Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal hugging Rajeev and thanking Lord that he is back. He says I thought I will pay for the theft by staying in jail, thankfully I m back. Chanchal says but I m missing the money and shopping. Naina comes and taunts them. She asks Rajeev to thank Raghav for freeing him from jail. She says I fought with family, you lied to me, how could you do this, you did not think the result, see you are not feeling guilty. He asks her to keep lecture with her, Mehras are also thieves.

Chanchal says yes, they did a lot and we needed compensation. Naina says its your duty to stop him from doing wrong, you are supporting her. Rajeev insults Naina. Chanchal also scolds Naina. Rajeev makes Naina out of the room and shuts door. Naina cries.

Dadi says don’t know

whose bad sight caught my family. She does not take medicines. Sudha and Pam come there. Sudha fills ears against Naina. Pam changes the pills. Sudha acts to be concerned and says we care for you, is Naina everything for you. Pam says we also care for you, take care, you have medicines, we can forget all this and look at Naina, she is spoiling things. Sanjana is here on my saying, does this not matter, Naina is breaking our family for her selfish motive, we welcome any outsider, but they are not imp than elders. Sudha says you talk great things. Pam and Sudha hide something. They ask Dadi to take medicines. Sudha gives tablet to Dadi.

Pam gives her water. Dadi takes water. Veer asks Raghav to make his presentation before going India. Raghav nods and goes. Veer sees Naina(Actually someone in Naina’s avatar) Raghav gets a call and asks what, but… when did this happen, she left a letter for me, fine. Veer asks what happened. Raghav says Naina committed suicide. Veer gets shocked and asks what. He runs to see outside and says just now Naina was here. Raghav says police called, and said they got dead body, Naina left letter for me and couriered it, it can come here, I have to go police station, what will she write in it, did she blame me for cheating and marrying her, or did she blame you for leaving mandap and harassing her.

Veer says why will she write my name, she was after me. Raghav says I know, Naina is troubling us even after death. I will go police station. He goes. Veer says what’s this trouble. Veer tells Sudha, Pam and Madan that Naina will blame me in letter, she will blame me for molestation. Sudha says I m glad she left from our lives, but will she frame us. Veer says I insulted her, she committed suicide, I think I m gone. Sudha says we are with you, nothing will happen. Pam says don’t worry. Madan says I will meet Dadi and try to hide this news. Sudha and Pam also go.

Veer goes to washroom and gets shocked seeing Naina in mirror. He rushes out and checks Naina’s room. He gets the letter for Raghav and says this will be that letter. He burns the letter and says now your last sign is also burnt, may your soul rest in peace Naina. He gets another letter and gets shocked. He reads Confess on the mirror. He asks who is there. Many letters fall down. He reads confess.

Naina says I have come back for you Veer. Veer says you want me to confess, yes I have cheated you, what now, you can’t do anything, you are dead. Raghav comes and pushes him, saying you were speaking to Naina. Veer says why will I, she is dead. Raghav says you trapped her, tell me you planned this, she did not send you messages, you did not try to seduce you. Veer says yes, I lied that she seduced me, I have sent that messages, ghosts can’t do anything. Raghav says you are right, there can’t be ghosts. Veer says what do you mean. Raghav says Naina can’t come as ghost, as she is alive.

He beats Raghav and says I always stood with you, you are my brother, what did you do, you blamed my wife and today she left home because of you. Sanjana comes and sees someone hiding. She asks who is there. She catches the girl. The girl pushes her and runs. Sanjana asks guard to catch her. She asks the girl who are you, tell me. The girl says don’t call police, I came to help Raghav, he wanted to fool someone and called me in this getup. Sanjana asks who. The girl says that tall fair guy. Sanjana says Veer…. you are in Naina’s clothes, come with me.

Raghav says Naina got insulted, you will make everything fine. Veer says I won’t do this. Raghav shows the recording in phone. Veer gets shocked.

Raghav says I m calling you, answer it and keep it on, I have to hear it, make sure Naina does not know that I have sent you to apologize to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Angelk1

    Good job raghav, but I know the recorder will be lost. You shouldn’t have showed veer the recorder, you should have made dad I listen to it instead. Now saanj will take it from you. Will the truth ever Come out

  2. Family members want to make dadi unwell. I think they’ve changed medication so that something happens to her and they get everything. Only naina can help her.

  3. So many plots and truths need to be revealed. But when and how? Read in spoiler veer will get naina shot to hide truth.

  4. How many times naina goes out with her pink suitcase…? lol

  5. It’s my first time watching this serial and I hope truth comes out more quick. I hope this serial does not drag Like all other serials.

    1. It’s wishful thinking that this serial wouldn’t drag, if it doesn’t drag, I’ll change my name. No East Indian serial is ever short and sweet, it’s always so extended, we age with time. This one will not be an exception… me. The shortest serials to my memory in recent years were Sangini and Dastaan…. Don’t know if there were others.

  6. Raghav is so smart
    I love Raghav and naina chemistry in this serial

  7. Chithu

    Atlast truth is in front of Naina and Raghav. Hope they shart to show some trust in each other in future. Raghav should haven’t shown the clipping to Veer. It was a terrific plan to make veer confess. I seriously wished dadi was present in the scene. Pam n Sudha are trying to make dadi real ill. When will i get to c some pleasant scenes. Always plotting, fighting, leaving the house. Next Naina is going to get shot down by terrorists

  8. as usual recording kho jayega

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