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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina saying Veer would have come to give these flowers. He praises Veer and asks her to come. She refuses. He asks her to agree atleast for flowers and does drama. She agrees. He gets icecreams and says I did drama to ask for something else, Dadi will be happy that you and Veer fall in love, then you become our house bahu, can I make your and Veer’s lunch date video, sorry, I will maintain privacy, if you don’t mind. She smiles. He says your face’s redness show its your yes. She says it was bad PJ, come. She goes to meet Veer. She likes the arrangements. He says Veer wanted to spend quality time, so he arranged this in garden. He thinks where is Veer. He says Veer planned a good location, he will come any sec. Veer says right. He greets Naina and says I

hope you like this planning. She thanks him for flowers and letter.

Raghav asks where to keep basket. Veer says there. He asks Naina to sit. He asks Raghav to get parcel from his car. Raghav runs. Veer serves her a drink. Raghav takes the parcel and says I think its expensive gift, that’s the way to go Veer. Veer gifts Naina. She says thanks. Raghav smiles and says sorry, I won’t disturb the love birds, have a great time. Naina checks the gift. Raghav goes far and records the video. He says their love story started, its captured now.

Naina gets the papers in the box. She reads it and gets shocked seeing Pre nuptial agreement. She asks Veer about it. He says yes, its imp, if there are any complications after marriage, I don’t want my property and wealth to be unsafe. Raghav says why did Naina’s face get pale after opening the box. Veer tells Naina that everything belongs to Mehra, one day all this will be mine, I don’t want to claim on anything, sign on these papers. Naina cries. Raghav says what happened, that she got serious. Veer says come on, lets be practical, everything does pre nup, whats the big deal. Raghav says why did Naina turn away, she knows I m recording video. He goes close to hear Veer. Veer tells Naina that he is scared that if marriage breaks, anyone can ask for his wealth, its common, how can I blindly trust you. Raghav gets shocked. Everyone get recorded.

Naina says for me, marriage means different, relation did not join and you are talking about breaking it, I can’t start anything with negativity, you maybe big businessman. my marriage is not happening with your business and money, I m marrying you, this is my trust, I will not sign on any papers which think relations are business deal. He asks whats the big issue. He says my emotions are linked with us, marriage is lifelong bond, if you doubt on me, don’t marry me, when foundation is weak, wall will not be strong, take your agreement, we are not compatible. She leaves. Tere naam…..plays…………Naina cries and leaves. Raghav looks on hiding behind the tree.

Raghav goes to Veer and asks why did you do this, that girl is not marrying you for money. Veer asks him did you forget to whom are you talking, you are taking her side again. Raghav says sorry, Dadi and Sudha asked me to make you convince Naina, I have sent her message, flowers and note by your name. Veer says what, you did not ask me and did this, I think she made a special place in your heart, go and marry her. Raghav says no, I did this for you. Veer says shut up, just get out. Veer drinks. Raghav runs after Naina. Naina cries thinking of Veer’s words. Raghav asks her to stop. She leaves.

Raghav runs to her and stops her. She cries and hugs him. Kal ho na ho…..plays………….. She says it happened so suddenly, I did not think. He says you did right. She says how did Veer think I m marrying him for money, how can he behave like this on first date, how can he say about breaking relation. She cries and leaves.

Rajeev sees bills and says 3000 euros, whats this shopping. Chanchal says so what, we have rich relatives and have to look equal, you got new job. He says no, go and return this. She says no way. Naina comes home. He asks why did you come so early, did Veer say anything. She goes to room. Raghav thinks to delete video. Shaurya takes phone and teases Raghav. Raghav says I was clicking pic, and video is captured. Shaurya says you took Veer’s date video. Raghav says stop it, its serious, I will say what happened on date. Ira comes and scolds Raghav. They see the video. Raghav gets shocked seeing Dadi watching the video. Dadi shouts Veer.

Dadi scolds Veer and asks do you want to show Naina is not suitable for this family, how can you give her prenup. Pam defends Veer. Dadi scolds all of them and says it was my need and greed to get Naina here, Veer knew she will refuse. Veer says yes, I wanted to see what is Naina, all girls were with me for money and name, Naina proved me wrong, what’s there to be upset, Naina works in ordinary bar for money, I did this for my family safety. Dadi says fine, if you did this for family security, why did you not do this infront of me, call Naina now, I want to end this matter today. She goes.

Naina pacifies Raghav. He thanks her for saying yes for marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mona146

    I feel raghav is the second female lead of this serial. looks like it is inspired a bit from jamai raja.

    1. Angelk1

      what? Ragahv is the main lead lol

      1. Mona146

        but he behaves like a female almost. over-sweet. Blinded by love and affection and over-positive.

      2. Angelk1

        Lol i know what you mean. His tp sweet right

  2. Chithu

    In the upcoming episodes on Naina and Veer’s marriage veer doesn’t shows up. For the marriage event dadi has invited Naina’s mom. Its going to b an emotional moment. But panic starts for dadi when veer doesn’t shows up for his wedding. Dadi to convince Raghav to marry Naina. Indebted to Mehra’s Raghav might agree but will Naina agree to marry Raghav?
    What are your opinion friends
    My fingers are crossed Naina Pl agree to marry Raghav.

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