Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha telling Naina that Dadi caught Raghav and Sanjana in room and beaten up Raghav, and all this is so disgusting, don’t know whose child is it. Ira asks Sudha to tell complete truth. Sudha asks her to stop it. Ira says let Naina know it, Sanjana accused Raghav of rape and then took off the blames, Dadi was so angry, Raghav then trapped Naina for Veer and impressed Dadi so that he can marry Sanjana, so he lied to Naina and asked her to marry Veer. Naina gets shocked and cries. She recalls Raghav’s words. She says Sanjana, but she does not like Raghav, he told me, then how is this possible, no. I know Raghav, he can’t lie to me, he can’t fall so low, no he can lie to anyone, how can I trust him, I will find out the truth and just trust myself, not anyone

else. She leaves.

Sanjana meets Raghav at cafe. He says you here. She says everything went wrong and cries. He asks her to sit. He gives her water. She says I m pregnant. He asks what. She says no one is talking to me, they all hate me, I don’t even know if Veer…. He asks is this Veer’s child. She says yes, its Veer’s baby, you don’t judge me, you know how much I love him, whatever happened between us, I don’t know he will accept me or not, will he care for me, does he love me or not, I fell lonely. She holds him and cries. He consoles her. Naina comes there and cries seeing them together.

Raghav asks how did this happen. Sanjana says I was much drink, you took me to outhouse by saving from Dadi, that day…. Naina cries and runs. Raghav says Veer was not there. Sanjana says I got Veer’s message, he said he wants to meet me, then I fell weak, I was so foolish, I flowed in emotions. He says don’t say all this to me, its okay. She says you are my only friend, if you don’t support me, whom will I say, if Veer does not accept me then. He says I will support you and get this child his father’s name, I promise.

Rajeev asks Balraj to talk to him. He says I will sue you. Balraj asks him to file case and not threaten, I will give money to my lawyer, see you in court. Rajeev says alright.

Raghav comes to meet Veer. Veer asks what do you want. Raghav beats him. Veer beats him back. They both fight. Veer asks have you gone mad, what did I do. Raghav says you made Sanjana pregnant. Veer says I was drunk, she should have been careful. Raghav asks how could you Veer, you are so mean. He beats Veer. He says two girls were imp in my life, one I respected, whom you left in mandap and other… Veer says other that Sanju, whom you loved. Raghav says you have to marry her.

Naina cries and packs her bag. She sees her bridal dress. She says I can’t accept a characterless man as my husband, I m sorry Maa. Raghav gets Veer’s home. Dadi asks why did you get Veer here, kick him out.

Raghav says no Dadi, Veer already avoids duties, don’t punish Veer, make him rectify mistake, get Veer and Sanjana married, everyone treated me like servant, but you love me, get them married, you know Veer, its not Sanjana’s mistake, please Dadi, say something, agree to me, for my sake, say yes. Dadi cries. Everyone look on. Dadi nods. Sudha and Pam smile. Raghav thanks Dadi. Dadi goes. Raghav sees Veer.

Raghav comes to room and does not see Naina. He looks for her belongings. He worriedly rushes out. Naina sits outside and cries thinking I will never return there, I will tell everything to mum, she will not get shock. Raghav comes and says Naina I know you are thinking not to go home. She scolds him for ruining Sanjana’s life by making her pregnant. She asks how could you do this and then marry me. He says its nothing like that.

She says don’t touch me, I will kill you, you were poor and servant of that house, you have hidden your status, I did not care, I can’t bear lies and now all this, you used to tell stories to get my sympathy, I promised of love and made Sanjana pregnant, you wanted me and Veer to marry and wanted to marry Sanjana, you married me on Dadi’s saying for your motives, you lied many times, I got trapped in your lies, but not anymore, I will not waste a tear on you, you don’t deserve it, I will tell everything to mum, I will never stay with you. He shouts that Veer’s child, not mine. She stops.

