Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana getting ready. Ira asks are you going on date. Sanjana says no, I have to be ready always, don’t know if any calls comes, tell me what to wear. Ira says sorry, I can’t help. Sanjana gets confused and chooses dress of Veer’s likes. Raghav is making table arrangements and says I really care for Sanjana, everything should be perfect for my Sanjana. Veer comes and says wow, I think its your baraat. Raghav says no just like that. Ira comes ad jokes on Veer. Sanjana comes. Raghav smiles and imagines exchanging garlands with her. She pours juice on the glass and it overflows. Ira tells Raghav that he made juice fell. He says sorry, and asks Sanjana to sit. Sanjana says its dirty there and sits with Veer. Raghav asks Sanjana what will she have, whats her

program this time, She talks to Veer and ignores Raghav. Veer ignores Sanjana and goes. Raghav asks Sanjana will she leave early this time. She says I will let you know dude. He smiles and repeats the line.

Naina gets dressed in waitress clothes and pulls the skirt lower. She tells John that the dress is short, can’t it be long. He says you are young and lonely, look at her, she is single mother and has three children, since she came here, she gets many tips that she has put her children in good school, you can get ticket to India soon, come on get going.

Ira asks where is Raghav. Raghav gets the car keys and says I went to get car from garage. Veer says thanks, you are the best. Raghav asks where are you going. Veer tells club name and asks him to manage. Sanjana hears them and smiles. They leave.

Ira asks Pam why did you send Sanjana, I don’t like it. Pam asks her to get Veer and Sanjana close. Ira says that’s never gonna happen, I can’t hear you and ends call. Veer shows Sanjana’s pic and says your cousin is openly inviting me. Ira says mummy did this, she will get you two married. He says why is aunty doing this, I m her fav. She says does not matter, we will do what we want. Naina serves drunks to them. Veer stops Naina and gives her tip. The girls see Veer and greet him. Ira says till when will you avoid them, whats your type. Veer says someone who has her own name and reputation. Sanjana comes and calls out Veer.

Ira says Chipku came here too. Veer says she is coming and runs. Ira asks Sanjana to sit, and bribes a bartender to get drink wine for Sanjana. Ira goes. Raghav sees Sanjana’s pic and says I have just this pic with you, I see this pic in your absence. He shows the anklet she lost and says I have hidden this anklet, and this is your kerchief, it has your essence, I feel you are near my heart, I loved you in imaginations, now days to become supporting hero are gone, I will tell my feelings soon, but where are you. Sanjana gets drunk and dances. Veer dances with other girls.

Sanjana asks for one more drink. Veer sees her dancing crazily. He asks Ira to see Sanjana, she will get us beaten, how embarrassing is she. Ira says yes, we should dump her and leave. They leave. John gives pay to Naina. She thanks him. He says isn’t this an amazing place. Naina says thanks, see you tomorrow. Naina starts leaving and sees Sanjana. She asks Sanjana are you okay, you want anything. Sanjana says I want a drink. Naina says I think her group left her, how to leave her alone. She answers Raghav’s call on Sanjana’s phone. Raghav asks Sanjana where are you. Naina says your friend is in club, she is drunk. He asks who are you. She says I m a waitress here, come soon. He says you be with her, I m coming. She says fine. Raghav reaches the club. He goes to Sanjana and sees Naina with her.

They both say Aap….. Naina says don’t get me wrong, I needed this job. Sanjana says I need a drink. Raghav says Sanjana, come home. He asks Naina to help him. They take Sanjana outside. Sanjana says I want to go inside. Raghav says no, we have to go home. Sanjana says I want to drink, music….. They make Sanjana sit in the car.

Naina says you would be thinking that this stranger girl acts to be good valued but works in night club. Raghav says no, I don’t see such girl, I see a girl who has come here to fulfill dream, when dream broke, she did not lose, such waitress who is helping a stranger even after work hours. She thanks him and says I learnt this from you, who gave me courage to fight with fraud fiancé and followed me till I reached home safe. Raghav asks her name. Sanjana interrupts. Raghav asks Naina to go, its cold here. Naina goes. Raghav says she did not say name and smiles.

Raghav gets Sanjana home and asks her to be silent. He sees the family dining and thinks what impression will Dadi get of my dream girl if she sees Sanjana in this state, I will think of something. Pam apologizes to Dadi for stick matter and Veer’s marriage. Dadi asks what shall I agree now, don’t worry for Veer’s marriage, I will see. Pam says I regarded Veer as my son so I thought… Dadi says Veer has grown up and needs someone. Balraj says he will become responsible after marriage, we all like Sanjana. Dadi asks her other son and bahu. Sudha says we should think well. Sudha thinks says Veer is our mum, I will not let him marry in any small house. Raghav takes Sanjana to room, and feeds water to Sanjana. She sees Veer in him and holds his hand. She says I don’t want to talk to you, you don’t talk to me, you are mean. Raghav says why, I get conscious seeing your beauty. She calls him sweet. Raghav smiles.

She hugs him and says if you like me, why do you act. He says hold yourself, I will get coffee for you. He goes. Sudha says evil Pam has made Maa on her side, I will see how she makes my Veer marry that Sanjana, I told Raghav don’t let her come near my Veer, where is he. She asks about Raghav. Servant says he is in his room with Sanjana. Raghav asks Sanjana why did she switch off lights and gives her coffee. She holds his hand and says finally, we are alone.

She pulls him and they fall on the bed. He says leave me. She says let it go, what are you doing. He says get up. Sudha and Dadi come there. Dadi shouts Raghav what is happening. Raghav and Sanjana get shocked.

Raghav is lost. Naina sees Raghav walking on road and a speeding car coming towards him. She shouts watch it and pulls him away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi… Hope this sanjana does not become a problem between raina

  2. Angelk1

    I think Saanj will become a problem for them after she realize raghav don’t want her. But their will be a misunderstanding, Saanj will probably say he tried to molest her


    So love triangle is going on right now and soon it will be love pantagoan…
    Rahagav love Naina
    Naina in confusion love veer (though love rahagav; but do not know)
    Sanjana love veer
    Veer want naina but do not love her
    Amit will realise or due to revenge love naina

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Naina loves Veer? How? They haven’t even met each other


      This story is inspired from film pardesh… so i was planning future as team will never make hero herion meet easily…
      And it will hve sprinkle of film too

  4. Hate that Sanjana.
    Poor Raghav…

  5. lol if you watched Kis desh mein hair mera dil, you would know that Sanjana is Heer from that show. Also it’s a love triangle, Sanjana loves Veer, whereas veer doesn’t like her and the lead guy loves her but would start loving the lead girl. 🙂

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Naina and Raghav are so cute and love the pair. They are so friendly to each othe and also help one another. And Sanjana loves Veer, and Veer doesn’t even care. Raghav will be heartbroken when he will get know that Sanjana loves Veer not him and he will be heartbroken like Naina. And both heartbroken individuals -Raghav and Naina will be together 🙂
    Show going good for now but I don’t trust ekta shows hope she doesn’t spoils this like yhm or kkb

  7. Nice epi….Hope thz chipku does not creat a problem between RáÌñÁ..

  8. @Average -girl Uhhh said ryt …KDMHMD is a most popular show of Love Triangle between Prem & Heer …Bt in thz show the Love triangle was start frm now only… RáÌñÁ they are so cute …Loooottttsss of Love my RàÌñÁ…!!

  9. Chithu

    Raghav is heartbroken and he is lovely guy. He doesn’t deserve someone like sanjana. Want to c more of Raina

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