Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking what’s happening. Pam jokes on her, calling her baby with silly names. Naina says its none of your business. Sudha says Harjeet called us for baby’s naamkarann. Naina asks by whose permission. Khurana says by my permission, I don’t need anyone’s permission to do his naamkaran. Naina says I told you its not right time. He says don’t you dare give me orders. She says naamkarann is done after 11 days of birth, baby is weak, his immunity is low, we should not take risk, baby and mum are given bath to stay safe from infection, think about baby, he is a premature baby, you don’t break this tradition to show me down, don’t risk baby’s life.

Pam says Naina is clever and making Rehaan emotional. Khurana says I don’t care, if anything happens

to baby, I will get best doctors for him. Naina says I will see how naamkarann happens. Harjeet asks pandit why are your refusing to do baby’s naamkarann. He says I know I m your family pandit, this time I can’t do this. She asks why, I want to know what did you do and hear about my family. He says when I stepped inside your house, my heart got restless, I felt some spirit entered your house. She asks spirit, what are you saying. He says I told this to your son, he said its blind belief, you can understand, the spirit has some incomplete work. She says I did many tapasya and puja to keep house safe, how can bad spirit enter my house. He says sorry maybe puja got less, your family is not safe, I read your kundli, I want some solution to get spirit away, sorry I can’t do naamkarann, I will send my assistant.

Khurana comes to Naina. He apologizes to her. She taunts him. He says I should have not got angry, I cancelled naamkaran ritual, forgive me, I got this for you. She asks what’s this. He says for peace, its tonic for you, you will feel better, you have to take this medicine before feeding baby. He requests her to have it for baby’s sake. He feeds the tonic to her. She gets dizzy. She falls asleep. He takes the baby and kisses him. He says I will do anything for you. Ahana’s pic is seen. Dadi comes there and sees Naina. She asks what happened to her. Khurana says I made her sleep to get peace at home.

She asks what type of father are you. He says Naina was troubling me a lot, I will do my baby’s naamkarann, I don’t care for anyone. Sudha says you said Rehaan agrees to you, what magic did Naina do. Harjeet asks where is Naina. Khurana comes with baby and says I made her sleep, there will be some peace, she tried to stop naamkarann, she is not so clever, anyways have the baby. Harjeet takes the baby. He goes. Harjeet says my heart says now peace won’t stay here. She asks Sudha to manage baby. Dadi asks Naina to wake up. She gets the tonic and gets angry.

Sudha asks Pam to help her and manage baby. Pam says I won’t manage Harjeet’s grandson. Sudha gives baby to Pam and says my arms are aching. Pam gives baby to Armaan. Armaan and Ira take baby. Pam and Sudha laugh on Dadi. Dadi makes herbal remedy to make Naina conscious. Pam comes to her and jokes. She asks what are you doing. Dadi says I m making food. Pam asks where is Naina, it will be sad if she is not here. Khurana says she does a lot of work, so I thought to let her rest. She asks Pam to come. He says Naina will miss everything, so sad.

Harjeet says its a happy day for us, Khurana became a father, bless my grandson, thanks for coming. She asks Khurana about baby’s name. Khurana says we will keep name which mum decided, we will name him…..on my dad’s name, Kumar Khurana. They all clap. They all get shocked seeing Naina. Naina says how dare you do naamkarann without my permission. Harjeet says child’s father has right. Khurana says you here. Dadi says she got conscious, I know home remedies. She scolds him. Harjeet asks them not to stop naamkaran, we have responsibilities towards baby. Spirit enters Naina. Naina stares at them.

Naina asks Khurana what was he trying to do, just Raghav has right on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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