ourselves and appearance but men don’t have to go to such lengths….. Blame nature for that…….. I’m sure Drashti Dhami is a knockout in front of her husband. She’s beautiful in my book.

    1. Chithu

      Very well said my friend

  11. @Naz
    I didn’t know it dear
    Thank u for informing me.

    1. FactvsOpinion

      @Asha I didn’t mean to offend you. I just saw so many people commenting about that so I just wanted to talk about it. It wasn’t directed at you. Sorry if you took offense

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