Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Naina about the rich man who is fulfilling her needs, since when is this going on. She says even you and Sanjana have a long affair, you dream about her, its perfect timing, you and Sanjana got free, you both marry, you have business startup and Sanjana will run after you money when you get rich, be thankful to me. He says you are counting my mistakes to cover up your mistakes, you are pregnant with someone else’s child, fine I love Sanjana, happy now. She says yes, atleast you accepted this, now hear my truth, yes I m pregnant. He gets shocked and says you don’t deserve even my hatred.

She says those people are hated who were once loved, I was your mistake, what did you give me, lie, fraud…. He says what can I give you, don’t

know when you like other man, you crossed marriage limits and got someone’s child, that man will be characterless and disgusting like you. She says the difference is, Sanjana did not let you touch her, else she would be also pregnant. He says yes, I love Sanjana a lot, I did all arrangements for her, I got this dinner, bouquet, saree for her, for Sanjana, I love her, I will stay with her now. She says I m glad to know, congrats.

He says I could not see your truth, I regarded you wife, you fooled me, if you loved someone, you would have told me, its not Veer, its someone else, go to that man and stay happy, why did you lie to me, why did you do this drama, if I did not catch you, would you put that child on my head, did that man refuse to marry you. She asks did Sanjana refuse to marry you, be with her, I won’t argue with you, it will affect my child. He says fine, we will end all arguments. He packs her clothes. She thinks of her marriage. He asks her to leave from this house. She cries. Kal ho na ho…..plays………… She looks at him and goes. She takes the Lord idol and prays. She keeps it back. She touches Raghav’s pic and takes it. She leaves. Raghav cries. She thinks of her marriage and steps out. They see each other. Raghav shuts the door.

A man comes from Khurana’s office and asks Sanjana about Raghav. She says he stays here, do you have any work. He says I came to return his patent, he can start his business. She thinks what, he got his patent back, he can earn well and run business. She says you did good, can I give this to him. He says take this, I have to make you sign a document. She signs and receives document. She thinks Veer won’t marry me, maybe Raghav will marry me, this is the chance. She goes to outhouse and sees Naina. She asks are you leaving, you took interesting entry, and leaving now, I will miss you, you would know I lie well.

She goes to Raghav and asks him to check his patent. She says I m so happy. He says this is my patent. She says yes, Khurana returned your patent, you can start a new life. She asks how did this happen. Naina looks on. Sanjana says your bad time is getting over as Naina left. He says I can start my life again. She hugs him and says I m really happy, we will start our life. She sees Naina and says we both got cheated in love, we both have broken hearts and will join it, we will be together. Naina goes.

Naina meets Ahana. Ahana hugs her. Naina sits sad. Ahana says you know I don’t have any sister, after meeting you, I felt I got a sister, I m really sorry, I felt bad knowing about your and Raghav’s relation, you gave big sacrifice for him and left him, don’t feel alone, I m always with you, think of this hotel suite as home, I will pay the bills, no need to take tension, come we will have dinner. Naina sees Raghav’s pic and thinks lovers give sacrifice, I did this knowing this will give you happiness, you will get success soon, my pain will get less by your happiness. She hugs his pic and thinks make a new life, my love will be with you always, I have no home now, my heart lies in Pardes.

After two months, a party is seen. The man says Mehras touch anything and make it gold, see Raghav Mehra, who earned big name and success so soon. The other name says Veer Mehra is a donkey, he does not know business, he got poor now. Raghav is seen driving cycle. His guard and assistants follow him in the car, Raghav changes clothes and arrives in the party. The man says the three businessmen followed you and left cars, they came to party by driving cycle, they landed in hospital. Raghav says this is difference between sense and copy, I set the trend and they follow. The man says this party is kept for you, your supermob Mr. Genie is the best product, you became the owner of homeshopping network, you became the richest man in just 2 months. A girl says I m glad to meet you. Raghav says thanks Mrs. Khanna, how can I forget such beautiful face. She says call me Riya, shall we talk in private. He drinks and asks just talks. The man asks what about your award function. Raghav says leave award, my reward is here.

Raghav comes to Mehra house and bids to buy the house. Mehras look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina and Ragav seperated.. still holding on this to serial just for Arjun and Drastami.. it was going fantastic and suddenly this nonsense surrogacy track.. Naina was with Ragav in his difficult times and understanding between them was cute to watch.. now he became rich but Naina is not with him to feel it great..
    Inbtwn good to see Ragav as successful business man and the precap is just good.. still missing Naina’s presence..

  2. I feel sad for naina

  3. I am happy for raghav becoming rich but without naina in his life its very much incomplete. Why des people taking d story line like dis.

  4. indera sanichara

    One thing I can’t understand in all Indian serial is why can’t writers stop this misunderstanding among lead pairs. It is hurtful and disrespectful to everyone, but all writers only find this misunderstanding a happy moments for them to show, so sad to see these sick writers with their sick thinking destroying a good soap.

  5. so unfortunate naina sacrificed her happiness for raghav. thats true love. i wish raghav was smart enough to understand naina and ask a few more questions instead of hurling accusations and assumptions. serial style anyways.

    im happy raghav is finally successful and hopefully some day he will realize his success was due to no other than naina’s sacrifice.

  6. I think ahana is going to die

  7. I was loving when dey were coming close to each other n supporting .Their pair was luking good please writers change the story line and make them together dont drag this much. Let raghav know about the surrogacy. We miss rainas cute nokjhoks n their maturity to handle things together.


    Agree with you, Indera. Why can’t we get something a little bit sensible to watch. First of all, I do not understand the surrogacy part. Why should this have happened?. Or, if was meant to happen, Naina and Ragav should have come to an understanding that this was done for the good of Ragav. Better to watch BajiRao

  9. Guys take it in another way. Now Raghav is huge businessman, he is no more servant of Mehra’s, he is owner of the mehra house. Now he will not listen to mehra’ s orders intact now they will have to listen to his orders. Plus it will very interesting to watch how Raina will meet once again. A fresh start and fresh love story with our favourites Arjun Bijlani and Drashti Dhami!
    I’m super excited!

    1. That’s the only good part in this i just hope they meet again soon

  10. but it was really very very heart touching when naina told that … abb woh ghar pardes hai aur ussi pardes main hain mera dil….good to see raghav is a big bussiness tycoon

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