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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balraj asking Sudha what is she doing here. She asks about the project Veer was managing. He asks her to talk of Veer in past tense. He taunts her and asks her to leave work on him and go to spa. She says Madan and I will manage work. They argue. She goes and says Balraj thinks he owns us, after Dadi made Veer out of house, I have to get Veer back. Chanchal says Rajeev praises your cooking a lot. Asha asks for kesar. Chanchal says kesar is costly, have this. Asha says you never treated me well. Chanchal says Mehras are rich. Asha says they are good people. Rajeev calls Chanchal. She asks him to come home, Naina is coming on dinner.

Rajeev says we got ruined, Mehras cheated us, Raghav is Veer’s personal assistant, he is servant, his salary is just 300

euros per month. She asks what, its too less. He says I have checked in office. She says I will see those Mehras, see how I drag them to court, lawyer will file big case, we got this lottery, relax, come home before dinner. He says I hope you have ideas. Chanchal asks Asha to put less almonds in dish.

Raghav is outside and says I should buy gifts for Naina’s family, I m going there for first time, but I have less money. A couple talks. The lady asks her husabnd to return the gift, she does not like it. The man says we will get just 50% back. Raghav hears them and says I can pay you 60% price, I need the gifts. He pays money and gets glad to get those gifts at cheaper price.

Sudha and Pam give interview to press. Sudha tries to insult Pam. Naina goes to Dadi. She sees Dadi coughing and says you look unwell, did you take medicine. Dadi says yes, no use of medicines. Naina asks shall I get kada. Dadi says no, their interview is going on ahead, sit. Naina says I will get kada and come. Madan and Balraj give interview. Balraj says I will take business ahead. Sudha says my son Veer will take business ahead. Balraj says yes, Veer is my nephew, but I will manage business as I can still handle it well. Interview ends.

Naina makes kada and gets for Dadi. Dadi says you reminded me of my mum, she used to make kada for me, you are annoyed with me, I got you married as I wanted someone to support me, so that you unite this family, you are lucky to marry Raghav, he is a nice guy. Naina leaves and comes to her room. She recalls Dadi’s words and Veer;s words. She thinks whom to trust, and says I should not lose courage. She gets surprised seeing the small kitchen made in room. She reads note, that everyone gets anger and hunger. She turns. Raghav hides. Yeh tera ghar….plays…………..

She gets Raghav’s notes and smiles reading this kitchen is her kingdom, she does not need to depend on anyone, she can cook anything anytime, I could not give big gifts, but can do this as I promised in marriage. She gets the tea mug and gets a note. He writes I made this as you were making in morning. She drinks tea and gets relaxed. He smiles. The vase falls. She asks who is there and sees Raghav.

He asks how is the tea and laughs. She asks whats so funny. He says no, I used to see indian serials with Dadi, wife used to convince husband by tea, we changed script, husband is asking how is tea. She controls laughter. She says I have to go washroom. He asks her to take socks. She says just you are laughing on your jokes. She goes to washroom and laughs. He hears her laughing and says I ended all works, will wife have complains. She laughs. He says we have to go to your mum, get ready, I will end work and come. He goes. Kal ho na ho….plays……

Sanjana hears Dadi talking to lawyer and hides. Dadi says I have to change my will, I want to secure Raghav and Naina’s future. Sanjana says will….. and rushes. Pam and Sudha argue over the interview. Sanjana shouts stop it, why are you shouting, Dadi called lawyer to change, sorry to say, Dadi got mad to name all property to Raghav and Naina. They get shocked. Pam asks Balraj to do something. They all think what to do. Pam sends Sanjana. Balraj says we have to behave normal.

Raghav comes. Balraj asks him to go office to get files. Raghav says send someone else, I have to go with Naina to her mom’s house. Balraj asks him to go office, and make a drink first. Raghav does as Balraj says. He makes drink and gives him. He leaves. Pam asks Sudha did she get an idea, I trust you on that. Sudha smiles.

Raghav calls Naina and says there is imp work in office, I will be late for dinner. Naina says mum will be waiting. Raghav says I will reach late, you go. Sanjana comes to Raghav and asks him to come along. He says I have to go for Balraj’s work. She says I m going office, come.

Chanchal says Raghav is servant of Mehras. Naina says I knew it, but he is not bad. Rajeev says we are bad, he is good, and shows Raghav and Sanjana’s pics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Angelk1

    No those ass better don’t do that. Naina don’t believe it and raghav don’t fall for saanj lies, she’s not pregnent she’s trying to use you. .but rains scene today was good. Love the small kitchen, ragav so nice, but he needs to see whose bad an good.

  2. LoVe you arjun

  3. Am I reading correctly, is Naina melting already? That’s quick!!! It’s nice if she treats Raghav in a better way because he’s such a darling, let’s hope that is for real and not a dream. I like how Raghav stood up to Veer, it’s time.

  4. indera sanichara

    Writers don’t do this Naina and Raghav please let Raghav see through that wicked girl Sanjana.

  5. Sabrina

    Why is he even around Sanjanna he know that she is bad news why so stupid be like Veer run from her

  6. Sanjana has such bad teeth structure , I can’t stand her , especially when she opens her mouth

  7. Sanjana is a money whore,past being materialistic. How could Raghav even liked even one strand of hair on her head, is surprising. I hope he doesn’t get caught in any trap of hers. Maybe if that happens, Naina will defend him and eventually fall in love with Raghav, could be that’s why the writers are showing her thaw a bit towards Raghav, after all, they can’t just show that she starts defending him while still having much hatred towards him. So the platform is now being set up, Naina smiling and actually having a decent and normal chatter with him. It’s good BTW….because I want her to be nice to Raghav.

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