Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi calling Raghav. She says there is blizzard in city. He says I m close to home. She says fine but where is Naina, she went out. Raghav worries for Naina and thinks where is she, where to find her. He shows Naina’s pic and asks people. The man tells him that Indian girl has gone to that side where landslide happened, I can’t let you go there. Raghav says I have to go there, my wife is stuck there. The cop says its dangerous. Raghav asks the man to tell the cop that I can’t leave my wife to die, either we two will come back or both will die. He runs to find Naina. He sees the board falling down and shouts Naina. He takes her away and jumps. They both fall. She says you. The board falls aside. He asks are you mad, you want to die, come. She asks him to

leave, I have no home.

He says but you have to live for Maa. She says you are a very bad person, get lost. He says fine, I m very bad person, I m going to lift you and take you now, its necessary. She says don’t come close, else I will put pepper spray. He says beat me, I will get blind but not leave you away. She says don’t mess with me. He says if you are stubborn, I m no less. She shouts for help. He takes her. Kal ho na ho….plays…. He takes her to tent. She asks him to get lost. A lady praises their love and asks her husband to learn from them. She asks Raghav to hug Naina as she is feeling cold. Raghav says my wife is very tough.

The lady says but wife wants the husband. The man says you are Punjabi puttar. The lady says indians have love of madness, one who forgets oneself in pain goes long way, bless you. She gives Mata Rani chunni and goes. Raghav gets Naina home. Dadi hugs them and asks Naina is she fine, Naina would have not seen such storm. She asks servant to get hot coffee. She asks them not to fight and get anger out on her. Raghav asks Dadi to come.

Raghav and Naina come to their room. Raghav gives the sandwich to Naina and says sorry, I knew you did not have anything since morning. Naina says I m not hungry. Pam and Sanjana talk about Veer. Pam praises Sanjana infront of Sudha. Sudha jokes on Sanjana. Sudha says Sanjana has talent that she keeps Veer and Pam’s secrets. She goes. Pam asks Sanjana why did she tell anything. Sanjana jokes. Pam warns her not to say anything. Veer calls Sudha and thanks her, saying I checked in hotel. Sudha says Sanjana is making stories here, be careful. He says ask her to jump from balcony, I don’t care. She says don’t be wicked.

Naina asks Raghav not to do overacting, I m not filmi heroine that I will be scared of you if you sleep on bed, sleep here at your own risk, I have pepper spray, its thanks for saving my life. He asks her not to sleep empty stomach and have food. He makes sleeping arrangements on the floor. Naina sees him. She feels hungry and cold. She thinks to have the sandwich. She asks herself to bear hunger and couldn’t. She takes the sandwich. Raghav sees her and gets water for her. She gets hiccups. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Naina wakes up. She says thank God, I don’t have to see Raghav’s face, but where is he, I will go and freshen up. She goes to washroom and sees him in shorts. She asks what happening. He was shaving and gets a cut suddenly. He covers himself with towel and says sorry. She asks could you not lock door. He says sorry, I did not see. She says you should know to lock door, as a girl is staying with you. They have a cute argument. She says there is something on your cheek. He sees blood and says get something, I can’t see blood. She gets cream for him. He says foam went in my eyes, I can’t see. She asks him not to act like kids. She goes to give him. He can’t see. She asks him not to move and applies cream on his cut. He screams. She blows on his face. Kal ho na ho…..plays…. She asks him to do it himself and goes.

Sudha meets Rajeev. She asks what are you doing here. He jokes. She says this is my parking, move your car. He asks where is your name written. She says this parking is for Mehra family members, get your car out. He asks who is new Mehra, my sister. She says Naina, wrong Mehra, do one thing, think well, move your car. She goes.

Naina gives a socks to Raghav and says whoever will go bathroom from today will fix this socks on knob. Asha calls Naina and invites them for dinner. Naina makes excuses. Asha says make me talk to Raghav. Raghav talks to Asha. Asha invites them for dinner. Naina signs no. Asha says I will be glad seeing you two together, please don’t say no. Raghav says we will come. Asha thanks him. Naina asks why did you say yes, whats wrong with you. He says Maa requested, I can’t refuse to any Maa as I have no mother, sorry.

Naina goes to kitchen and asks where can I get tea. Raghav sees her. Naina makes tea for herself and goes to take breakfats. Sanjana comes there and smiles. Raghav leaves. Sanjana sees the breakfast and shows down Naina. Naina gets sad.

Dadi talks to Naina. She says I wanted someone who can support me, you are lucky to get a husband like Raghav, he is a great guy. Sanjana says Dadi called lawyer to change will, she has gone mad to name her property to Raghav and Naina. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Great episode….becoming interesting as always

  2. Why do I feel that after pardes now this show will follow tracks of dhadkan.. Or sth like that.. Where naina will slowly know rag hav and start to protect him from family … ?

    1. Let’s hope so, dadhkan was a super duper movie. Still love it to this day.

  3. Angelk1

    Love today eps. Naina isn’t thinking rationally. Dad I said it plenty of times, she made raghav do it, but she keep blaming raghav

    1. Mona146

      she is mourning over not getting married to veer.

      1. Maybe she’s a gold

      2. Angelk1

        I think it’s because of raghav betrayal not veer, I mean at some point she should have figured the letters and sweet gesture we’re from raghav. and that she doesn’t have that chemistry with veer.

  4. Hi Jassi, welcome…. Of course you can join us. You see how interesting the topic is at the moment… Lol… Feel free to comment.

  5. Lordddd, Naina is behaving like a petulant child, but I know she’ll fall in love with Raghav and not realize it. The little mundane things which occur between a couple, is what becomes the glue that bind them together. When time passes, the little things we take for granted, are the things we are made to cherish, and we miss it. So Naina, you carry on, you will not be able to live without Raghav soon.

  6. Sabrina

    Nice episode…love the two of them fighting in bathroom lol and i just hate sanjana she is such a materialistic girl ugh…. loving the precap am glad Dadi decided to do that and shut their mouth up

  7. Sabrina

    Amazing episode…love the two of them fighting in bathroom lol and i just hate sanjana she is such a materialistic girl ugh…. loving the precap am glad Dadi decided to do that..

    1. Mona146

      Im afraid of the precap sine family members amy do sth to prevent it or harm dadi also.

      1. Sabrina

        I guess Friday we will know for sure

  8. Hi all beautiful episode, it getting interesting.
    Right now Naina is acting like a petulant child but we are going to love her behaviour later when she falls madly in love with Raghav and fights all who tries to demean him.
    When we are hurt & scared we act foolishly like a child. And the reason is Naina loves Raghav but at the moment as a friend but things have changed & now she has to love him as a spouse. So she is trying to sort her feelings out & she is scared of the new feelings & of the new circumstances.
    Awwwww I love Raghav so much & can’t wait for when they are united & work together.
    The bathroom scene was so funny, I could not help laughing.
    As for Sajana, we all know what happens to materialistic people in the end.
    I hope the CVs allow Raghav & Naina to bond without the interference of Veer & his family

  9. The episode is now not airing at 12 -__-

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