Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with spirit entering Naina. She ruins the name board and scolds Harjeet. Khurana asks her to mind her tongue, Harjeet is my mum and can do anything, she has right to name my baby. Dadi asks what about Naina’s rights, she gave birth to baby, I thought father should have right to name baby, but mum has first right. She asks Khurana can’t she give right to Naina. Khurana says Naina should get the right, Naina can keep my baby’s name, but we have to stop for some days, Naina says we should wait for 11 days, you all can go, naamkarann is not happening today. Naina stops guests and says I don’t believe in this nonsense, we will keep baby’s name today, no ritual can be imp than my husband’s wish. Dadi says as you wish, tell what name you want to keep. Naina says Ahaan.

They get shocked.

Naina says Ahaan, made by Rehaan and Ahana’s name. Dadi says its great, just you can keep Ahana alive between us by giving this name to baby. Khurana takes Naina aside and asks how do you know this name. She says this was decided, if its boy, we will name him Ahaan. He says just Ahana and I knew this. She says you forgot this. He asks her to answer. Spirit leaves, Naina asks Khurana to leave her, what was he doing, she married for baby’s sake, just Raghav has right on her. She misses Raghav.

Naina makes list of things which matters to Khurana and says I will snatch all these and ruin you. Dadi claps. She says I m like your courage, I get scared seeing you with Rehaan. Naina asks her not to worry, she is not weak. Dadi reads the list and says one thing is missing, money, its Rehaan’s weakness, if we attack on his money, everything will shatter, his life will get full of problems, then his family, respect will shatter, do you have any idea to do this. Naina says yes, I have an idea.

Armaan asks Khurana what did I ask you. Khurana says we are showing loss to save tax, if we buy car, we will get attention, I m not buying the car for you. Naina comes. Armaan asks her to get tea. Naina throws the cup. She says I m your Bhabhi, not maid. Armaan asks Khurana to see how she treats him. Naina asks him to get out. Khurana thinks what’s her problem, what happens to her, maybe I should meet pandit once. Zeenu asks Naina not to worry, she will succeed. Dilraj asks Zeenu not to make Naina sad. She apologizes to Naina and says Rehaan is happy in his life, he should get punished. Naina asks their help. They join hands.

Khurana meets pandit and asks what nonsense, I don’t believe in ghosts. Pandit says everything is possible, go to any doctor and take advice if you don’t believe. Khurana says I came to ask you thinking there is some logic, you just wasted my time. Pandit says there are many things which can’t be explained to everyone, can you do small work for my sake. Khurana asks what. Pandit gives him a lemon. Khurana asks what shall I do. Pandit says its not ordinary lemon, keep it where your wife stays, if this lemon turns black, think there is some spirit in your house. Khurana says whatever and goes.

Armaan says I like that car, book the car, I will send booking amount. Dilraj and Zeenu come in disguise of IT officers. They make video. Armaan talks to them. Zeenu says you have hidden black money. Armaan says no, you are mistaken, talk to my elder brother. Zeenu says no, we will raid today itself. They get the cash from Armaan and asks is he giving them bribe. Armaan says no, this is gift. Zeenu and Dilraj take the money and record him.

Khurana thinks to hide lemon where Naina does not see. Naina comes and asks did he lose anything. He says no. She says I m making drink for me, will you have it. He stops her and asks how can she drink, when she feeds baby. She argues. Spirit leaves from her body. She asks him what is he doing, our marriage is just for baby. He asks are you mad. She asks were you feeding me wine, I feed baby, how can you do this, disgusting man, stay away. He says what, you were…. She goes to change. He keeps the lemon under her pillow.

Naina reads news about tax raid on Khurana group. Khurana gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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