He says Sanjana told me, she loved Veer when I loved her, she was crazy about Veer, Veer knew this and had casual affair with her, I got cheated by both, but Veer did many mistakes, not anymore, he has to marry Sanjana, yes I loved Sanjana so I want to see her happy, atleast anyone get happiness and one whom they love, Sanjana loves Veer, she will get married to Veer, I will get her married, I will make her child get father’s name. He cries. Naina happily cries. Tere naam….plays……

She laughs. He looks at her and asks you are laughing. She says not on you, on fate, you lied to me, there is much to cry, you said truth now, I was going to marry one who did not love me, you cheated me, I regarded you my friend, on what thing shall I cry, my husband is crying for some other woman’s problem, so I thought to laugh when life becomes a joke. He laughs. Kal ho na ho…..plays………

Police comes to arrest Indu Mehra. Balraj asks on what charges. Rajeev says its harassment case on you all.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sabrina

    Huh …. I am confused

    1. Tvfan1

      what r u cnfused on dear..?

  2. Idiot rajee and chanchal??

  3. Chithu

    Is Sanjana really pregnant or acting as one so that she gets to marry Veer

  4. Chithu

    Sanjana is so cheap. She first falsely accused Raghav and had him thrown out of house. Now she is telling her predicament to Raghav. Y this Raghav is consoling her. If I were in his place I would never c her face again. How can one trust someone like Sanjana and console her. She will again play her game if another another opportunity arise

  5. Chithu

    Now that Raghav has said that Veer is Sanjana’s culprit I am happy that he is finally speaking for himself. I wish he explain whole story to her and start their relationship with love. This Rajeev n Chanchal have proved they will go any extremes to lay their hands on free money. What is the guarantee they will get anything. I thing Naina’s request only b considered. How shameless is Rajeev who was going to get his sister married to a characterless person like Veer. Which brother does tat

    1. Chithu my friend, you said it perfectly. Rajeev and Chanchal are shameless people. Imagine that they want to sue Naina’s in laws because they feel that they were cheated of acquiring some of their wealth by her marrying the servant instead. Where in the world, does this happen? I’m so clueless! They are lower than the white lines on the roads!!!!! If I was writing a story, I wouldn’t create characters like those because I wouldn’t know how to redeem them from that way of thinking, I think it will be a difficult task. Let’s wait and see how the writers handle them.

  6. Angelk1

    Naina, instead of listening to people stick to your gut. And Saanj is so cheap, seriously raghav how could you support her. She just want veer. She’s not even pregnant. Yes it was planned by veer parents n her to bring him in the house. But now their gonna plan and cause trouble.

    Also why is raghav overlooking the fact that Saanj is a btch , he already saw her true color before so why is he still supporting her.

  7. How fickle Naina ‘s character is!!!! When will she make up her mind regarding Raghav ‘s ability to lie or not? For a character to be nearing 30, she doesn’t seem to have a brain that thinks logically. So quick to judge the man she married. When he had befriended Naina in the beginning, isn’t it his good nature that attracted her to him? If he was a cheap man, would she have not seen s sign before? On the other hand, that Mehra family is so sickening when it comes to materialistic and wealth status. Now I also believe that it’s a ploy to get Veer back into the house, and who better to achieve that goal but Raghav, who Dadi listens to. So they had to plan, what they hoped would be the most effective and believable plot. I’m happy that Raghav is standing up and defending himself from those nasty folks in that house.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree…naina is being dumb. Always accusing raghav. Shes forgetting about raghav good nature and only think of the worst because of one mistake. I mean shes not in love with veer and i know she feels betrayed by raghav but come on dadi already explain it was her doing.

      Why cant she see that. And yes its true saanj and her parents fake this plan to get veer in the house. Hopefully saanj dont plan on marrying raghav knowing he will get the will.

      1. That’s it right there. She wasn’t in love with Veer, for heaven’s sake, it was an arranged marriage proposal! So why is she feeling as if she is so betrayed? Sometimes I feel the writers have their heads screwed on anticlockwise.

    2. Chithu

      Yes Naz and Angel I too feel Naina is not matured to her age. She never listens complete conversation nor let Raghav complete his explanation. She just jumps onto conclusion with limited information. I want to see real love n trust between Raina. Hope in future episodes we get to see the together in friendliest way

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