Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Naina to behave well at home. He gets call and says why thanks, you made good jewelry, you know Mehras clear payment, you will see jewelry suiting Mehra ladies in mehendi function. He asks Naina will she have tea or whiskey. She says black coffee. He orders coffee. Pam and Sudha check out some clothes. Raghav and Naina come home. Pam says you went tomorrow to get icecream, you are coming now, stop giving me silly excuses, you are so careless, all guests left without having desserts, I was so embarrassed. Sudha asks where are my sandals, you know about everything. Raghav says sorry, next time I will tell you, what do you want now, I will get it. Sudha says get it immediately, I want to look best, its my son’s marriage. Raghav goes.


thinks why do I feel this is chance to prove Rajeev’s innocence, why did Pam’s face turn pale, Rajeev told about fake jewelry, I have to find out. She says it was my mistake, I got unwell and Raghav could not come here, sorry, Sudha’s saree is royal. Sudha says our clothes are always royal. Naina suggests her about wearing the big necklace. Pam worries. Naina says it will look perfect with this saree. Pam says did you ask you, you don’t need to tell us. Sudha says wait Pam, Naina’s idea is good, that necklace will match this saree. Pam asks will you wear her choice. Sudha asks what’s your problem, I want to wear that necklace, get it. Pam goes.

Naina asks Sudha not to take tension, else makeup will get bad. She asks Sudha to have drink, I will get necklace, you look good. Sudha smiles. Naina goes. Pam tells Balraj about Naina, she wants to ruin everything, she told Sudha about the big necklace, Sudha remembers it. Balraj asks whats problem. Pam says I have to give my necklace to Sudha. He says then give it to her. She checks and smiles. She says its fake jewelry. Naina sees them. Pam says you are so smart, I will give jewelry to Sudha. Naina says it means Rajeev was saying right, Balraj made fake jewelry. Pam asks what are you doing here. Naina says Sudha has send me to take necklace, I think you give it to her, my brother is in jail for theft blame, if I lose jewelry then… I m thief’s sister, who knows what happens, you give it to Sudha. Balraj asks Pam to go and give it.

Pam gives necklace to Sudha. Sudha says its lovely. Pam smiles. Raghav comes home and sees Naina cooking. He compliments her cooking. She says Maa taught this biryani recipe to me when I started learning cooking. He asks what do you want in return. She says no, I just made biryani for you. He asks her to say, why is she shy. She says okay, enough is enough, you can’t keep my video in phone without permission. He says what permission between husband and wife. She argues. He says you take the phone if you can. She asks really. He says really. He runs. She asks him to give phone, don’t behave like a kid. He says I m behaving like mature man. He teases her. She says I just called you cute. He says think when I show this video to friends, I will become hero. She says Dadi you… He turns. She takes phone to delete video. She asks where is video. He says there is no video, you are going to leave me in 5 days, I have let memories go away too. He takes his phone and goes.

Veer stops Naina. He says I joked you and Raghav sleep on different beds, you tried to prove me wrong and slept with Raghav, wow, you both were in same car all night, maybe he took you to hotel, how was the room and Raghav, I forgot your taste is mediocre, you said you will chose Raghav over me, i m very happy, you got affected by my words. She says I think you forgot that slap and humiliation, my slipper will remind you. He goes.

Sudha flaunts her necklace and gets mehendi applied. Naina gets mehendi. Dadi says we have many people to do work, you are bahu, come get mehendi applied. She asks Sanjana to move aside a bit. She makes Naina sit with Sanjana. She asks girls to apply mehendi to her elder bahu, she is newly wed, her mehendi color and design should be best.

Pam asks Sudha to come. Sanjana taunts Naina and says you did not marry Raghav by love, how will mehendi color get dark, even he does not love you, he loves me, I love Veer, maybe my mehendi will be dark, just do your work. Naina thinks Raghav will not love me as much he loves Sanjana, how to forget that he cared for my feelings, he could make fun of me by video, but he did not do that, he deleted video, he cares for me, he did many mistakes, but how can I forget his goodness, who is Sanjana to tell me what I should do. She asks the girl to write her husband’s name, Raghav. Sanjana makes face and goes. Dadi likes the mehendi.

Sanjana thinks its my marriage and Naina is stealing limelight. She shows her mehendi to Dadi. She says I have seen family albums, I noticed you applied tika to Dada ji, why did you do it, its sweet thing. Dadi says my mum used to do this to my dad, its sign of love and respect, tika protects husband, so I started this tradition to support my husband. Sanjana says its good tradition, can we repeat this tradition again. Dadi says yes, Naina see Sanjana is becoming like you. Sanjana thinks yes, Naina made me more clever, I will see how Naina applies tika to Raghav.

Raghav holds Naina. Naina bends and applies her sindoor as tika to Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Good episode… But I feel so much of negativity is dis show…Jus dadi asha raghav and naina are good.. pls increase d positive sides …..

  3. Spoiler

    Naina and Sanjana get mehendi applied in the mehendi function. Sanjana gets angry seeing Dadi loving Naina so much. Dadi is happy that Naina and Raghav’s relation got fine.

    Dadi does not let Naina work. She asks Sanjana to move aside and makes Naina sit. She gives importance to Naina and asks the girls to apply mehendi to Naina. Naina snatches the limelight from Sanjana. Sanjana thinks to stain Naina’s image in Dadi’s eyes, so that Dadi starts hating Naina. Veer troubles Naina. Naina removes her slippers and threatens to slap him with her slippers. Veer takes revenge by blaming Naina to harass him, and being characterless to leave Raghav and get after him.

    Naina and Raghav have got much differences. They don’t want to get separated. They both are right, but are affected by the situation. Sanjana fills Raghav’s ears against Naina. Naina sees Raghav with Sanjana and misunderstands. Raghav can’t believe Naina is wrong. Naina is proved wrong by all the family members. Naina left Mehra house. Asha could not see Naina’s insult and brought her home. Naina cries and shares her pain with Asha. Naina will prove her innocence and win Dadi and Raghav’s trust.

  4. hmm.. nice episode

  5. Chithu

    Today’s episode was good. Sanjana is a real looser. She always tries to create rift between Raina. Precap is so good. Hope they patch up soon.

  6. Sabrina

    I am floored with this episode love naina and rags u guys rocks

  7. nice serial

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